ClickFunnels Agency Funnel Template for Lead Generation

Today we’re sharing the exact template we’ve used to generate high quality inbound leads for multiple agencies using Facebook ads. This funnel uses a popular and proven structure that you see people like Sam Ovens teaching:

Optin page > case study video > application page > call schedule page

It is designed to take cold traffic, and turn it into warm qualified leads. If you have a good agency offer and can demonstrate results you get for clients, this funnel will absolutely provide you with good quality leads!

Get the ClickFunnels agency funnel template here for free:

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Watch the video to see the funnel in action…

And don’t forget to get the funnel for yourself here

Our Experience Using This Agency Lead Generation Strategy

I have personally worked offering agency services in a number of markets over the last 5 years. Each time this exact funnel strategy has been used for the bulk of the lead generation. Using it I’ve sold Facebook ads services to gyms, yoga studios, Amazon sellers, Shopify retailers and more.

I currently use this exact funnel template and overall strategy to sell high end consulting to Ecommerce brands. Two other colleagues of mine are also doing the same thing. So I can safely say this works!

But where did this strategy come from?

As you can probably guess, I didn’t ‘invent’ the process or funnel structure shown in the video. I actually first learned it from the Sam Ovens program quite some time ago, and have since refined it over many years to suit my needs and the markets I’ve served.

It doesn’t matter what market you’re working in though really. If you’re selling high ticket services, packages or consulting as an agency, coach or consultant, this funnel structure will work well for your lead generation. That is of course assuming you have market message and offer dialed in and tested so you confidently say it resonates with your market.

Feel free to take the funnel template, load it in to your ClickFunnels account and edit it as you need. No credit is required, just customize it for your own business and use it as your own. If you find it works, I’d appreciate a comment on the YouTube video embedded at the top of this page.

I hope you see as much success with lead generation and client acquisition using this agency funnel as I have over the last few years. It is simple, but it works!

Get the Agency Share Funnel

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