Bookkeeper Launch Review 2023: Is It The Best Bookkeeping Course?

Bookkeeper Launch review

Bookkeeper Launch review

UPDATED: December 2022. Lots of people vouch for Bookkeeper Launch (formerly known as Bookkeeper Business Launch) as the best bookkeeping course online — and that’s a bold statement.

In this Bookkeeper Launch review, we will try to find out if it really is the best bookkeeping course, and if it provides you with the tools needed to start your own profitable virtual bookkeeping business.

Few grounds we will cover in this review…

  • Who can take this course?
  • What are the pros and cons of Bookkeeper Launch?
  • Who is the course creator, Ben Robinson?
  • What do past students think of Bookkeeper Launch?
  • Is it even worth a try?

But before that, why should you do bookkeeping, anyway? How much does a bookkeeper make? Is there a demand for this skill?

Bookkeeper Launch Review Summary


Course: Bookkeeper Launch
Price: $2499
Effectiveness 5/5
Ease of use 5/5
Cost 4.5/5
Customer support 5/5
Overall Performance Funnels Rating: 4.9/5

TL;DR – Bookkeeper Launch is by far the best bookkeeping course online to jumpstart your bookkeeping business.

Why Bookkeeping?

Lots of freelancers and businesses — big and small — struggle with the bookkeeping aspect of their businesses.

It’s not a walk in the park — that’s for sure. In fact, every small business entity needs at least one bookkeeper to make the financial aspect of their business run smoothly.

Mess it up, and you might just find the IRS knocking at your door.

That’s how important it is. And so there is a high demand for bookkeepers.

Bookkeepers have a sh*t ton of responsibilities — and one of them is to make sure clients pay bills and balance finances.

Virtual bookkeeping is a great home based business idea for women and men alike. 

How Much Does a Bookkeeper Make?

Bookkeeping is a lucrative career and business choice.

According to, the average annual salary of a work-from-home bookkeeper in the U.S. as of February 2019 is $59,683. Some others make as much as $151,000 a year.

Some bookkeeping professionals I know can command as much as $100 per hour for their services.

But please note that the amount of money you will earn highly depends on your positioning, the number of clients you have, and how much work you put into your business.

What Is Bookkeeper Launch?

Bookkeeper Launch is a freemium course on how to become a bookkeeper and how to start a viable bookkeeping business. In its own words, it teaches you how to start your own virtual bookkeeping business from scratch.

Ben Robinson, an owner of an accounting firm and experienced CPA himself, launched the course in July 2015. He is also the founder of the Bookkeeper Launch parent company

Even before that, he started teaching how to start a bookkeeping business in 2001. He has since helped over 4,000 successful individuals from around the world.

bookkeeper business launch review ben robinsonBen Robinson

Who Is It For?

The value proposition of the Bookkeeper Launch course is simple:

…to equip you with bookkeeping skills

…and help you start a profitable bookkeeping business.

So if you are an individual — regardless of your academic background or location — who wishes to pursue a bookkeeping business, this course would be right up your alley. Bookkeeper Launch teaches you how to become a bookkeeper with no experience.

How Does It Work?

As soon as you purchase the course, you will immediately get access to it so you can start throwing yourself into the lessons.

The whole course is self-paced and takes about 58 hours to finish. But you can clock in anytime you desire.

If you have a 9 to 5, you can complete the program in 2 months for 7 hours a week or 1 hour a day.

Bookkeeper Launch Price

How much does Bookkeeper Launch cost?

Bookkeeper Launch options

Bookkeeper Launch Pro – Full Course
Payment options:
One Time Payment – $2499
12 Month Payment Plan – $249 per month

Bookkeeper Launch Premier – Full Course with Added Group Coaching
Payment options:
One Time Payment – $2999
12 Month Payment Plan – $299 per month

Bookkeeper Launch Team – Everything in Premier with Added Marketing
Payment options:
One Time Payment: $4999

Bookkeeper Launch now have 3 offers. The Bookkeeper Launch Pro is their full course but if you go for the Launch Premier you get the course plus the added benefit of the group coaching sessions. The most recent addition is the new Bookkeeper Launch Team option which includes even more features.

The pro and premier versions are available to buy either as a one time payment or on a 12 month payment plan which makes it affordable if you rather not pay down a lump sum.

Either way, you get full, immediate access to the Bookkeeper Launch program.

In case the course does not satisfy you, Bookkeeper Launch offers a 30-day money-back guarantee from the day of your purchase.

Bookkeeper Launch Reviews

Is Bookkeeper Launch legit? Is it a scam? Having had access to the course myself, and gone through all the modules first hand, I am pleased to say that Bookkeeper Launch is the real deal. It really does provide you with all the tools needed to start your own virtual bookkeeping business. It teaches you all the fundamentals and technical information needed to become a bookkeeper and on top of that, shows you how to turn these skills into a profitable business. 

It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an average customer rating of 5 out of 5.

The Bookkeeper Launch reviews on Reddit also back this up. The only question mark seems to revolve around the price point, however the actual course graduates have made it clear that it is well worth the price. 

Bookkeeper Launch Testimonials

Curious what past and current students have to say about Bookkeeper Launch?

Here’s what three enrollees think of Bookkeeper Launch:

bookkeeper business launch devyn budde
bookkeeper business launch brandy derrick

bookkeeper business launch jaime rodriguez

Check out more Bookkeeper Launch success stories here.

Inside Bookkeeper Launch

Bookkeeper Launch is packed to the rafters with useful resources.

Before diving deeper into the nitty-gritty of the course, here are some of its inclusions:

  • One-on-one interactions with bookkeeping experts
  • Weekly support calls to answer your general bookkeeping questions
  • A professional lawyer to answer your legal questions
  • Access to the student community where you can seek help from fellow students and find accountability partners
  • Access to the virtual resource library containing all necessary guides, templates, tech recommendations, and worksheets to start a bookkeeping business
  • Bonus content called “Profit Maximizers” to help you how to offer valuable additional services to your clients for more profit
  • Customer support to handle your queries
  • Future updates to the course

Free Classes

Still on the fence? Start with the free classes first so you can get a feel for the course.

There are four free classes available where Ben gets down to the brass tacks.

 In the 1st free class, you will learn:

  • Responsibilities of a bookkeeper
  • Pros and cons of running a bookkeeping business
  • Income potential of being a bookkeeper and starting a bookkeeping business
  • 7 traits of the ideal bookkeeper

 In the 2nd free class, you will learn:

  • Tools and tech necessary to operate a bookkeeping business
  • Startup and ongoing cost of a bookkeeping business

In the 3rd free class, you will learn:

  • Pitching basics
  • How to get your first clients


The 4th free class is more of an upsell where Ben walks you through getting started in the paid full course and how it can turn your life around.

Paid Classes

Once you purchase the full Bookkeeper Launch class, you will get access to the member’s dashboard.

Bookkeeper Launch has 4 primary units and 6 secondary units based on its latest syllabus.

The secondary units do not mean they are not as important as the first four units.

The way it works is that the first four units focus on the theoretical facet of bookkeeping and running a bookkeeping business. Meanwhile, the second six units shed light on the actual side of it all.

Each unit has one or more quizzes to gauge your understanding of the lessons.

Unit 1 – A Day in the Life

Ben will show you what it’s like to be a bookkeeper and what bookkeepers do on a regular day.

Unit 2 – Foundational Elements

It has 3 modules: 

  • Bookkeeping Basics
  • Financial Statements, Journals & Ledgers
  • Ethics & Laws

Module 1 – Bookkeeping Basics
It contains 18 topics, including:

  • Assets, Liabilities & Equity
  • Accounting Equation
  • Accounts & Debits and Credits
  • Ledger, Chart of Accounts & Trial Balance
  • Accounting Principles

Module 2 – Financial Statements, Journals & Ledgers
It has 17 topics, including:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Bookkeeping Cycle
  • How Financial Statements Fit Together
  • The Journal and Posting to the Ledger
  • The Posting Process Demo
  • Repetitive Transactions & Special Journals
  • Cash Journal
  • Bank Accounts: Methods of Payments & Receipts
  • Bank Security
  • Bases of Accounting

Module 3 – Ethics & Laws
It comprises 5 topics, including:

  • Professional Ethics
  • Laws & Legislation
  • Uniform Commercial Code
  • Business Entities
  • Basic Elements of Contracts


Unit 3 – Building Blocks

 It has 5 modules:

  • Get Set Up
  • Balance Sheet Assets
  • Balance Sheet Liabilities & Equity
  • Income Statement
  • Statement of Cash Flows


Module 1 – Get Set Up
It contains 5 topics, including: 

  • Building Blocks
  • Xero Client Set-Up
  • QuickBooks Online Client Set-Up


Module 2 – Balance Sheet Assets
It contains 34 topics, including: 

  • Cash Accounts
  • Bank Feeds
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • ABC, LLC Set-Up
  • Accounts Receivable Demo
  • Inventory Demo
  • Prepaid Expenses Demo
  • Fixed Assets Demo
  • Intangible Assets


Module 3 – Balance Sheet Liabilities & Equity
It has 25 topics, including: 

  • Liabilities
  • Accounts Payable
  • Entering Bills Demo
  • Paying Bills Demo
  • Payroll Liabilities
  • Credit Card Liabilities
  • Sales and Use Taxes Payable
  • Loans
  • Equity


Module 4 – Income Statement
It comprises 9 topics, including: 

  • Income Statement
  • Revenue Demo
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Expenses Demo

Module 5 – Statement of Cash Flows
It contains 3 topics, including:

  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Cash Flow from Operating Activities
  • Statement of Cash Flows Demo


Unit 4 – Prepare, Review & Present

 It has 3 modules, including:

  • Balance Sheet Review
  • Income Statement & Statement of Cash Flows Review
  • Present & Close

Module 1 – Balance Sheet Review
It contains 12 topics, including:

  • Monthly Financial Statement Preparation & Closing Checklist
  • Cash & Credit Card Accounts
  • Undeposited Funds
  • Inventory & Prepaid Expenses
  • Fixed Assets
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll, Sales Tax & Other Liabilities
  • Loans
  • Equity 

Module 2 – Income Statement & Statement of Cash Flows Review
It contains 3 topics:

  • Revenue & Cost of Goods Sold
  • Expenses & Other Income
  • Statement of Cash Flows


Module 3 – Present & Close
It has 3 topics, including:

  • Financial Statement Presentation Tips
  • Prepare Quarterly Financial Statements
  • Month and Year-End Close


Additional Units

The remaining six units of the course are:

  1. To Infinity and Beyond (7 modules)
  2. Bookkeeping Practicals (4 modules)
  3. Business & Marketing (10 modules)
  4. Bonus Training (8 modules)
  5. Practical & Tactical (1 module)
  6. Bootcamp Coaching (3 modules)

 Bookkeeper Launch Pros and Cons

 I bet you want to know how the Bookkeeper Launch stack up.

 Well, here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of this course to see if it’s the right bookkeeping course you are looking for.

Content Quality

The quality of the content is up to par. The basics are there to make sure that you get a solid foundation for this course. Not to mention, they are free of charge.

As you go deeper, you will learn the technicalities of bookkeeping — slowly and methodically.

If you compare it to other bookkeeping courses sold online, the units and modules are more comprehensive and well laid out.

It can’t get any better for people who know nothing about taxes and accounting.


 Apart from the courses, Bookkeeper Launch boasts a few features and bonuses that you cannot find in other online bookkeeping courses.

As I have already mentioned, your Bookkeeper Launch purchase comes with support from a professional lawyer, a one-on-one interaction with bookkeeping experts, an active community of people, a vast virtual library of resources with worksheets, templates, and all that jazz, and future updates at no cost.

Definitely, you are getting so much value from it for the long haul.

Ease of Use

Is the Bookkeeper Launch website user-friendly?

The Bookkeeper Launch website is fairly easy to use and navigate as they designed it with the not-so-tech-savvy users in mind.

As mentioned, the units and modules are well broken down into a more user-friendly format.

Scanning through them and picking up where you left off should not be an issue.


Bookkeeper Launch Pro – Full Course
Payment options: 
One Time Payment – $2499
12 Month Payment Plan – $249 per month

Bookkeeper Launch Premier – Full Course with Added Group Coaching
Payment options:
One Time Payment – $2999
12 Month Payment Plan – $299 per month 

Bookkeeper Launch Team – Everything in Premier with Added Marketing
Payment options:
One Time Payment: $4999

The good thing is, you can enroll on an installment basis — so you would not have to bankroll the full amount.

And with the 30-day money-back guarantee, you really don’t have any excuse not to try the course for yourself — that’s if you are dead serious about running a bookkeeping business.

Bookkeeper Launch remains a value-packed program with earning potential of up to six figures a year.

But remember that the program itself will not make you a lot of money. It’s just a tool to help you achieve your earning aspirations.

If you want it to work, put in the work!


Bookkeeper Launch has been around for quite some time, and it’s not a secret that it has fairly established its credibility.

In fact, independent trust score non-profit Better Business Bureau gave Bookkeeper Launch a solid A+ rating.

And on Facebook, Bookkeeper Launch has earned an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 200+ ratings).

If you want to hear more of the Bookkeeper Launch testimonials, read them here.

Customer Support

Bookkeeper Launch’s customer support is a class act; that’s why it isn’t even a surprise why people rave so much about it.

Their team usually responds to legitimate concerns within a few hours.

Community Support

And if you have questions that need immediate answers, the exclusive student community on the Bookkeeper Business Launch website is there to help you out any time of day.

Whether it’s a question about your business or how to go about the courses, you have an active, always-ready-to-help community of friends in Bookkeeper Launch.

Bookkeeper Launch Review Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Finally, we’ve come to the end of our Bookkeeper Launch review.

And let’s cut to the chase — is Bookkeeper Launch worth it?


The caliber of the teaching is comparable to a university — you get a box seat to Ben’s discussions, plus getting to rub elbows with like-minded people.

Unlike most online courses where you simply get the access link to the course, this one goes the extra mile by creating a supportive community of business people.

They learn from you; you learn from them. It’s a win-win.

If this is your first time dipping your toe into taxation, accounting, and all that stuff — Bookkeeper Launch is the perfect bookkeeping course for you as it’s very methodical in its approach.

Most universities and colleges offering bookkeeping course certificates cost an arm and a leg. 

For $2499, Bookkeeper Launch gives you all the bookkeeping skills, pitching lessons, and a valuable certificate. 

If you want to learn bookkeeping and how to start a profitable bookkeeping business…

…at your own pace

…at the comfort of your own home

…and without getting into debt for 30 years

Bookkeeper Launch is by far the best bookkeeping course online to jumpstart your bookkeeping business.

That’s it for our Bookkeeper Launch review. I hope this gives you something to think about.

Ready to start your bookkeeping business?

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