The Best ClickFunnels Share Funnel Template for High Ticket Consulting – Based On The Sam Ovens Funnel

If you want to grow a consulting business using funnels and lead generation, there is no-one more successful at doing this than Sam Ovens. We took his Consulting Accelerator program and used his consulting funnel to build up our business. We also watched hundreds of his students do the same!

Now you can have this proven lead generation funnel for high ticket consultants completely free, right inside your own ClickFunnels account. Get it here:

Get the High Ticket Agency Funnel

This funnels starts with an optin to watch a case study or value video, then has an application form to qualify leads, and finally a page where they book a strategy session right in your calendar. This is the ultimate ClickFunnels layout for automated high quality lead-generation.

This strategy doesn’t just work for consultants, it is perfect for coaches and agencies too. We made the video below to help businesses use this exact template for their own lead-generation, so give it a watch and leave any questions you have on the YouTube channel. We answer them all!

We really do feel this is the best funnel our there for consultants, coaches and agencies. And Sam Ovens’ massive level of student success with the funnel proves that.

If you’re a consultant looking to grow, there is really no need to re-invent the wheel. Take this ClickFunnels consulting template, put it into your account for free, customize it, and start driving high quality strategy session applications immediately.

Get the funnel inside your ClickFunnels account here:

Get the High Ticket Agency Funnel

If won’t cost you anything, but it could make you a lot!

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