5 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 2021

Best affiliate marketing courses

Looking for the best affiliate marketing courses in 2021? Perhaps you have just started an affiliate website. Or you are looking to start one.

Let me guess — your want to generate a monthly passive income and eventually ditch the cubicle, correct?

Well, you are in the right place.

Affiliate marketing is a $12 billion industry, according to IAB.

Thousands of people around the world have already realized their aspirations through it.

…leave their 9-5 and be their own boss

…spend more time with their family

…travel around the world

Affiliate marketing is a great source of passive income. That’s a fact.

But there’s NO overnight success in affiliate marketing.

You need someone or something to guide you.

And that’s what this article is all about — to give you the best affiliate marketing training to consider.

But before diving into each one of them…

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses Pricing Table

Check out the pricing table below and the different offers of each affiliate marketing course on this list:

Best Affiliate Marketing CoursesPriceOffer
Authority Site System$997Join FREE webinar
Affiliate Lab$997Get $200 off
Wealthy Affiliate$19 per monthSign up
Income School$399Sign up
AffiloramaFreeJoin for FREE

5 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Here are five of the best affiliate training programs that we at Performance Funnels recommend to our readers:

1. The Authority Site System

The Authority Site System is one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

Both newbie and aspiring affiliate marketers with ZERO experience can benefit the most from this.

The course is created by Mark Webster and Gael Breton of Authority Hackers.


It’s part of the duo’s core three-pronged affiliate marketing training.

The Authority Hacker Pro is designed for those earning at least $1,000/month of passive income.

Meanwhile, The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint (intended for those interested in link building).

The Authority Site System is a comprehensive training that will walk you through the basics of building a profitable authority website.

The course also covers lessons on how to grow and generate passive income off it.

The course costs $997. Big discounts sometimes apply, so watch out for that.

Let’s look at what’s inside The Authority Site System.

  • Follow Along Case Study

A step-by-step tutorial on building a brand-new niche website from the ground up.

  • Over The Shoulder Lessons

It has 5 modules composed of 85 video lessons.

They will handhold you through the most important tasks when setting up your authority website and affiliate marketing — in the most organized way.

  • Pre-Built Templates

A bunch of fill-in-the-blanks niche research templates will help you expedite the implementation.

It comes in the form of a spreadsheet with an automated scoring system programmed into it.

This is a really valuable inclusion. As you might have already known, selecting a niche has always been a huge bottleneck among new site owners.

  • Trello ‘To-Do’ System

A well-organized and easy-to-execute checklist to ensure you are doing the right action at the right time.

This also helps make sure that you actually take action.

  • Facebook Community

A supportive community of Authority Site System students on Facebook is there to help you out.

Access is good for a lifetime.

  • Regular Q&A’s

Mark and Gael are hosting regular Q&A sessions in the Facebook group.

This gives students the opportunity to ask any questions and hear answers straight from the horse’s mouth.

Overall, The Authority Site System is an outstanding affiliate marketing course.

It’s in-depth, proven and tested, and updated — everything you would want for in any course.

Join the Authority Site System FREE training webinar!

2. The Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab is a new affiliate marketing course designed for beginners. It was launched just a couple of years ago.

Although a newcomer, it’s creator Matt Diggity is not new to the SEO and affiliate marketing game.


In fact, Matt is quite well-known in the community.

The Affiliate Lab could easily be one of the best affiliate marketing courses if we are talking about how comprehensive it is.

From the niche selection to content creation to flipping to building PBNs (public blog networks) to link building techniques to outreach tips to affiliate marketing…

Matt nails down everything you need to know when starting an affiliate marketing business.

Of course, it’s done in the most beginner-friendly manner.

The Affiliate Lab costs $997, but you can get a $200 discount for a limited time.

Get a sneak peek of The Affiliate Lab’s course outline.

  • Niche Research

Matt will walk you through the steps when choosing the right niche.

  • Hosting

Web hosting is a critical subject affiliate marketers have to consider, so Matt will also help you with that.

  • Onsite/Offsite SEO

All the basic and advanced stuff about SEO and what tactics to avoid, the course will teach you this.

  • Content Management

One of the most crucial things when running affiliate websites is content management.

The course will guide you on how to go about managing your content.

  • Social Media Setups/Citations

No other affiliate marketing training covers this, so this is something The Affiliate Lab is unique.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

This is not entirely a class for experienced affiliates, but the Affiliate Lab gives you a breakdown of the best CRO tactics.

So when your websites start getting traction, you will be ready to apply these CRO tactics.

  • Outreach Masterclass

This class has over 65 video lessons.

Outreach is one of the most effective ways to build relationships with other webmasters and links.

  • Website Flipping

Flipping is Matt’s turf.

So you’ll be getting some website flipping lessons straight from the master himself.

That’s if you are interested in selling your websites in the future.

The Affiliate Lab also gives you downloadable blueprints and SOPs.

These will help you streamline your processes and a lifetime membership to a very active Facebook group.

Get $200 off when you sign up for The Affiliate Lab!

3. Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform with over 1.9 million registered members.

It’s one of the best affiliate marketing courses in terms of popularity that caters to affiliate marketers of all levels.

The platform was created by college best friends Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim.

Kyle and Carson both found success in affiliate marketing back when they were at university.

Wealthy Affiliate started as a forum 15 years ago.

Now it’s become a social media network almost for affiliate marketers.

What’s cool about Wealthy Affiliate is the number of courses it offers at the various stages of your affiliate marketing journey.

And it’s free to start with a paid option.

This means you can explore some of their courses first without tying yourself to a course that potentially you won’t like in the long run.

Wealthy Affiliate costs $19 for the first month and $47 for the succeeding months.

Annual membership is also available.

Here are some inclusions when you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Live Help for First 7 Days

Got some burning questions? Throw ‘em all at your trainers.

  • Websites

Each member is entitled to get 2 websites.

It comes with a trusty backup, of course.

  • Beginner Training Course

A beginner course is there to solidify your affiliate marketing foundations.

  • Personal Affiliate Blog

If you want to run a personal affiliate blog, this will be helpful.

  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (Phase 1)

The first part of Affiliate Bootcamp Training teaches you the most important things about affiliate marketing.

  • Keyword Research Tool

Your membership will also come with up to searches using Wealthy Affiliate’s own keyword research tool.

  • 1-On-1 Coaching for First 7 Days

This is an intimate discourse, so you can ask for advice specific to your websites.

Overall, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to kickstart your affiliate marketing adventure.

It’s especially true if you are starting from scratch with no website and hosting.

Note, however, like most affiliate marketing course reviews about Wealth Affiliate, some course materials are really old.

Though, they are still applicable.

Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate!

4. Project 24 by Income School

Many of the best affiliate marketing courses are generalist of some sort.

And this is where Income School’s Project 24 is different — it focuses on low competition niches.

Project 24 is designed for new and intermediate affiliate marketers.

And those who wish to build a business around affiliate websites in not-so-saturated markets.

This course was developed by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler.

Jim and Ricky’s community is one of the most engaged I’ve seen and been in.

I highly recommend checking their YouTube channel out. This is where I first got to know them some years ago before Project 24 was conceived.

It’s where they dish out everything about affiliate marketing, SEO, and making passive income.

What’s amazing about Project 24 is that they have their own tools and services.

You can use them for little to no cost at all.

In addition, Project 24 also has a complete roadmap to growing a profitable affiliate site.

One of the challenges they put their members through is that they don’t encourage purposeful link building.

Basically, the premise is to bank on valuable content rather than backlinks.

It’s really perfect for those who have just started out or looking to get started with no hefty budget and no deep marketing and SEO knowledge.

Project 24 costs $449, but due to the COVID-19 situation, they decided to give it away for $399.

Take a look at Project 24’s training course and inclusions:

  • Affiliate Training

All the training materials and sessions you need to be ready for the curveball ahead.

It includes the basics of setting up a website and creating articles that your audience will love.

  • Active Community

The Project 24 forum is an active community of students where you can ask questions and share experiences.

Both Jim and Ricky are visible on the forum most of the time.

  • Members-Only Podcast

The Project 24 Podcast is exclusive for all members of the program.

This is where Jim and Ricky share a lot of gold insights and tips.

  • Content Creation System

This is a writing service of Income School.

Project 24 members can get low-cost, high-quality content for their websites.

  • Full Niche Research

And of course, the Full Niche Research training is there to arm you with the right knowledge on finding low competition, high-value niches.

Join Income School’s Project 24 now!

5. Affilorama


Affilorama is the only completely free affiliate marketing course on this list.

For anyone who’s super tight right now, Affilorama is an incredibly great starting point.

Affilorama was founded in 2005 by Mark Ling, a self-made internet millionaire.

It’s one of the oldest affiliate marketing courses available right now.

Affilorama covers the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing.

These include how to build a profitable website and some small nuggets of wisdom on how to generate passive income through it.

As a free affiliate marketing training, Affilorama’s library of courses is not as in-depth and organized as the paid ones.

You need to dig through it to find the most worthwhile lessons.

The other paid affiliate marketing courses we have on this list are guided.

With Affilorama, it’s not so you really have to put in the work for yourself in order to make it fruitful.

Nevertheless, Affilorama is straightforward and easy to follow.

Here are some lessons from Affilorama’s free affiliate marketing course:

  • Affiliate marketing basics
  • Market research for affiliate marketers
  • Site building
  • Content creation
  • Marketing ideas
  • SEO
  • Pay per click
  • Affiliate sourcing

Sign up for Affilorama FREE!

What Is the Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

The best affiliate marketing course is The Authority Site System. Hands down!

What we have here are all really excellent options.

But The Authority Site System just nails down everything you need to know as an affiliate marketer.

From content creation to outreach to link building to site building, everything is just covered so well.

On top of those are the templates and systems that they will give you.

As well as the handholding throughout your affiliate marketing venture.

In Conclusion

And that’s it for our best affiliate marketing courses list.

To wrap this up, I would like to remind you of one thing.

Choosing the best affiliate marketing training is not about which one is the priciest, or which is the most popular.

Ultimately, it all boils down to two things.

One, look at how suitable the course is to your unique situation.

And two, how it can help you bring your aspirations to life.

To find out more about how to build an affiliate marketing website check out my post on this.

If you got any questions, please leave them in the comments.

Let’s start a conversation.

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