5 Best Amazon FBA Courses 2020

Best Amazon FBA Courses
Best Amazon FBA Courses

One of the most effective ways to set yourself up for ecommerce success is to get the best Amazon FBA courses.

Running a 6-figure Amazon FBA business requires some serious prep work.

As an owner of multiple Amazon products that earn me 5 figures every month, I can’t stress enough how important Amazon seller training courses are. To put it simply, they teach you how to sell on Amazon successfully.

They’ve helped me learn the ropes of Amazon FBA from scratch, get through the bumps of the industry, and get me to where I am today.

If you are someone who…

…knows nothing about product sourcing and selling

…wants to get rid of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle

…aims to earn a steady flow of monthly income

You’ve come to the right place.

Best Amazon FBA Courses Pricing Table

But before getting into our list of the best Amazon FBA courses, here’s a table to give you a quick look at the pricing of each Amazon course on this list:

Best Amazon FBA CoursesPriceSpecial Offer
Proven Amazon Course$799 $29/mo
Amazing Selling Machine$4,999$997/mo for 6 mos
Amazon FBA Ninja$3,999Join here
Online Retail Mastery$997Sign up
MarketPlace SuperHeroes$997$97/mo for 12 mos

5 Best Amazon FBA Courses

And without further ado, here are the best Amazon FBA courses in 2020 that you should check out:

1. Proven Amazon Course

Proven Amazon Course - Best Amazon Courses 2020

The Proven Amazon Course is the best Amazon FBA course for beginners on a budget.

It’s perfect for both aspiring Amazon FBA entrepreneurs and new FBA entrepreneurs who are struggling to keep their business moving.

You can get it now on sale for $29 per month.

Jim Cockrum, an ultra-successful Amazon seller, founded this program in 2009 and has since resulted in thousands of success stories.

Read my full Proven Amazon Course Review here!

As comprehensive as it is, the Proven Amazon Course covers a lot of ground, including international FBA, domestic and international product sourcing, dropshipping, flipping, arbitrage, and all the legal stuff.

Inside the Proven Amazon Course

Check out some crucial mini-courses of the Proven Amazon Course (these are just a small chunk of the entire course):

  • Proven Private Label

In this course, Amazon FBA experts will handhold you through the exact process of owning private label products.

How the product is developed, how it is sourced, and product launch — everything private label is covered here.

This course is so valuable. In fact, it’s a standalone product that costs $497.

But with the Proven Amazon Course, you’ll get it for free.

  • Proven Performance Inventory

In the Proven Performance Inventory, you will learn how to find high-margin, low competition products on Amazon.

These products are what Amazon expert Brett Bartlett calls the “Golden Gap.”

  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing

In this course, a team of four Amazon experts will let you in on some secrets on how to find wholesale deals around the world.

They will teach you how to approach brand owners and wholesale manufacturers.

And they will also shed light on what makes you as a potential partner retailer look desirable in the eyes of suppliers.

  • Proven Product Partnering

Running a private label, arbitrage, and FBA business can be daunting.

The Proven Product Partnering is the course that will teach you an additional business venture in the form of product partnering.

In this course, you will learn how to find brand owners with up-and-coming products, and help them bring their brand on Amazon.

Product partnering has zero risks because you don’t need inventory and capital to do it.

  • Proven Bundling Course

The Proven Bundling Course is more of an advanced beginner course because it’s about boosting your profits through bundling.

If you are in highly competitive niches, bundling is a smart strategy to rise above the competition.

Get the Proven Amazon Course!

2. Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine - Best Amazon FBA Courses

The Amazing Selling Machine is the best Amazon FBA course for beginners who have more budget to spare.

What’s great about the Amazing Selling Machine is that it’s being updated yearly to keep up with the changing ecommerce industry.

Serial entrepreneurs Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark founded the program in 2012.

The promise of the Amazing Selling Machine is to build a profitable Amazon business in 6 months.


But it comes with a price.

The Amazing Selling Machine 11 costs $4,997.

An installment plan is available at $997 per month for 6 months.

Read my complete Amazing Selling Machine Review here!

Inside the Amazing Selling Machine

Here are the key components of the Amazing Selling Machine:

  • The 8-Week Online Web Class

It packs all the latest and hottest strategies, tactics, and insights for building your Amazon FBA business.

Top Amazon sellers Mike McClary, Dan Ashburn, and Rich Henderson will be your main mentors.

The 8-Week Online Web Class will cover all the basics of the program.

It also includes all the lessons on how to get more profit, how to hit 7-figures fast, niche research, how to structure your product business, and complete Amazon Seller guidelines.

  • ASM Mentor Program

The ASM Mentor Program is a group of A-list Amazon sellers who are there to help you build your Amazon FBA business.

These successful sellers have collectively sold over $24 million worth of products on Amazon.

And they will be available to answer your questions and teach you everything you need to succeed.

  • The Private Resources Vault

The Private Resources Vault is a library of training materials, tools, and resources that the ASM creators and instructors used to build their respective Amazon businesses.  

From supplier contact templates to product and sample evaluation templates, you can get them all here.

You can also get a list of private contact details of professional services. From videographers to photographers to freight forwarders, it has pretty much everything.

It’s so valuable that it’s estimated to cost $10,000.

  • Lifetime Platinum Access to Amazing Alliance Community

Your ASM membership also comes with an all-access membership to the Amazing Alliance community.

There you can find people who are treading the same path as yours, who have the same struggles as you.

And so it’s the perfect place to find your accountability partners.

And as a member of the Amazing Alliance community, you also get priority access to live events, including the sought-after SellerCon.

Join the Amazing Selling Machine!

3. Amazon FBA Ninja

Amazon FBA Ninja by Kevin David - Best Amazon FBA Courses 2020

Joining our list of the best Amazon FBA courses is the Amazon FBA Ninja by Kevin David.

The Amazon FBA Ninja costs $3,999.

A huge part of the course is in PDF format, so take that in mind in case you are not a huge fan of print.

But there are a lot of video training materials as well.

Kevin is an FB Ads master. So this is one thing that this course really nails.

If you don’t know it yet, FB Ads is a huge part of growing an Amazon brand — or any brand for that matter.

The Amazon FBA Ninja is great for beginners.

But it could easily be the best Amazon FBA course for advanced sellers with the inclusion of in-depth FB Ads training. And it’s fast-paced.

Inside the Amazon FBA Ninja

Here’s the gist of what you will get from this course:

  • Business Licensing

The first module covers the foundation of building an Amazon FBA business.

It includes business licensing and initial product selection.

  • Product Sourcing

In this course, Kevin will teach you how to evaluate product codes, find and choose the right supplier, and order your first shipment.

  • Brand Building and Pricing

Then Kevin will walk you through the steps of registering your new brand.

He will also help you set your regular price and format your listing in a way that’s attractive to your customers and profitable at the same time.

  • Product Launch

After your product is made, this course will teach you the essentials of product launching.

Plus, Kevin will also teach you how to use giveaways to attract buyers and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

  • Reviews

This short course covers how to manage customer reviews.

  • AMS and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

A more in-depth walkthrough on Amazon Marketing Services and PPC.

You will get a lot of marketing tips to grow your Amazon business.

  • Influencer Marketing

Kevin will also let you in on his secrets on using influencer marketing to grow your brand using Instagram and Facebook.

  • Scaling Hacks

And to wrap up the course, Kevin will give you some incredibly useful hacks to bulletproof your Amazon business.

Join the Amazon FBA Ninja!

4. Online Retail Mastery

Online Retail Mastery

Online Retail Mastery is one of the best Amazon seller training courses that focus on establishing a wholesale business.

Founded by Beau Crabill, Online Retail Mastery is more like a coaching program.

I highly recommend the course to more advanced Amazon sellers who are looking to scale their FBA business or those who are looking for ways to expand their income flow.

Because it homes in on the wholesale business model, it requires enrollees to bankroll more money.

Besides, the process involves looking for brands that have already established their names in their niche.

Online Retail Mastery costs $997.

The only thing that might you hold back from taking this course is the fact that it’s designed to compete with big brands or at least brands that have already built their presence.

Inside Online Retail Mastery

Here are the most important components of this 16-hour long course:

  • Setting Up a Business

All the necessary steps to get you started with your Amazon journey.

  • How to Get Sales

In this module, you will learn how to position your product, how to find your biggest competitors, how to ship products to fulfillment centers, and how to manage pricing to be profitable.

  • Product Research

Beau will teach you how to use sales rank, understand price history, and all the fees involved.

  • Product Sourcing

This part will explain how to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA.

  • Finding Suppliers

Beau gives you five strategies when looking for the right product manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Vetting Out Suppliers

You will also learn how to sift through suppliers and avoid the bad ones.

  • Working With Suppliers

All the steps you need to take when dealing with suppliers for your products.

  • Building Relationships With Suppliers

And of course, Beau will make sure you are nurturing good relationships with your suppliers.

  • Ungating

This part is critical. It will help you how to get ungated on Amazon for any categories, sub-categories, and brands.

Join Online Retail Mastery!

5. MarketPlace SuperHeroes

MarketPlace SuperHeroes

MarketPlace SuperHeroes (MPSH) has been around for quite some time.

It was fully updated back in 2017, but all lessons, principles, and tips are still applicable today.

MarketPlace SuperHeroes are created by Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers, both successful Amazon entrepreneurs.

It’s one of the best Amazon courses that’s designed for both beginners and advanced sellers in mind.

MarketPlace SuperHeroes costs $997.

An installment plan of $97 per month for 12 months is also available.

One distinct strategy that Robert and Stephen teach to their students is the ways of finding products to sell, which are different from other courses.

Of course, they are all based on their own strategies that they applied in their respective businesses.

Inside MarketPlace SuperHeroes

Check out what you’ll get from MarketPlace SuperHeroes:

  • MPSH Training

You will learn how to build and grow your business through 97 training videos across 12 modules.

  • Fuel Your Empire

This is an over-the-shoulder video training walking you through the step-by-step process of product research.

  • $1K Per Day Road Map

A meaty blueprint to help you scale your Amazon FBA business to $1,000 per day in sales.

  • Invincible Importing

The import and shipping process from abroad can be exhausting.

Robert and Stephen will handhold through the process so you can easily do it yourself next time.

  • 30-Minute Legendary Listings

This is a tutorial on how to create auto-selling Amazon listings that surely convert.

  • Fuel Your Empire God Series

By this time, you will learn the most important aspects of market analysis and product selection.

  • Regular Online Streams

A regular live Q&A session is conducted by Robert and Stephen to answer member questions.

Get MarketPlace SuperHeroes!

Final Thoughts

And that’s all for the best Amazon FBA courses!

Got questions about other Amazon courses not on this list? Let me know in the comments!

And if this post helped you, I would appreciate it if you share it with your friends who are looking into building their Amazon empire.

‘Til next time!

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