10 High Ticket Affiliate Programs in 2021

High Ticket Affiliate Programs
High ticket affiliate programs

High ticket affiliate programs intimidate a lot of new and small-scale affiliates because they are under the impression that these are difficult to market.

If you are one of these affiliates, you got it all WRONG.

Going after the right affiliate programs to promote can mean the difference between making $1,000 per month or $10,000 per month.

Truth is, super affiliates are super affiliates for a reason — they don’t mess around wasting their time promoting low-ticket products.

“That’s it? Let’s find high ticket affiliate programs then,” you might think.

Pretty darn easy, huh?

Ah, nope.

Your work is far from over. Finding high ticket affiliate programs is only the first step of many.

You need to look at a few things first before taking the plunge.

Finding High Ticket Affiliate Programs

So, how do you choose the right high ticket affiliate programs to join in?

Let’s look at some important criteria here.

Commission Structure

If you are looking for high paying affiliate programs, it’s a no brainer that the commission structure is the first line of consideration.

How much is the commission? Is it per sale? Is it a recurring commission?

Recurring commissions are very much sought-after because it’s simply lucrative.

Many software products like ConvertKit have this structure where you get a commission every month if your referral buys, for instance, 12 months or a lifetime subscription.

Cookie Policy

Cookies know when links are clicked. The best cookies are the ones that last longer.

Some of the top paying affiliate programs offer cookies that last as long as 6 to 12 months. There are quite a few cookies, mostly of high-end affiliate programs, only last for less than a few days.

For instance, the furniture brand Tribunk pays a handsome $300 per sale. Unfortunately, its cookie lasts for only 1 day.

Some cookies last a lifetime. However, it might be difficult now to find lifetime cookies due to a GDPR regulation that require websites to delete cookies that are 12 months older.

Also, cookie policies differ in terms of sale attribution. It’s important to know these terms.

For instance, some affiliate programs attribute a purchase to the last affiliate link while others to the first affiliate link.

Quality & Popularity

Don’t be blinded by high commission affiliate programs.

Look at the quality of their products and if enough people are buying it.

If no one’s buying the product, you’re wasting your time.

Upsells & Bonuses

Upsells and bonuses can quadruple your initial commissions for the same amount of effort.

This is why super affiliates would always look for products with upsells.

For instance, the affiliate product is a $99 ebook. The affiliate program also offers other products like a coaching program that usually costs hundreds to thousands of dollars.

As an affiliate, you aren’t just getting a commission for the sold ebook but also for the coaching program.

Affiliate Training

Most high paying affiliate programs don’t need training. But if the affiliate program is a bit complicated, training would be awesome.

Some affiliate programs like ClickFunnels have free training programs that you can join. Others may require you to shell out some cash.

Two-Tier Commission

A second-tier commission structure allows you to earn not only from your referrals but also from your referrals’ referrals.

A good example is WPEngine and ClickFunnels.

This criterion isn’t necessarily a must. Nevertheless, it presents a huge money-making opportunity for you as an affiliate.

Pros and Cons of High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Choosing high paying affiliate programs isn’t all roses, though.

Let’s weigh in why and why not you should promote products of high-ticket affiliate programs.

Bigger ROI. Promoting products of high paying affiliate programs require the same amount of time and effort as low-ticket ones but yield a bigger return.Lower conversion. It’s not entirely easy to promote high ticket products to everyone. Thus, the conversion is likely lower.
Higher margin. Higher payout gives you more to spend on ads and eventually make even more sales and commissions.Longer sales cycle. More expensive products often take time to sell because they usually involve nurturing and relationship building with the target market.
Less competition. High ticket affiliate programs tend to be less saturated.Prone to scam. Many high commission affiliate programs are illegitimate. Some are scams themselves; others are used for scams.
Easier to upsell. Upsells are easier with big-ticket items because you know your target audience has money to spend.

10 High-Paying Affiliate Programs

In the last 10 years, we’ve gone through so many top paying affiliate programs.

Not all survived. A couple scammed us.

But amid all that, we’ve found some pretty solid ones over the years.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, check out our best affiliate programs for beginners.

Here are 10 high ticket affiliate programs we recommend in 2020:

1. ClickFunnels

Commission Rate: 40% recurring monthly commission + 5% on other products

Pricing: $97/mo | $297/mo

Cookie Duration: 30 days


ClickFunnels is a $360 million software company with over 65,000 users.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is two-tiered — you get a 40% recurring commission per referral and 5% additional commission on sales made by anyone you sign up.

ClickFunnels has a lot of paid programs and products that you can get an additional commission from.

Its affiliate program, in fact, is one of the most generous out there.

Here are some:

  • One Funnel Away Challenge – $100 (100% commission)
  • Funnel Scripts – $487 (40% commission)
  • FunnelHacker Cookbook – Free (Up to $933 potential commission)
  • DotCom Secrets Book – Free (Up to $967 potential commission)
  • Expert Secrets Book – Free (Up to 927 potential commission)
  • 108 Proven Split Test Winners Book – Free (Up to $197 potential commission)
  • Funnel Graffiti Training – Free (Up to $144 potential commission)

How far can their generosity go?

They can cover the lease of your dream luxury car up to a max of $500 per month if you refer 100 active members every month and $1,000 per month if you refer 200 active members every month.

Per ClickFunnels’ cookie policy, the last affiliate link that leads to purchase takes credit for the commission.

2. WP Engine

Commission Rate: $200 minimum

Pricing: $420/yr | $1,380/yr | $3,480/yr

Cookie Duration: 180 days


WP Engine is a $132 million web hosting company with over 90,000 users. It’s got a good reputation so it shouldn’t be hard to market.

The WP Engine Affiliate Program is offering a princely commission structure of $200 per NEW referral.

If your referral subscribes to a $35 plan, you will get a $200 commission.

WP Engine, however, doesn’t offer commissions for plan upgrades and add-ons.

But, you can earn up to $7,500 per referral and up to $15,475 for bonuses.

Monthly SalesCommissionBonusTotal

Since it’s two-tiered, you get $50 for every new customer your referral makes.

However, you need a ShareASale account to join the WP Engine Affiliate Program.

Become a WP Engine affiliate here.

3. Amazing Selling Machine

Commission Rate: 40% commission

Pricing: $997/mo for 6 mos | $4,997/yr

Cookie Duration: 90 days


The Amazing Selling Machine is a comprehensive training program helping sellers or aspiring sellers on how to sell physical products on Amazon.

First launched in 2012, the program is now on its 12th installment.

The Amazing Selling Machine is perfect if you are interested in selling on Amazon AND also if you want to earn VERY GENEROUS affiliate commissions.

For affiliates, the Amazing Selling Machine’s commission is 40% of the price paid.

If your referral chose to pay on installment, you earn $398. And if your referral chose to pay the program in full, you are guaranteed $1,998.

That’s for one referral only. Imagine bringing in dozens of referrals.

However, it doesn’t come cheap to join. Right now, the Amazing Selling Machine 12 costs $4,997.

You have an option to pay for 6 months at $997 per month.

Join the Amazing Selling Machine Affiliate Program here.

4. Liquid Web

Commission Rate: 150%, $150 minimum

Pricing: $420/yr | $1,380/yr | $3,480/yr

Cookie Duration: 90 days


Liquid Web sells a range of web hosting services to scaling professionals, businesses, and agencies.

Each referral earns you 150% of the monthly hosting cost with a $150 minimum.

If your referral subscribes to a $29 plan, you will get a $150 commission.

Imagine if your referral subscribes to a 12-month plan at $29 per month — you’ll get around $500 commission, plus a 50% bonus for pre-paid plans.

Here’s your earning potential with the Liquid Web Affiliate Program:

Managed WordPressUp to $2,000
Managed WooCommerceUp to $3,000
VPS HostingUp to $300
Dedicated HostingUp to 7,000
Cloud HostingUp to $5,000

Sign up for the Liquid Web Affiliate Program here.

5. Shopify

Commission Rate: 200% per sale or 20% recurring commission

Pricing: $29/mo | $79/mo | $299/mo

Cookie Duration: 30 days


Shopify is an ecommerce store builder software responsible for $673 million in revenue for over 600,000 businesses in 2017.

With Shopify’s affiliate program, you can earn as much as $2,400 per sale for the standard plan.

While for Shopify Plus, the referral commission is $2,000 per sale.

Dropshipping is still flourishing, so it’s not hard at all to encourage people to start their own online stores.

Sign up for Shopify’s affiliate program here.

6. BigCommerce

Commission Rate: 200% of the first monthly payment

Pricing: $29/mo | $79/mo | $249/mo

Cookie Duration: 30 days


BigCommerce is pretty much like Shopify, with a slight difference in pricing.

If your referral subscribes to the pro plan at $249 per month, you get $498 just like that.

For the enterprise plan, you will get $1,500 per sale.

To help you promote BigCommerce, they have pre-made banners, emails, and other marketing collaterals that you can use.

Join the BigCommerce Affiliate Program here.

7. The Six Figure Mentors

Commission Rate: Up to $8,000

Cookie Duration: Lifetime


The Six Figure Mentors is a training and mentorship platform for digital entrepreneurs and business leaders.

It’s a valuable resource for people who are already earning so guaranteed that you’ve got a good target market.

The commission? Up to $8,000 per referral — one of the few highest of its kind.

You’ll also be able to earn up to $1,000 recurring yearly commission.

The Six Figure Mentors has tons of upsells, so it can be a good source of a steady affiliate income. Not to mention it honors second-tier commissions.

Sign up for The Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program here.

8. ConvertKit

Commission Rate: 30% recurring commission

Pricing: $29/mo | $49/mo | $79/mo

Cookie Duration: 60 days


ConvertKit is one of the most popular email marketing software programs out there.

For every referral with up to 8,000 subscribers, you earn a $30 recurring monthly commission. 

So, as long as your referral continues using ConvertKit, you’re guaranteed a paycheck.

Email marketing software is very crucial, so your referrals are likely to stay longer.

The good news is, as your referral’s email list grows, so does your commission.

Imagine signing up just 100 people at $29 per month, you’d take home $870 per month.

Not too shabby at all.

Join the ConvertKit Affiliate Program here.

9. HubSpot

Commission Rate: $250 to $1,000 per sale

Pricing: $50/mo | $800/mo | $3,200/mo

Cookie Duration: 90 days


HubSpot is one of the biggest players in the CRM space, and so it’s never difficult to market such a stellar software.

Though HubSpot doesn’t offer a recurring monthly commission, the one-time bounty is already so generous.

While you can’t earn from upgrades, HubSpot’s affiliate program is two-tier, so you can still earn a commission from your referrals’ referrals.

Here’s HubSpot’s affiliate commission table:

Starter/Basic ($50/mo)$250
Professional ($800/mo)$500
Enterprise ($3,200/mo)$1,000

HubSpot also has a library of resources to help you with your affiliate marketing game.

Join HubSpot’s Affiliate Program here.

10. Volusion

Commission Rate: 200% of the first monthly payment

Pricing: $29/mo | $79/mo | $299/mo

Cookie Duration: 30 days


Volusion is an online shopping cart and ecommerce store builder and works very much like Shopify and BigCommerce.

A caveat, though, you cannot use the name Volusion if you are using paid ads to promote the product.

Other than that, Volusion seems to be a very good affiliate income source based on other affiliates’ experience, too.

The Volusion Affiliate Program offers commissions from $30 to $1,000 per sale. Note that the commission is a one-time payment only.

For instance, your referral checks out the $299 per month plan. As an affiliate, you earn $598 from that.

Again, an ecommerce store builder is never hard to market if you are talking to the right audience.

Become a Volusion partner here.


That’s it for our list of 10 high ticket affiliate programs. A notable runner up is the Bookkeeper Business Launch affiliate program. This just failed to make our list as it is a little more niche but does offer high payouts.

If you are really serious about building a profitable affiliate marketing business, make sure to diversify your options — mainly in terms of commission structure.

The various commission structures allow you to multiply your affiliate income streams.

Ultimately, make sure you have both recurring and high-ticket commissions to solidify your revenue stream.

And remember, it doesn’t mean if the affiliate program pays the highest you should go after it. Make sure it’s something your audience is interested in.

Otherwise, making a sale might be next to impossible. And you might end up banging your head against a brick wall.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and looking for something easy to get started with, check out our posts on how to create an affiliate site and our best affiliate programs for beginners guide.

Last few reminders:

  • Choose the right product.
  • Avoid products that aren’t aligned with your audience’s interest.
  • Get proper training in affiliate marketing.

Have you found success in any of these high ticket affiliate programs?

Let us know in the comments!

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