Our Most Effective ClickFunnels Templates For Local Businesses

Using digital marketing and online sales funnels is not just for online businesses. In fact, some of the best results we achieve in our Facebook ads and funnel agency are for local business such as gyms, health clubs, yoga studios, chiropractors and many others. They’re all trying to attract new potential customers to their physical locations, and we’re using highly targeted local online advertising to do it.

The key to creating consistently profitable campaigns when using Facebook ads, Google ads or any other kind of online marketing is using local business marketing funnels which are proven to convert prospect to leads. We use ClickFunnels for 100% of our marketing funnel builds. Below we’re sharing some of our most effective local business ClickFunnels templates which you can customize for your business and use for free.

At the bottom of this page you’ll find a video walkthrough with more information on how to use these funnels and customize them for your own business.

When looking through the share funnel links it is important to pay attention to the structure and the strategy we’re using. The funnels are not limited to the specific markets listed below. You can apply the principles and customize these templates to work for ANY local business.

For example…

Below we have included one of the most effective funnel templates we use to get new members for gyms and CrossFit boxes. However, this structure could be adapted for a whole host of other businesses such as:

  • Massage studios
  • Dance studios
  • Chiropractors
  • Physical Therapists
  • etc etc…

All you need to do is change the funnel content, offers, graphics and color schemes to match the business you’re promoting. Take the principles we use in these funnels and think about how they can be applied to either your business, or any of your client businesses. Usually the structure we’re following for local business campaigns is…

New Customer Special Offer > Confirmation Page > Follow Up And Make the Sale

Almost any local business can use that principle in a marketing funnel to attract new customers. That’s a pretty reliable formula, especially for getting you first ClickFunnels campaign up and running and generating real results quickly. Everything else is just ‘dressing’ to make the funnel look nice and look like what customers in your market expect to see.

Example ClickFunnels Templates For Local Businesses

Here our some of our highest converting funnels. All of these have been used to promote multiple local businesses and have produced results. We use these templates as starting points for many of our new Facebook ad and marketing funnel clients. They’re easy to customize for any business, so take a look and get to work on making one to promote your own new customer offers.

To actually access and edit the funnels just click on any of the ‘share funnel’ links. Each link will copy the relevant funnel, exactly, into your own ClickFunnels account where you can start customizing it. There’s not charge, we’re giving these templates away for free! If you don’t already have a ClickFunnels account then clicking one of the links below will take you to a page where you can start a completely free 14-day trial. Your trial account will come pre-populated with your funnel of choice already built inside of it.

And remember…

Just because you don’t see a funnel template below for your EXACT business, it doesn’t mean you can’t use them! Just take whichever one you like the most and adapt it for your market.

Funnel #1 – Gym & CrossFit

We’ve used this to promote dozens of fitness locations using Facebook ads. The funnel is very effective for signing up new trial members, or taking people immediately into a paid monthly membership.

Share funnel link: https://app.clickfunnels.com/funnels/3860289/share/mf7rm9xf6mebuk8s

Read more about the ClickFunnels Gym & CrossFit funnel and get a video walkthrough here

Funnel #2 – Yoga Studio

This funnel can be used to promote either free yoga trials, or special new member offers such as “30 days of yoga for $30”. We like the latter option best, it works great and gets lots of new members into a yoga studio when promoted with effective Facebook ads.

Share funnel link: https://app.clickfunnels.com/funnels/3860270/share/lp7wqvrzkyxriqe5

Read more and see a video demo of the ClickFunnels Yoga Studio template here

Funnel #3 – Chiropractor

One of our most popular funnels. Promoting new patient specials with this template is a well tested strategy which many, many chiropractors are having success with. Check the funnel for an example new patient offer we’ve run for real businesses. It works!

Share funnel link: https://app.clickfunnels.com/funnels/3869620/share/567e8xuza84127yf

Learn more and see a video of our ClickFunnels Chiropractic funnel strategy

We also keep a larger library of free ClickFunnels shared templates here.

How Promote Your New Local Business Funnel For Customer Acquisition

Having a proven, high converting funnel with a good offer is great. But if you don’t actively promote it and market your products or services then your results will always be mediocre.

In terms of recommended strategies for marketing your funnel, our go-to is always Facebook and Instagram advertising. That’s what we specialize in as an agency, and where our clients get the best results in the fastest possible time. We’ve written another extremely detailed piece specifically about Facebook ads for local businesses. So go and read that – it provided a great overview of some strategies almost any local business can use to get new leads, sales or clients quickly and cost effectively.

Funnel Video Walkthroughs…

Watch the video in full!

Are You An Agency Offering Digital Marketing Or Consulting Services?

If so, these funnels should be useful for you too. They’re perfect for customizing and deploying for your clients if you’re working in any kind of local market. We see marketing consultants using these types of funnels to get results for their all the time. For example the Sam Ovens consulting program, which you might of heard of, is full of people helping businesses using funnels just like the ones in the video on this page.

Take these for your agency clients, rebrand the templates in ClickFunnels, and get results.

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  1. do you have a funnel template for a video production company or a link to one of your clients so I can see how it works and make my decision from there. Thank you

  2. Do you have funnels for getting the chiros, gyms or yoga studios on board? What’s the best way to get them interested or excited to sign up for our services?

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