Our 2 Best Seller Lead ClickFunnels Templates For Realtors… Get The Share Funnels Free!

Here at Performance Funnels we recommend two different tried and tested seller lead generation strategies for real estate businesses using ClickFunnels.

You can get the free share funnel templates at the link below. They’ll allow you to copy our exact realtor funnels directly into your ClickFunnels account, so you can customize them for your business and start generating leads. If you don’t already have an account, the link will create you a free 14 day trial with our customizable funnel templates already inside it and ready for you to use:

Get the Realtor Share Funnels

The two strategies we recommend to generate seller leads are the ‘Home Evaluation’ strategy, and the ‘Increase Your Sale Value’ strategy. Both are great ways to capture the contact information of anyone who is likely wanting to sell their home in the near future.

We have a video below outlining each strategy and walking you through the ClickFunnels templates so you know how they work in real life. It will be obvious how to customize these for your own realtor business after watching the videos. But you can contact us for help if you need.

The recommended way to advertise these funnels and offers is through local Facebook advertising.

Below is a video outlining seller lead generation strategy #1: Home evaluation and offer estimates…

And now for seller lead generation technique #2: Free report for increasing home sale values

Here is the ClickFunnels template link for both of these strategies:

Get the Realtor Share Funnels

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