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Our Highest Converting Funnel Template For Both Full-Priced Ecommerce & Free Plus Shipping ClickFunnels Campaigns

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Looking to build a high-converting Ecommerce sales funnel using ClickFunnels? The template on this page has been used to ship tens of thousands of physical products across several different markets. It works well for any kind of e-commerce offer – so it doesn’t matter if you’re selling at full retail price, promoting bundles/discount deals or running a free plus shipping campaign. This share funnel template has been used successfully in all of those situations.

See a demo of the funnel template here, and if you like copy it for free into your ClickFunnels account:

Get the Ecommerce Share Funnel

We’ll leave the video walkthrough below to explain the details of how the funnel works and what’s included, but the basic structure looks like this…

Step 1 – Email Optin

The landing page collects a users email address so they can proceed to the next page, which is the cart. You can easily disable the email optin and allow people to just click through to the cart, but we recommend keeping it in place. Having this step allows you to build a huge list regardless of whether people buy or not.

Step 2 – Cart

On this page people select how many products they want to purchase. We ALWAYS encourage offering multiple quantities, with discounted pricing if people buy more. This greatly increases the average order value of any e-commerce funnel… allowing you to spend more per customer on ads and scale your campaigns aggressively. This shopping cart page has been heavily tested. We see it convert even up to 40% in some markets. The way we set things up in the demo also means that most people will actually buy more than one item.

Step 3 – First Up-Sell

Here you can sell people more of what they just bought on the cart page (this works great!) or offer a complimentary product. One click purchasing means the conversion rates on this up-step can be fantastic if the product is appealing.

Step 4 – Second Up-Sell

By this point people are in the buying mood, so why not offer them more stuff? Keep the product offered here relevant to what’s been purchased already and you’ll see good success.

Step 5 – Third Up-Sell

One last opportunity to get the maximum review from every customer and really inflate those average order values*

*Note: Up-sell steps can be added or removed as you please. You can choose to have either more or less up-sell steps than we include in this funnel.

Step 6 – Order Confirmation Page

A nice summary of what the customer has purchased throughout all the funnel stages. Also use this page to set expectations around delivery times and customer service contact points.

You can copy this exact Ecommerce funnel into your ClickFunnels account or see a live demo using this link:

Get the Ecommerce Share Funnel

If you don’t already have a CF account then the link will let you create a free 14 day trial so you’re able to play around with the funnel, customize it and start making sales with it straight away.

Watch the video walkthrough below to see the funnel in action with some dummy products, and see just how easy it is to customize for your brand.

Now for the funnel video…

Get the funnel for free here:

Get the Ecommerce Share Funnel

We’ve also made funnel templates for other industries based on what’s working right now for our clients. Check out our ClickFunnels share funnel collection at this link. We hope you enjoy.

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Facebook Advertising

3 Ways Local Businesses Can PROFITABLY Acquire New Leads & Customers With Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads for local businesses

When used correctly Facebook advertising is potentially the fastest way for any local business to achieve predictable, profitable growth.

By the way, if you want a comprehensive Facebook Ads & Funnel Strategy on generating leads for local businesses… Here is the free training we used to learn all of this: http://bit.ly/Ryan-Facebook-Ads

There is no more effective way to reach ideal potential customers in your area.

The ability Facebook gives you to show your marketing messages to EXACTLY who you choose – while excluding everyone else – really is unmatched.

The truth is though that advertising on Facebook profitably is not as easy as it first seems.

We speak to lots of local business owners who’ve found that out the hard way.

Usually they’ve either…

  1. Tried setting up a Facebook campaign for themselves
  2. Enlisted the help of a friend/family member who is ‘good with websites’ or ‘studied marketing in college’
  3. Used a marketing company whose background is in web design, Google AdWords or something else and who have now decided offer Facebook ads as a service

Either way, the outcome is always the same…

Hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars spent on Facebook ads with little in the way of customers or sales as a result.

Simply putting up a Facebook ad and seeing new customers magically appear in your business is a pipe dream. It just doesn’t work that way.

You need to put in the EFFORT to build an intelligent campaign.

A marketing message that is actually attractive to your ideal customers is essential.

Not only that…

You need to know what kind of marketing people actually respond to on Facebook AND which kind of marketing Facebook wants you create.

If you know those two things then your chances of creating successful ads are very high

And so is your chance of achieving significant revenue growth in your business.

So with that in mind, here are 3 strategies local businesses can use to run Facebook ads that pull in new leads customers each and every day.

Watch the free Facebook ads training where we learned all of this: http://bit.ly/Ryan-Facebook-Ads

The 3 PROVEN Facebook Ad Strategies for Attracting New Leads and Customers In Your Area

Firstly let’s start with the absolute basics.

You need to be clear on exactly who you want to market to, and where, as Facebook let’s you get very specific about this. There is absolutely no reason to pay to show ads to anyone else, other than the kinds of people you want to attract.

This should be very simple for most local businesses.

In the example below we’re choosing to show ads to all women aged 30-60 who LIVE in Atlanta (not people who are just visiting, however you can include them too if you like)

The geographic area we’re advertising too – represented by the big blue circle – can either be made larger or smaller depending the size of the area your business serves, or how far people typically travel to visit you. You can even include or exclude specific neighborhoods if you’d like.


We can further narrow down this core group of 30-60 year old women who live in Atlanta in a number of other ways as well.

Examples include:

  • Facebook pages they like
  • Ethnicity
  • Relationships: married, anniversaries, engaged
  • Family: ages of their children
  • Financial information: household income and net worth
  • Buying patterns: what kinds of things they spend money on
  • Home: Owners vs renters, types of property they live in
  • Level of education
  • Job titles and industries
  • Political views

Those are just a few options. Inside the Facebook advertising platform there are HUNDREDS more options you can choose to further narrow down who sees your ads.

Now we’ve explored just how specific you can get regarding who you want to advertise to on Facebook, let’s look at the most important part of any successful campaign…

The message or offer you show these people

That’s right, your marketing message or offer on Facebook is actually more important than who you’re advertising to.

Using the wrong message or approach in your ads is the #1 reason why local business fail on Facebook and ultimately feel like they’re wasting money.

Get the message wrong and nothing else matters. It is the core of your campaign.

Here are 3 proven marketing messages or angles which local businesses can use successfully in their Facebook ads. We’ll look at them one at a time and included specific examples for each. This should help you decide which is the best approach for your business.

Watch the free Facebook ads training where we learned all of this: http://bit.ly/Ryan-Facebook-Ads

Local Business Facebook Ads Strategy #1 – The Irresistible Offer

The irresistible offer strategy is a tried and true method local businesses can use for new customer acquisition on Facebook.

Here’s what is involved…

Essentially this strategy revolves around creating an extremely attractive special promotion which someone in the market for your products or services would find it hard to resist.

The idea here is the use this ‘bait’ to get customers through the door and engaged with your business. If you deliver a quality product or service in this initial sale then you have an excellent chance of turning these people into loyal high-value customers over time.

Here’s an example offer for a chiropractor marketing funnel which we’ve seen LOTS of success with:


New Patient Facebook Special

Get 85% Off Our New Patient Package:

– Initial Consultation and Health Exam

– Full Written Report of Our Findings

– Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

Just $29 (regular price $199)


The only focus of the Facebook ad would be promoting that offer.

For anyone interested, the ad would link them directly to a dedicated page for that offer where they can book immediately online, or call on the phone to do so.

A chiropractic office that offers a great customer experience and has a good sales process can expect to turn a high percentage of these ‘Facebook Special Offer’ patients into loyal long-term customers who keep coming back.

See some of our most effective local business marketing funnel templates here.

Local Business Facebook Ads Strategy #2 – The Go-to Industry Expert

Next up is the Go-to Industry Expert strategy.

This is ideal in industries where customers typically do lots of research and the sales process is longer or more complex. Average customer values also tend to be very high, so some kind of relationship based on trust must be built with potential customers before they buy.

This is done through educational marketing.

Instead of creating ads that simply promote your business or try and encourage people to contact you directly you’re going to be promoting helpful, valuable content for people potentially interested in what you offer.

Let’s use the example of a company specializing in building in-ground swimming pools.

This is a BIG purchase and anyone thinking of getting a pool built in their home is going to do a lot of research before making a decision. Why not position your business as THE local authority and the go-to pool company?

By creating useful relevant content on your website then promoting it locally to homeowners using Facebook ads you can do exactly that.

Titles for education content could include…

  • How Much Will a Pool Increase My Property Value?
  • Will I Need to Upgrade My Electrical Service if I Build a Pool?
  • Swimming pool design guide: Check out these 3 beautiful pools we’ve built for inspiration

That content could be website blog posts or videos – both are perfect for promoting via Facebook ads to homeowners in the local area.

Want to see a real-life version of this strategy in action?

The blog post you’re reading RIGHT NOW is a perfect example.

Here at Performance Funnels we regularly create useful content, like this article about successful Facebook advertising, for business owners. We also publish lots of content about how to use the ClickFunnels platform and give away marketing funnel templates to our readers. We then use Facebook ads to promote the content to people who may be interested in our services. This generates consistent new business for our agency and also positions us as an authority to potential new clients.

Local Business Facebook Ads Strategy #3 – The Giveaway or Competition




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