ClickFunnels For High Ticket Coaching – A Proven Share Funnel Template

If you want to attract more coaching clients into your business – and charge them high ticket prices – this template is the perfect solution if you want to use ClickFunnels for your lead generation.

We have used this exact funnel to help coaches across fitness, real estate, Ecommerce, digital marketing, peak performance, and other similar industries. Also, we’re aware of other people using this template in many other markets. This simply works for attracting high ticket coaching clients. If your offer and messaging is a good market fit you cannot really go wrong with this funnel.

The funnel structure is based on the exact process Sam Ovens teaches in his Consulting Accelerator program, which is where we first got this idea from. Our funnel template is closely modeled on Sam’s and optimized to convert across all devices. We have used this template from day one in our coaching and agency businesses, as we built them following Sam’s course.

The structure looks like this:

  • Value video
  • Optin
  • Application form
  • Calendar booking

This structure is something you’ll see successful coaches and consultants using for their advertising campaigns time and time again in almost every industry where coaches thrive. Because it works! The same is true for consultants, agencies and other high ticket service providers.

Get the ClickFunnels high ticket coaching funnel here free:

Watch the video below to see how it works. This video was made specifically for coaches, consultants and agency owners wanting to use ClickFunnels to grow their leads and sales. The video title sales ‘Agency Funnel’ but this funnel is exactly what we use for coaches too, so don’t worry.

Questions about this funnel? Just leave a comment on the YouTube video and we’ll be sure to respond and help you out.

And when you’re ready to start generating more qualified leads for your coaching business, use the share funnel link to get this exact funnel into your ClickFunnels account, completely free, and ready to customize for your business immediately.

Link for the coaching share funnel –

Lastly, if you don’t have ClickFunnels yet, still use that link and you’ll get a free trial of the software with our coaching funnel already pre-loaded inside for you.

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