Marketplace Superheroes Review 2022 | The Best Amazon Course?

Marketplace Superheroes review
Marketplace Superheroes review

At the end of this Marketplace Superheroes Review, you will find out if this is the right Amazon FBA course for you.

Whether you are thinking of starting your own Amazon brand or supercharging your struggling Amazon store…

The value proposition of Marketplace Superheroes is to help you build a global Amazon business.

Sure, this course has produced thousands of successful ecommerce entrepreneurs, helping them sell over $33.4 million worth of products in 7 online marketplaces.

But is this the best Amazon FBA course for YOU?

Read on to find out.

Marketplace Superheroes Review Summary

Before diving deeper into this Marketplace Superheroes Review, here’s a quick summary of this write-up:

Marketplace Superheroes Review
Value for Money:5
Ease of Use:4
Customer Support:5
Performance Funnels Rating:4.8

TLDR — Marketplace Superheroes is one of the best Amazon FBA courses that does NOT break the bank.

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What Is Marketplace Superheroes?

Marketplace Superheroes is an all-in-one Amazon FBA course with both training and tools you need to run a profitable online business.

Created by successful Amazon entrepreneurs Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers, Marketplace Superheroes was designed with new and aspiring Amazon FBA entrepreneurs in mind.

You will also meet other successful Amazon entrepreneurs in the Marketplace Superheroes team like Michael Elliot, Lisa Somers, and Will Esterhuyse.

The course will walk you through the step-by-step process of finding low-competition products on Amazon to sell them for a high-profit margin.

The best thing about Marketplace Superheroes is that it’s more than just a course.

If you are new to Amazon FBA with zero knowledge, the course has everything you need.

But is it the best Amazon FBA course?

We will find out later.

A caveat though — Marketplace Superheroes is NOT the most budget-friendly Amazon FBA course out there.

So think about it for a sec.

Take the course only if you are serious about making money selling on Amazon.

Marketplace Superheroes Testimonials

Ever since it started, the course has produced thousands of successful people from all over the globe making money off Amazon.

But how do MPSH helped its members?

Here’s what they have to say about the course:

marketplace superheroes review testimonials
marketplace superheroes review testimonials
marketplace superheroes review testimonials

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Inside Marketplace Superheroes

Marketplace Superheroes has 12 modules and a variety of tools with complete directions on how to use them to run your business and learn as you go.

The 12-module training is part of the Marketplace Superheroes Core 2.0 Program, which is its flagship course.

We will dive into them in a bit.

In addition, Marketplace Superheroes includes so many bonus materials for all members.

Speaking of members…

Member’s Area

Let’s talk about the member’s area first.

To be quite honest, it’s not the most user-friendly.

You might get a little overwhelmed by how things are displayed, but you will get used to it.

The member’s area has 9 areas. And each has its own section.

First, you need to look at the Marketplace Superheroes Core v2 Phase 1 because this is where the training starts.

The first phase of the course has 6 modules. And each module has 4-5 videos.

Note that most contents are available in text and audio formats as well.

So use these materials to avoid missing vital information.

MPSH Core 2.0 Program

The Marketplace Superheroes Core 2.0 Program contains 9 sections.

Every section can be a training program in itself due to the scope and size.

MPSH Core System v2 Phase 1 (Mindset and Research)

This so-called Mindset and Research phase contains 6 modules.

And all modules have a total of 45 training videos.

Here’s a summary of what you will learn in Phase 1:

Module #1 — Marketplace Mindset Phase (7 Videos)

It contains 7 training videos that provide an overview of the entire course and how to make the best of all the learnings from this course.

Module #2 — Search Phase (9 Videos)

It has 9 training videos that center on product research strategies.

In this module, you will also learn how to use the available tools to analyze products.

Module #3 — Shortlist Phase (6 Videos)

Module 3 is broken down into 6 videos.

They all tackle how to shortlist products and choose the best converting products among your list.

Module #4 — Select Phase (5 Videos)

It contains 5 videos focusing on how to choose good product opportunities.

Module #5 — Select Phase (7 Videos)

Module 5 has 7 videos, all of which focus on searching for the top-selling products and suppliers.

This is where you really get to dig deep into Amazon because you are already looking at the product and suppliers in an in-depth way possible.

Module #6 — Source Phase (11 Videos)

Module 6 has 11 videos. It covers more details on how to source the best and most profitable products.

This is also a continuation of how to find good suppliers because you will also learn things like placing orders, negotiation strategies, and dealing with branding and packaging.

MPSH Core System v2 Phase 2 (Importation and Logistics)

After the Mindset and Research phase, you will immediately move on to the Importation and Logistics Phase.

You get a total of 51 training videos here across 6 modules.

Here’s a summary of what you will learn in Phase 2:

Module #7 — Product Structure & Seller Central Phase (68 Videos)

Module 7 is a series of 68 videos.

It covers all the nitty-gritty of managing your Amazon FBA business.

You will also learn how to create an Amazon Seller account as well as how to structure or restructure your Amazon store for maximum results.

Module #8 — Purchasing and Importation Phase (7 Videos)

It contains 7 videos, all teaching you how to purchase products from suppliers and how to import your products from overseas.

Module #9 — FBA Roadmap (5 Videos)

It has 5 videos on understanding label requirements and Amazon Seller Central’s terms and agreements and conditional requirements.

Module #10 — Listing Optimization Phase (9 Videos)

This module is broken down into 9 videos, teaching you how to make good product listings on Amazon that convert well.

Module #11 — Account Management Module (13 Videos)

It contains 13 videos that tackle how to run your Amazon store daily.

Module #12 — International Expansion (7 Videos)

Finally, Module 12 features 7 videos covering all the important aspects of expanding your business abroad.

Bonus Modules

And then you have some bonus materials, too.

These are just too valuable not to include.

The bonus modules include everything an Amazon FBA entrepreneur needs to become a successful Amazon entrepreneur.

Here are some materials you will get as a bonus:

Fuel Your Empire

In this bonus material, you will learn how to search for exemplary product opportunities on Amazon, with Robert and Stephen guiding you throughout the process.

Fuel Your Empire — God Series A

A series of 3 videos, this part is designed to teach you how to simplify and fast-track your product research process.

Fuel Your Empire — God Series M

This is another series of 3 videos created to teach you how to analyze the Amazon marketplace.

Invincible Importing

In this training, you will learn all the ins and outs of importing products the easiest way possible. 

$1K Per Day Roadmap

A roadmap on how to scale your store with a goal of up to $1K in sales a day.

It’s a challenge for you, too. 

30-Minute Legendary Listings

In this material, you will learn how to make an automated selling strategy so you can build product listings that convert well while you are automating your selling.

Superhero Sprint

It contains all pre-recorded videos and audios from the previous MPSH boot camps.

Superhero Sprint also contains sub-sessions.

But this is an add-on product offered only to members who have trained with Marketplace Superheroes for at least a month.

This is like an extra training to take your Amazon FBA to the next level.

Long-Term Thinking

The things you should know about the future of your business and how to prepare yourself for massive success in the future are all here.

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Marketplace Superheroes Review: Pricing

As I previously mentioned, Marketplace Superheroes is not the most affordable Amazon FBA course out there.

But it certainly is not the most expensive.

Marketplace Superheroes costs $997.

Too expensive to pay at once?

Pay it in installment for 12 months at $97 per month.

The Amazing Selling Machine costs $4,999, while the Amazon FBA Ninja costs $3,999.

Either way, is it worth it to get this course?

Here’s what I will say…

If you are NOT sure if running a retail business is for you, then you should probably skip it.

But if you want to build a profitable business at the comfort of your own home, be with your family 100% of the time, quit your soul-sucking 9-5, be able to travel the world, or all of the above…

Then you should probably consider investing in a comprehensive Amazon FBA course like this.

I know — $997 might sound a lot for some, but if you are going to think long-term, the return will be so worth it.

That is if you are really serious about making it work.

Otherwise, it will be like banging your head against the wall. Not good.

Marketplace Superheroes Review: Pros & Cons

Before giving you my verdict, I want to mention some pros and cons of Marketplace Superheroes.

Let’s start with the cons.

With the vast library of content Marketplace Superheroes has, it can be overwhelming to consume without proper guidance, especially for beginners.

And you might have to repeat some videos due to the complexities of some topics covered.

Another downside of this course is that it has no one-to-one mentorship included.

Yes, there is a community on Facebook you can join in, but it would have made a big difference if there is a mentor-mentee interaction.

And as for the positives…

Unlike other Amazon FBA courses, Marketplace Superheroes is laser-focused on building a business that can expand on the global stage.

Even if you are living outside the United States, Marketplace Superheroes is even made perfect for you.

In terms of cost, Marketplace Superheroes is very much more affordable compared to other Amazon FBA courses.

You are getting ALL the training and resources and tools you need for under $1,000.

Imagine the value of your $1,000 if it’s going to build a six-figure or even a seven-figure business a year from now.

And the good thing is — Marketplace Superheroes offers a 7-day FREE trial.

This means you have enough time to check up on the course if it’s really something you are keen on pursuing — NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

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Marketplace Superheroes Review Verdict: Is It the Best Amazon Course?

Marketplace Superheroes are perfect for new and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create a profitable passive income stream but do not have any solid experience selling online.

It sounds obvious, but you need a robust Amazon FBA course to help you succeed with your Amazon business.

The Amazon marketplace is getting more cutthroat each year, and without the proper training, you are going to scramble and increase your chances of failing.

Yes, it’s possible to succeed without taking an Amazon FBA training.

But it’s also more possible to fail without it.

If building a million-dollar Amazon brand that you want to sell later down the line is what you are going for, there’s a better course you should take — the Amazing Selling Machine.

I have dissected several Amazon FBA courses.

And if I have a thousand dollars to spend on a course again, Marketplace Superheroes would take it.

So, if you are really serious about building an Amazon brand, I’d recommend taking the right course.

All that’s left now is the question — “Is Marketplace Superheroes the best Amazon course?”

To be perfectly honest, I would not rule it is the best Amazon FBA course.

But I would say that Marketplace Superheroes is one of the best Amazon FBA courses on the market today.

Try Marketplace Superheroes

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