Amazing Selling Machine 12 Review (2021) | Updated ASM Course Review

Amazing Selling Machine review

In this Amazing Selling Machine review, I will drill down into the most important aspects when looking for the right Amazon FBA training course.

Amazon Selling Machine (ASM) is quite popular for a couple of reasons — it’s the biggest Amazon FBA course in terms of memberships, and it’s produced so many seven-figure Amazon entrepreneurs.

ASM — you could say — has solidified its place in the Amazon FBA realm. 

But it doesn’t come without a  hefty price tag.

That and a few crucial things we will tackle in this Amazing Selling Machine review:

  • What is Amazing Selling Machine?
  • Who are the people behind it?
  • Who should take the Amazing Selling Machine course?
  • What’s new in Amazing Selling Machine 12?
  • What do ASM members have to say about the course?
  • Is ASM really worth it?

Amazing Selling Machine Review Summary


Here’s a summary of our Amazing Selling Machine review:

Ease of Use:5.0
Performance Funnels Rating:4.9

TLDR – Amazing Selling Machine is an ultra-expensive Amazon FBA training program, but it’s worth its weight in gold.

What Is The Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine is a comprehensive online business training program designed to help entrepreneurial people build successful brands on Amazon.

Jason Katzenback, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, and Matt Clark, an award-winning young entrepreneur, founded the program in 2012 with the goal to help change people’s lives through Amazon FBA.

Successful Amazon entrepreneurs Mike McClary and Rich Henderson both serve as the main instructors.

The Amazon Selling Machine course comprises:

  • 8-week online web class
  • ASM Mentor Program
  • Access to ASM community
  • Private resources vault
  • Automation toolset

Every year, Amazon Selling Machine is updated to adapt to the fast-growing, ever-changing nature of ecommerce.

Who Is It for?

If you are new to Amazon with zero ecommerce experience, or you are a struggling Amazon FBA entrepreneur, this program is PERFECT for you.

However, Amazing Selling Machine costs a lot of money, so it’s not meant for everyone.

The program only makes sense to those who are DEAD SERIOUS about building success through an Amazon FBA business.

Amazing Selling Machine Testimonials

Now on its 11th version, the Amazing Selling Machine course has helped generate over $8.6 billion in total revenue for over 30,000 entrepreneurs from over 120 countries.

Wondering how it stacks up with ASM members? Here’s what they say about ASM:


You can check out more Amazing Selling Machine success stories here.

What’s New in Amazing Selling Machine 12?

60% of the content of Amazing Selling Machine 12 is refreshed and beefed up.

Rest assured, you are getting an improved and up-to-date Amazon FBA training course like no other.

Check out some cool new stuff in ASM 12:

1. Updated Modules

Over 120 video lessons in a refreshed 8-module web class are now available for your knowledge enrichment.

The Amazing Selling Machine course also comes with a lot of updated links to relevant resources and downloadable PDFs.

These are good references in case you forget some lessons, instead of going back to watching a whole video.

2. Amazon Analytics Tool

ASM is becoming a full-suite automation tool with the addition of a couple of new tools, so you can more and work less.

The Amazon Analytics Tool does a couple of things for your business — email automation, sales and profit tracking, inventory tracking, and keyword tracking.

  • Email automation. Blasting custom emails to your customers makes it easier for you to engage them, provide customer service, and encourage product reviews.
  • Inventory tracking. Avoid losing sales due to depleting items in your inventory. Track and create an alert to prevent this scenario.
  • Conversion statistics. Keep tabs on your product profit by looking at more detailed statistics.
  • Keyword tracking. Know where your product stands in the sea of competition.

ASM 11 members get a 12-month FULL FREE ACCESS to the tool.

3. Dan Ashburn’s Killer Product Launch Strategies

Dan and his team have generated over $12 million in annual sales for native Amazon brands.

And with ASM 12, all of his product launch strategies will be brought out in the open.

4. Product and Keyword Research Tool

A built-in product and keyword research tool in the form of a Chrome extension is here to make the hunt-down of your next big product so much easier.

This tool quickly tracks down which product out of the 500 million on Amazon pass ASM’s standards.

Ultimately, it’s a real life-saver and a great way to streamline your product research process.

ASM 12 members get 90-day FREE ACCESS to this tool.

5. 6-Month Buy-Back Promise

The ASM team prides the program to be the best Amazon FBA training course out there.

If you are not fully satisfied with your success, or you think ASM didn’t deliver to the promise of success of your Amazon FBA venture given you followed and implemented their teachings in 6 months, they will cover your membership fee and unsold inventory up to $7,500.

6. Access to Successful ASM Mentor Program

The ASM Mentor Program is a group of ASM members who have generated a yearly average of $1.8 million in sales. And they are ready to help you out anytime.

The program is meant to give back by hand-holding new or struggling members, step by step.

ASM 11 members also get Platinum Access to Amazing Alliance community, a group of Amazon sellers from all over the globe.

7. Private Resource Vault

This is a golden treasure chest where you can find a list of resources and contacts successful ASM members use and have to achieve where they are now.

With an estimated worth of $10,000, this resource library is FREE TO ACCESS for ASM 12 members.

8. Group Coaching

A brand new set of coaching calls is scheduled each week in the first 8 weeks of the training.

Hosted by Mike McClary and Rich Henderson, the weekly coaching calls have become the highlight of ASM.

After that, a group call takes place once a month when students already get the hang of the training.

On top of these new features, you can expect more exclusive bonuses on the launch of each ASM 12 batch.

9. Private Sourcing Agent

As a major bonus, ASM 12 brings in 3 sourcing agents for you. And they help you negotiate the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and price.

Inside Amazing Selling Machine 12

Amazing Selling Machine 12 has 8 modules and runs for 8 weeks, plus 1 welcome module. One module is expected to finish each week.

Even so, you can take the lessons according to your pace.

But I would recommend skipping nothing, especially the action steps because they are crucial in your progression.

You will also get access to Brand Launchpad, which is ASM’s internal traffic software that allows you to launch your new product and track the traffic that your product is getting.

ASM 12 members get a 6-month FREE ACCESS to the software.

To give you an idea of what to expect from Amazing Selling Machine 12, here’s a look at the updated syllabus.

Welcome Module – The ASM Business Process and Mindset (20 Lessons)

Before diving into the Amazon FBA business, you have to take a set of 20 lessons designed to help condition (or change if necessary) your mindset.

In business, a lot of people fail due to wrong mindsets. And that’s what ASM is trying to prevent.

Module #1 – Building Your Product Opportunity List (18 Lessons)

Module #1 is designed to help you lay the groundwork for your Amazon FBA knowledge.

You will learn things like:

  • How to spy on your top competitors
  • How to spot a potentially hot product
  • What kinds of products to steer clear of
  • How to choose profitable products

Module #2 – Suppliers, Samples, and Profit Numbers (11 Lessons)

Module #2 is where the real work (or fun?) begins.

Some of the key things you will learn here:

  • Picking your product suppliers or manufacturers
  • Reaching out to them more effectively
  • Calculating outsourcing costs and charges

At the latter part of the videos are recorded coaching calls where the instructors answer the questions of ASM members.

Make sure to follow the action steps because that will play a big role in the next module.

Module #3 – Ordering the Inventory and Creating Your Brand (16 Lessons)

If you did the action steps and received product samples from suppliers and manufacturers, it’s time to weigh in your options.

At this part, you will learn to:

  • Choose your winning product based on a given criteria
  • Build your own company brand from scratch
  • Create an email list

I’m just gonna stress out that the brand-building lessons are very crucial. 

Products from unknown sellers are much harder to sell.

A huge part of Amazing Selling Machine zeroes in on a brand-building because, as you may have known already, a company brand is a key to having a recognizable and credible product.

And that’s what brand-building is for — to help you nail your Amazon FBA business.

In addition, nurturing an email list is also a crucial part of this module. It helps to explode your revenue just by encouraging your past buyers and turning them into repeat customers.

By the end of this lesson, you should have your first order in place already.

Module #4 – Building Your Brand Assets (14 Lessons)

Shall we start selling?

Um, no.

It might excite you to finally sell your products. But hold your horses because it usually takes months for your supplier to complete and ship your order.

And, we’re doing Amazon FBA, meaning you shouldn’t worry about too much making your inventory down to zero.

What you should be focusing on is building your online brand assets. And this is what this module is all about.

It will help you:

  • Create and handle your social media profiles
  • Start a blog
  • Create an email autoresponder
  • Build an irresistible landing page

Basically, all the digital assets you need to help amplify your brand’s reach, not just on Amazon.

Module #5 – The Perfect Product Page (14 Lessons)

Module #5 teaches you how to create a killer product listing.

Although you can outsource this part to a copywriter and a graphic designer, I recommend that you go through this module still.

Why? This module isn’t just about copywriting and photo editing.

A good chunk of the lessons here involves keyword research — which is VERY IMPORTANT!

Module #6 – The Perfect Product Launch (12 Lessons)

By this week, you should have your products in Amazon warehouses. This is where you officially start the ball rolling.

Module #6 gives you all the necessary information to launch your product and make it an Amazon bestseller.

This part is actually what makes the difference.

Using Amazing Selling Machine’s signature formula — “Launch, Blitz and Rank” — you will be able to pull off a successful product launch, without violating the ecommerce giant’s terms of service.

I’m telling you — this part is critical, so be sure to take it seriously.

Module #7 – Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools (12 Lessons)

Of course, an Amazon FBA training course isn’t complete without a marketing class.

Module #7 is specifically crafted to teach you various methods to attract the right traffic to your product listings, whether it’s free or paid.

On top of that, you will also learn how to make the best of Amazon’s own promotion outlets.

Module#8 – Taking Your Business to the Next Level (11 Lessons)

Module #8 centers on scaling your brand.

A lot of important decisions on growing your business will be made here.

Should you launch a new product? Should you start expanding to a different product?

In this module, you will learn how to assess your options and which direction you should take.

Literally, you will be hand-held all throughout just to ensure you are making the right business decisions.

Bonus Lessons and Calls (14 Lessons)

A bonus corner is packed with interviews with ASM members who you can take inspiration and learn from.

Amazing Selling Machine Review: Price

Amazing Selling Machine 12 costs $4,997.

Too steep? You may also avail of the 6-month installment plan that costs $997 per month.

Why is it so expensive? Is there a guarantee?

Yes, your success with ASM is “guaranteed.”

If you decide to join, you have 30 days to try it out. In case you don’t see what it says on the tin, you can get your money back. No questions asked.

Right now, no ASM discount or coupon is available. It’s rare for ASM to offer discounts and coupon codes, by the way.

And as mentioned earlier, ASM 12 comes with a 6-Month Buy-Back Promise

If you religiously followed ASM 12 for a full 6 months and you decide not to go on with it, ASM will buy your business and reward you with up to $7,500 inventory protection.

Amazing Selling Machine Review: Pros & Cons

It’s time to weigh in on the pros and cons of the Amazing Selling Machine course.


Price is the biggest objection most people have for ASM. And the creators are aware of that.

The course is only $3 short to $5,000. Who is a new entrepreneur that has the means to bankroll that amount at once?

I know — there are SOME people out there ready to shell out $5,000 in cold, hard cash anytime.

But for other people who don’t have it? Well, that’s what the 6-month installment plan is for.


Despite costing an arm and a leg, Amazing Selling Machine gives you a crap-ton of value.

Look, the program promises success, so the team behind it does everything in their power to help you succeed.

If you’re not satisfied with your success, you go away with all the learnings you got and get your money back. Plus, they cover everything in your inventory.

Literally, ASM makes sure you gain something but lose nothing by hook or by crook.


Imagine a group of seven-figure Amazon sellers teaching you all the ropes of Amazon FBA. That’s priceless!

Amazing Selling Machine has top-caliber instructors and coaches to help you find your own success on Amazon.

On top of that is the massive library of resources that you can access anytime you want.

Of course, these resources are updated every year to adapt to the rapid changes in the ecommerce industry.

If I have to add some topics to ASM 12, it would be sales taxes and customs duties.

Those are very important topics that I think ASM pushed aside.

Ease of Use

ASM 12 is orchestrated in a way that students can easily digest, even with zero Amazon experience.

The lessons are broken down into practicable chunks.

And the fact that the badge system is gamified, it makes it more fun and motivating for students.

If you currently have a 9-5, the one module per week makes perfect sense. And if you have some extra time, you can definitely take the course at your own pace.

In terms of the interface, the members’ area now looks modern and user-friendly, so nothing to worry about that.


One of the best things about ASM is the level of support of the community. Off the charts!

I’m not just talking about the weekly coaching calls.

The people in the community forum and the private Facebook group of ASM are unbelievably welcoming.

They’re always ready to answer your questions and walk you through anything.

It’s so easy for noob entrepreneurs to get stuck in a rut.

But with a community like ASM’s, there’s accountability and that sense of camaraderie that you can rely on when times get rough.

Amazing Selling Machine Review Verdict: Is It Worth It?

There’s only one remaining question now: Is ASM really worth it?


What makes ASM stand out is the…

…number of successful Amazon FBA entrepreneurs it has produced

…caliber of instructors and coaches

…endless updates and beefing up of resources

…level of accountability within its communities

…promise to build a profitable Amazon FBA business

Yes, lots of cheaper Amazon FBA training programs are on the market. ASM, however, lives up to its value proposition.

That’s it for this Amazing Selling Machine review. I hope you got something to think about.

If you are ready to live the freedom you always dreamed of…

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