Here Is Our Most Effective Chiropractic Marketing Funnel Template in ClickFunnels. It Is Yours For Free!

We’re seeing a LOT of chiropractors having huge levels of success using ClickFunnels marketing campaigns to get new patients in the door consistently, without relying on Groupon or other third party offer platforms. Creating an attractive new patient offer funnel then promoting it locally via Facebook ads, Instagram ads, email campaigns and social media is one of the best ways to generate new revenue for any chiropractic clinic currently.

Note: We’re personally seeing the very best results for our clients promoting these marketing funnels using Facebook and Instagram ads, so be sure to try that first!

Below we’re giving away the exact ClickFunnels template we use as a starting point for all new chiropractor marketing campaigns we build and promote. This funnel setup is proven in the real world and currently being used successfully by lots of clinics. All you need to do is customize the content for your business, brand it with your color scheme and start using it.

The link below will copy our best converting Chiropractic funnel directly into your ClickFunnels account – ready to customize for your business. If you don’t have an account already the link will create you a free two week trial account, with our funnel already inside it.

Here’s an overview of how the funnel works and what you need to do to be successful with it. We’ve also put together a short video below where you can see the funnel in action and learn how to easily customize it for your clinic.

How This Chiropractic Marketing Funnel Works

This is one of the simplest funnels we use in this market. Don’t let that fool you though – it is also one of the most effective for reliably getting new patients in the door. There are only two steps in this marketing campaign. You need to get a couple of things right in each step, so keep reading! Because if you set this up correctly you’ll be saying hello to a consistent and predictable flow of new patients coming in to your practice every week.

Funnel Step #1 – The Offer

The offer in your marketing campaign is hugely important. It has to be attractive to new patients. It has to make them want to check your business out and potentially become a patient of yours. This is especially true if you’re marketing with paid Facebook advertising, which we highly recommend and specialize in as an agency. Without a good offer on your funnel landing page (the first page in the funnel) you’ll struggle to get any real results.

We don’t recommend ‘free’ offers for chiropractors when using marketing funnels. Instead, some kind of special promotion which new patients can take advantage of works very well. Inside the funnel we’ve included a sample offer which many, many clinics are having great success with…


“New Patient Wellness Package: Exam and 3 Adjustments for $79”

Usual value $399, an 80% discount!


Something along those lines is going to work very well with paid Facebook advertising and a ClickFunnels campaign like the one we’re giving you here. Obviously the specifics can change to fit your practice, your price points and what your patients tend to want. However, the main point is to make an extremely attractive offer to get people in the door.


Obviously the longer-term goal with a new patient marketing funnel like this is to turn people into longer term patients who spend money with you regularly. You’ll need to be able to deliver an excellent experience in your practice when people visit you for the first time to take up your initial offer package. And you need to have the ability to turn people into repeat patients. We find that any successful chiropractic business understands this already, and has no problem delivering great quality care and creating long term, high value patients.

Don’t have a short term mindset and think “I can’t make any profit on a $79 offer”. You make your money in the long term by treating people well and making them want to come back over and over, and refer their friends. This is business – have a long term profit mindset when creating marketing campaigns and you’ll grow your revenues consistently, with a great return on your marketing investment.

Collecting New Patient Leads

When someone lands on the first page of your funnel, sees the offer and decides they want to claim it, they simply click the green button and enter their name, email and phone number. Now you have a new prospect to follow up with and get booked in to your clinic for an initial visit.

At this point, after entering their contact information, people are instantly taken to step 2 in the funnel.

Funnel Step #2 – The Confirmation Page

On the confirmation page there are a couple of things we can do. In the share funnel templates provided in this article we simply ask people to call to book their first visit. You can also link off to an online scheduling tool if you have one on your regular website so people can book that way. Another option is embedding an online calendar tool such as – then people can book an appointment right there inside your funnel.

Whatever you decide to do on the confirmation page to encourage people to book, it is very important to keep in mind that some people are just not going to take that extra step. To get the very best results from this or any Chiropractic marketing funnel you should be prepared have someone on your staff follow up with each lead.

This mean calling them on the phone, getting a conversation started and scheduling a time for them to visit you for the first time.

It is easy to drop the ball at this stage. Not following up with each of your leads effectively is going to mean lots of missed revenue for your business. You can literally double – or even triple – the results you get from using marketing funnels simply by having an organized, consistent follow up process that ensures all leads are contacted promptly. Don’t just rely on new potential patients contacting you. Some will of course, but the money here really is in the follow up and sales process which happens after people show an interest in your offer.

We speak to a fair number of business owners who believe that digital marketing isn’t effective, Facebook ads don’t work, or that funnels don’t product results in their specific situation. The vast majority of the time the problem is with their follow up process – or lack of it. They simply do not contact the leads generated from their marketing.

If you can get this part of the process right then you’ll be in an excellent position to get the maximum number of new patients from your marketing funnel leads. You’ll also get a much higher return on any Facebook or Instagram advertising spend.

Use the link below to copy our exact funnel into your ClickFunnels account. If you don’t have an account the link will create you a fully functioning 14 day free trial account with this funnel already inside it and ready for you to customize for your business.

Funnel Video Walkthrough…

If you want to learn more about ClickFunnels and its functionality before getting the trial, read our full review here. It is very comprehensive and should give you a great idea about what to expect from this software, which is what we use to run 100% of our client online marketing campaigns.

5 thoughts on “Here Is Our Most Effective Chiropractic Marketing Funnel Template in ClickFunnels. It Is Yours For Free!”

  1. Hey Ryan (I would have thought you were a chiro, lol).

    After just over 20 years of practice, I have been contemplating a lot of the stuff (despite building two very great practices before things like FB, IG etc…) So, you truly helped me (before even signing up for CF, the two week offer, your funnel ideas etc… As I have basically just been running funnel type ads or lead generation ads in Facebook recently and initially didn’t have a price associated with it so you can imagine, I had a ton of leads /pts and despite having a great ROI, it was so hit and miss in terms of if you are going to have a paying patient for which you could help or Not (with Groupon etc, we get a lot of people who try several office prior to their commitment etc… , so I decided to ramp up to a priced one visit or even two visit offer when they took advantage of a plan we offer to essentially get to know me and trust their Chiropractic experience and of course me too, lol… Mind you I am in Southeast Asia and no longer in the United States, so I have a lot more latitude in terms of what I can offer etc, but I will check it out and test, test test.

    As one of my mentors still says, “tests small and if it works well, roll out big.”

    I truly appreciate the assistance and motivation and don’t be surprised should I contact you directly (do you have a direct contact for ease I could get?) The biggest issue is the time difference depending on where you are located, lol..

    I hope to be contacting you soon or in the very near future and as soon as I learn just a little bit more from and about clickfunnels as it gets crazy reading about people six and seven-figure success within days or months and of course years, lol so I am thrilled your review came up on the first page and had something catchy enough for me to want to not just read what you wrote but listen to your entire phone approach.

    Wishing you all the very breath from Southeast Asia.




    Cheers and God bless,


  2. Great video and blog!! 👏🏻 But I struggle on what picture to use for the Fb ad and the text I should write to get potential patients in the door… would a picture of the chiropractor work better than a stock picture? A lot of text or just a headline? And what to write for them to click the learn more button? I am lost 🤔 Any advise? Or maybe a request for a second video how to launch it on Facebook…

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