ClickFunnels Gym & CrossFit Funnel Templates – Free & High Converting!

If you’re thinking about using the ClickFunnels software platform to build marketing funnels for your gym, CrossFit box or any other kind of studio or fitness based business… you’re in the right place!

On this page we’ll be giving you free access to two of our highest converting funnel templates which we use to drive qualified leads for our fitness clients. Multiple gyms and CrossFit boxes are using these funnels RIGHT NOW to generate hundreds of new leads per month, and to sign up multiple new members every week. Whether you want new monthly recurring membership sales, or if you’re looking to sell higher end fitness programs of $500, $1000 or more, the two fitness marketing funnel templates on this page can do it.

By the way, if you want to learn more about Facebook Ads & Funnel Strategy on generating leads for Gyms, CrossFit and other fitness businesses check out this video.

These two funnels have generated tens of thousands in fitness program and membership sales for our clients.

These are the actual ‘share funnels’ we start out working from when building a new fitness marketing campaign, usually in conjunction with Facebook and Instagram ads which are our core offering for gyms and CrossFit clients.

And you can have these funnel templates absolutely free.

NOTE: Want free funnel templates for other industries? See our ClickFunnels template collection here.

All you’ll need to do is customize them to your own brand and switch out your images, copy and testimonials. Then you’ll have a marketing funnel for your gym or box which you KNOW is based on something that converts in the real world. These gym funnels are proven and tested not only with ‘warm’ referral traffic, but also with completely cold Facebook ads traffic, which is our specialty. They’re designed to convert interested prospects into hot new fitness leads.

The videos below will give you an overview of how to customize these funnel templates in ClickFunnels – it is really easy – so you should have a new marketing funnel built and ready to use within just a few short hours.

Firstly though, here are the main things you need to know about these funnels…

ClickFunnels Gym Funnel Template #1 – Traditional New Member Lead Generation

This gym marketing funnel has one simple goal. Collect the name, email address and phone number of people interested in trying out your gym, CrossFit Box or fitness studio. In return you’re going to offer people something which allows them a low or zero risk way to see if they’d like to become a paid member of your gym.

Popular offer examples include:

  • Free 5-Day/10-Day Pass
  • Discounted Introductory Offer… for example: 60% off unlimited classes/workouts for 30 days
  • Free First Group Workout + Fitness Consultation

We’re sure your familiar with many other variations of those types of offers.

How The Gym Lead Generation Funnel Works…

People click your ad on Facebook, in an email or wherever you’re advertising. They’re taken to the first page of the funnel. This is where they give you their details in return for the free trial, or whatever you choose to offer people as a way of getting them in the door.

The first page in this funnel – the landing page – does a couple of important things in addition to collecting leads for your business. Firstly, it re-states the offer and messaging in your ad. This reinforces the idea in people’s minds that they’re in the right place, and are about to get access to the specific offer they’d just shown an interest in when clicking on your ad.

Secondly, we use the concept of social proof on the landing page to make sure our response rate is as high as possible. This means getting the maximum number of visitors to turn into leads your business can contact.

What is social proof?

In this case it is simple the use of member/client testimonials and reviews to showcase how much people like doing business with you, the results they’re getting and why they choose your gym or CrossFit box over the many options they surely have access to in their local area.

We also like to use a video on the landing page as another form of social proof. A video tour of your facility, of actual workouts, or just of members talking about your business all work great and will definitely help legitimize your marketing efforts and therefore get you more leads. An introductory video from the business owner or a manager/head trainer can also work very well. Anything that humanizes your marketing, making it seem personalized and ‘real’ is ALWAYS going to improve your results and overall return on investment in and paid advertising.

Converting Visitors to New Gym Or CrossFit Member Leads

The elements we’ve just discussed – the attractive offer and the social proof elements – are designed to persuade people to register their interest in your business and convert into leads you can contact.

The big green button on the landing page is how we make this happen. People simply click it, enter their contact info a simple responsive form and that’s it. You now have the ability follow up with them, get them into your gym or box and convert sales.

After people submit the contact information they’re taken immediately to the ‘thankyou’ page in ClickFunnels.

Here you can do two things:

  1. Incentivize them to call you with an additional ‘fast action’ offer
  2. Tell them you’ll be in touch ASAP and to expect your call to get their free trial activate/booked in

That’s it! Super simple, but super effective if you have a good offer.

NOTE: It will be necessary to follow up with leads using this funnel. Just because people submitted their info and expressed interest, it doesn’t mean they’re going to magically show up at your gym or box. Make sure your sales team are ready and prepared to follow up on the phone, get people booked in for a visit and then close the sale in person.

This works like a charm.

Video Overview/Funnel Walkthrough…

ClickFunnels CrossFit Box Funnel Template #2 – Application-Style Funnel For Higher End Programs

CrossFit Share Funnel Link >

This funnel is great for CrossFit boxes or gyms who want to sell people on specific programs, bootcamps, transformations, challenges, introduction to CrossFit packages and things of that nature. Basically, anything that isn’t your regular free trial or discounted introductory first month promotion. It works perfectly well for regular gyms and bootcamps as well when trying to sell higher end packages or something other than trials that turn into monthly memberships.

The funnel is powerful because people have to apply for your program. The funnel qualifies them to see if they’re a good fit for what you’re selling. They have to sell themselves to you if they want to become a client or member! This strategy generates some of the highest quality fitness leads you’ll ever get.

We’ve worked with businesses using this EXACT CrossFit marketing funnel and helped them implement it to sell programs which cost anywhere from $400 – $1,000. 6-8 week packages for some kind of challenge or bootcamp are the most common thing being sold in those price ranges with this ClickFunnels campaign.

How The CrossFit High End Program Funnel Works…

Someone clicks on your ad either on Facebook, in an email or wherever else you choose to advertise. We get the best results for our CrossFit clients using Facebook and Instagram ads by the way.

The ad would be promoting your program, challenge, or bootcamp with a simple hook about why people would want to consider signing up and some details about the actual results members are getting after the 6 or 8 weeks are up.

From there, after the clicking the ad your prospect hits the landing page – the first page in the funnel.

The ideal landing page has the following structure. See our example share funnel template below and copy it into your ClickFunnels account so you’re able to easily edit and customize it for your gym or CrossFit Box.

Landing page structure…


Give people a major benefit they’re going to get from applying to your program


An introduction to – or quick explanation of – the program people are applying for in your marketing funnel. Try and keep your video short and to the point. 60 to 90 seconds is ideal.

Qualifying Bullet Points

In this section you actively want to qualify your ideal prospect. Try to push people away who are not a good fit, too. Call out the exact person you want applying for the program. Saying things like “this program is HARD” or “there are no shortcuts” and “not for people who are going to drop out” is an effective way of making sure every lead is as high quality as possible.

Testimonials, Before & After Photos, Real Results

Wherever possible you want REAL member feedback and reviews on your landing page at the bottom. Let people see that other members have actually gone through your program or bootcamp etc and give their raw unedited feedback right there on the landing page.

Call To Action Buttons

Have a couple of these in different locations on the page. We always use ‘APPLY NOW’ as the button messaging. We want people to know this is an application and that not everyone will be accepted or eligible for the program.

When clicking the big green APPLY NOW buttons people are taken to the next step, which is the application itself.

Application page structure…

Now we’re at the stage where the funnel really qualifies people using a series of questions about their goals, fitness levels, eating habits and financial situation.


Re-state the benefit focused headline from the landing page


A short paragraph of text, just a few lines, telling people to take action now and complete the application form if they think they have what it takes. Let them know they’ll be contacted by you shortly after applying to arrange an in-person consultation and see if they’re a good fit.

Application Form

This is where the magic happens. Where you get some of the highest quality fitness leads possible using cold traffic such as Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Choose 10-15 questions that give you relevant, useful information that will help you decide who is and isn’t a good fit for your program. It really is that simple. We make sure the following areas are covered when running Facebook Ads for our CrossFit, gym and bootcamp clients…

  • Fitness goals
  • How would completing this program and achieving the target result improve your life?
  • Summary of current fitness level
  • Summary of current eating habits
  • Why haven’t you achieved your fitness goals up to this point?
  • Financial situation, can you afford it?
  • Any other concerns or things you feel may hold you back – injuries, schedule etc.

On the application page we also include the program price. We want to attract people who know the cost already.

That’s it for the application form page. That’s how we generate super-qualified high end fitness leads for CrossFit boxes and gyms. The cost to do this with highly targeted Facebook ads is usually between $5-$20 per lead, depending on the program type and cost, your location and how good your testimonials and social proof elements are.

Follow Up, Sales & Converting Leads Into Fitness Program Sales

As with the first funnel we walked through on this page, you’ll need to make sure your team follows up with these leads. You need to call them, schedule a consultation and sell your programs in person to those leads who you determine are a good fit. Don’t worry though, these people are EXPECTING to be contacted. They’re just filled out a 15 question fitness survey and applied for your program. So call them and get them in to your gym or box ASAP.

Application-Style Funnel Share Links & Video Walkthrough

Gym Share Funnel Link

Video Overview/Funnel Walkthrough…

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