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E-commerce Drop Shipping Using ClickFunnels, AliExpress & Facebook Ads

In this video we look at how to make an e-commerce funnel in ClickFunnels, which you can use to dropship products from AliExpress. This is a great way to quickly test a new market or product, before committing to buying lots of wholesale inventory.

I included a ready-to-use high converting e-commerce share funnel template for ClickFunnels with the video. We use this as a starting point for our own campaigns. It works very well for either free plus shipping, or full priced physical product offers.

Get the ClickFunnels template here >

See a full funnel walkthrough here >

Now for the video.

It covers funnels structure including up-sells, finding good products to sell on AliExpress, finding reliable suppliers and a little about how to put all the pieces together.

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