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ClickFunnels Ecommerce Dropshipping with AliExpress – My Best Share Funnel Included!

This video is one we’ve been asked for many times. It is an overview of how to run profitable Ecommerce dropshipping campaigns using ClickFunnels and AliExpress. In many cases we actually prefer ClickFunnels to Shopify when running dropshipping ad campaigns, for a number of reasons mentioned in the video.

Included is a full overview of a good strategy that’s working today to sell products directly from ads, including up-sells and cross-sells to maximize average order values. We’re giving away our ClickFunnels dropshipping funnel for AliExpress completely free as well to go with this tutorial, so you have everything you need to get going. Use the link below to copy our funnel template directly into your CF account:

Get the Ecommerce Share Funnel

Here is the video. Remember this one is in-depth, and shares a lot of detail so be sure to watch it through carefully and take in everything we share. This strategy is working well and has been for a few years already – we don’t see that changing any time soon…

JustĀ use this link to copy our AliExpress ClickFunnels dropshipping template directly into your CF account for free.

Thanks for watching, and we hope this ecom funnel template works as well for you as it has done for us and our agency clients.

Get the Ecommerce Share Funnel

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