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Here Is Our Most Effective Chiropractic Marketing Funnel Template in ClickFunnels. It Is Yours For Free!

We’re seeing a LOT of chiropractors having huge levels of success using ClickFunnels marketing campaigns to get new patients in the door consistently, without relying on Groupon or other third party offer platforms. Creating an attractive new patient offer funnel then promoting it locally via Facebook ads, Instagram ads, email campaigns and social media is one of the best ways to generate new revenue for any chiropractic clinic currently.

Note: We’re personally seeing the very best results for our clients promoting these marketing funnels using Facebook and Instagram ads, so be sure to try that first!

Below we’re giving away the exact ClickFunnels template we use as a starting point for all new chiropractor marketing campaigns we build and promote. This funnel setup is proven in the real world and currently being used successfully by lots of clinics. All you need to do is customize the content for your business, brand it with your color scheme and start using it.

The link below will copy our best converting Chiropractic funnel directly into your ClickFunnels account – ready to customize for your business. If you don’t have an account already the link will create you a free two week trial account, with our funnel already inside it.

Here’s an overview of how the funnel works and what you need to do to be successful with it. We’ve also put together a short video below where you can see the funnel in action and learn how to easily customize it for your clinic.

How This Chiropractic Marketing Funnel Works

This is one of the simplest funnels we use in this market. Don’t let that fool you though – it is also one of the most effective for reliably getting new patients in the door. There are only two steps in this marketing campaign. You need to get a couple of things right in each step, so keep reading! Because if you set this up correctly you’ll be saying hello to a consistent and predictable flow of new patients coming in to your practice every week.

Funnel Step #1 – The Offer

The offer in your marketing campaign is hugely important. It has to be attractive to new patients. It has to make them want to check your business out and potentially become a patient of yours. This is especially true if you’re marketing with paid Facebook advertising, which we highly recommend and specialize in as an agency. Without a good offer on your funnel landing page (the first page in the funnel) you’ll struggle to get any real results.

We don’t recommend ‘free’ offers for chiropractors when using marketing funnels. Instead, some kind of special promotion which new patients can take advantage of works very well. Inside the funnel we’ve included a sample offer which many, many clinics are having great success with…


“New Patient Wellness Package: Exam and 3 Adjustments for $79”

Usual value $399, an 80% discount!


Something along those lines is going to work very well with paid Facebook advertising and a ClickFunnels campaign like the one we’re giving you here. Obviously the specifics can change to fit your practice, your price points and what your patients tend to want. However, the main point is to make an extremely attractive offer to get people in the door.


Obviously the longer-term goal with a new patient marketing funnel like this is to turn people into longer term patients who spend money with you regularly. You’ll need to be able to deliver an excellent experience in your practice when people visit you for the first time to take up your initial offer package. And you need to have the ability to turn people into repeat patients. We find that any successful chiropractic business understands this already, and has no problem delivering great quality care and creating long term, high value patients.

Don’t have a short term mindset and think “I can’t make any profit on a $79 offer”. You make your money in the long term by treating people well and making them want to come back over and over, and refer their friends. This is business – have a long term profit mindset when creating marketing campaigns and you’ll grow your revenues consistently, with a great return on your marketing investment.

Collecting New Patient Leads

When someone lands on the first page of your funnel, sees the offer and decides they want to claim it, they simply click the green button and enter their name, email and phone number. Now you have a new prospect to follow up with and get booked in to your clinic for an initial visit.

At this point, after entering their contact information, people are instantly taken to step 2 in the funnel.

Funnel Step #2 – The Confirmation Page

On the confirmation page there are a couple of things we can do. In the share funnel templates provided in this article we simply ask people to call to book their first visit. You can also link off to an online scheduling tool if you have one on your regular website so people can book that way. Another option is embedding an online calendar tool such as Calendly.com – then people can book an appointment right there inside your funnel.

Whatever you decide to do on the confirmation page to encourage people to book, it is very important to keep in mind that some people are just not going to take that extra step. To get the very best results from this or any Chiropractic marketing funnel you should be prepared have someone on your staff follow up with each lead.

This mean calling them on the phone, getting a conversation started and scheduling a time for them to visit you for the first time.

It is easy to drop the ball at this stage. Not following up with each of your leads effectively is going to mean lots of missed revenue for your business. You can literally double – or even triple – the results you get from using marketing funnels simply by having an organized, consistent follow up process that ensures all leads are contacted promptly. Don’t just rely on new potential patients contacting you. Some will of course, but the money here really is in the follow up and sales process which happens after people show an interest in your offer.

We speak to a fair number of business owners who believe that digital marketing isn’t effective, Facebook ads don’t work, or that funnels don’t product results in their specific situation. The vast majority of the time the problem is with their follow up process – or lack of it. They simply do not contact the leads generated from their marketing.

If you can get this part of the process right then you’ll be in an excellent position to get the maximum number of new patients from your marketing funnel leads. You’ll also get a much higher return on any Facebook or Instagram advertising spend.

Use the link below to copy our exact funnel into your ClickFunnels account. If you don’t have an account the link will create you a fully functioning 14 day free trial account with this funnel already inside it and ready for you to customize for your business.

Funnel Video Walkthrough…

If you want to learn more about ClickFunnels and its functionality before getting the trial, read our full review here. It is very comprehensive and should give you a great idea about what to expect from this software, which is what we use to run 100% of our client online marketing campaigns.

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Our Collection Of Fully Tested And Proven To Convert ClickFunnels Templates And Share Funnels. Yours For Free.

The majority of our business is built on ClickFunnels. Certainly any pages that are part of a paid traffic campaign, such as Facebook or Instagram ads (our specialities), will be built and optimized in ClickFunnels. This software is only as powerful as the funnels you’re able to build though, and sometimes when starting at a blank template it can seem like a huge task to actually create the funnel you’ve mapped out in your mind or on your whiteboard.

Buying templates from the marketplace can be expensive, and most of the designs are sub-par in our opinion and not created with conversion rates in mind. The free templates included with ClickFunnels are nice, but the chances of finding exactly what you want in that small collection are slim.

90% of the time when building marketing funnels and landing pages for our Facebook ads clients we either make something from scratch or modify one of our own templates we’ve already created for a previous project. Today we’re making some – although not all – of our most popular funnels templates available to you for free. You can use the links below to copy the funnels into your own ClickFunnels account, then begin editing them as needed for your own business. We’ve de-branded each funnel to remove any client information or assets so customizing the funnels for your own products or services should be very easy.

If you don’t already have an account with ClickFunnels then using any of the links below will allow you to create a free full access 14-day trial account WITH whichever share funnel you like already inside your trial account, ready to use. How cool is that?

We’ll update this page regularly as we decide to share more of our best converting templates over time.

Here are some of our most popular free ClickFunnels templates. Most of them have two links… one link to a blog post/video describing the funnel and how to use it in more detail and another link to get the actual share funnel instantly copied to your account.  We hope you like them – our clients certainly do.

High Converting E-Commerce & Free Plus Shipping Template

Get it here > https://app.clickfunnels.com/funnels/4054682/share/muil8zlzq9lm8hps

Yoga Studio Funnel Template For New Member Leads

Get it here > https://app.clickfunnels.com/funnels/3860270/share/lp7wqvrzkyxriqe5

Our 2 Best Gym/CrossFit/Bootcamp Funnel Templates

Get #1 here > https://app.clickfunnels.com/funnels/3860289/share/mf7rm9xf6mebuk8s

Get #2 here > https://app.clickfunnels.com/funnels/3860283/share/adxneand0dbvq62e

For instructions on how to customize each of the share funnels and more information on how to actually use and promote them, be sure to check out the accompanying blog post or video links. When publishing new funnels we usually try to give some insights into the kinds of offers and ads which are working for us and our clients in the relevant market.

As mentioned there will be new funnel links added to this page periodically, so be sure to check back regularly to see our latest high converting templates.

For any custom requests for your business or help customizing our templates please contact us with some details of the project you’re interested in working on. We can have a discussion about entering into a client relationship if it seems like a good fit. Most of our clients work with us on Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns used in conjunction with high converting funnel pages for lead generation, e-commerce sales or new client acquisition.

Lastly, if you want to learn more about the ClickFunnels platform, its capabilities and how it compares to other tools on the market check out our epic ClickFunnels review here. We feel it is the most comprehensive review available anywhere online.

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Yoga Marketing Funnel Template For ClickFunnels – Perfect Share Funnel For Yoga Studios & Teachers

using ClickFunnels for Yoga studio marketing

This share-funnel template is designed specifically to help yoga businesses get new leads and members consistently using the ClickFunnels digital marketing software. The funnel is proven and tested in the real world, with real yoga studios. It is perfect for all kinds of yoga businesses and can be used by 1-on-1 teachers, group classes or retreats regardless of whether you’re trying to sell monthly memberships, blocks of classes or higher-end programs and certifications.

Get the Yoga Share Funnel

A video walkthrough of this funnel and how to use it can be seen at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: If you’re looking for high converting share funnels for other industries check out our free ClickFunnels template library here.

The template, of course, is 100% customizable for your business. We have made it available for free to any anyone who wants to copy it into their own ClickFunnels account. You can see how to do that in the walkthrough video below.

This is the exact starting funnel template we use for our private yoga studio Facebook ads clients. We brand the funnel to a specific studio, add in their offer and testimonials, then run highly targeted Facebook ads to the funnel. This is a very powerful marketing technique to consistently attract new members to your studio. Don’t underestimate how effective this can be for growing your yoga business when implemented correctly. This template can also be turned into funnels for gyms and fitness studios.

There are a few different versions of this funnel we use for clients, depending on their needs. The version shared in the links on this page is the simplest version – a two step setup that does a great job of acquiring new leads and members. This is the starting point we’d recommend for all yoga businesses getting started with ClickFunnels and using marketing funnels in general. You can always upgrade to something more complex when you have your first funnel working.

We’ll take a look through the funnel step-by-step in just a moment, but first let’s take a look at how yoga studios are typically promoting this funnel to generate new leads and members. Have a high-converting funnel is great, but if you don’t have a reliable way to drive traffic to and and put your marketing message in front of qualified prospects who are interested in yoga then your funnel is worthless!

3 Ways Businesses Are Using This ClickFunnels Yoga Studio Funnel To Get New Members

Here are some reliable methods you can use to promote your new funnel…

#1 – Facebook & Instagram Ads

This is our recommended strategy and the one which should prove to be the most effective in quickly getting you new leads and members every week, and a fantastic return on investment. Our core business is based on growing sales for companies using targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising, so this entire yoga marketing ClickFunnels template was created with Facebook ads is mind.

We’re putting together a full article which will act as a complete guide to Facebook and Instagram advertising for yoga studios, so be on the look out for that shortly.

#2 – Email Marketing Campaigns

You’re probably aware that you should be using email marketing in some capacity to grow sales for your yoga business. This ClickFunnels strategy goes hand in hand with your email marketing campaigns because it will serve as a fantastic call-to-action in any emails you send to your subscribers who are not yet members.

The funnel serves as a great way to get people interested in trying your studio out, with the expectation that a good percentage will convert into longer term members. In fact, it is designed to do precisely that!

#3 – Organic Social Media Marketing

As well as using paid social advertising on Facebook and Instagram to promote your funnel you can also make great use of the following you’ve already built up for your business on various social media sites. Your fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are great people to share your funnel and marketing promotions with. Be sure to encourage tagging and sharing with friends to create a mini viral effect in your local area. If the offer in your yoga marketing funnel is strong, then this strategy can work very well.

A Walkthrough Of Our High Converting Yoga ClickFunnels Template

Here’s an explanation of the funnel steps along with some pointers relating to how you should think about customizing them for your business. The video below explains this in more detail, so definitely check that out.

Funnel Step #1 – Your Offer + Social Proof

The first page in this yoga marketing funnel is designed to do just three things.

Firstly, you want to make an offer to people who are interested in doing business with you. For yoga studios, there are two types of offers which typically perform well time and time again…

  • Free Trial – Giving away a 5, 7 or 10 day pass completely free
  • Irresistible Offer – Examples include 30 days of yoga for $30 or two weeks unlimited for $19, etc.

Whether you choose the free trial route or the paid offer route, both of these styles of promotion are designed to get someone into your studio at low risk to them. The reason you see these offers over and over, being promoted by studios all over the country is because they just plain work! If your studio delivers a good experience to members and your retention rate is strong then letting people try you out for free, or at a highly discounted rate for the initial trial period, is a real no-brainer.

Secondly, this first step in the funnel showcases your social proof. That means testimonials, reviews and general positive feedback from current members – ideally from Facebook, Yelp or some other place people are familiar with online. People want to see you’re a real, thriving business where others are happy to spend their money.

Try to pick testimonials and reviews where your members actually explain WHY they choose you as their yoga studio. Any mentions of specific things they love, results they’ve gotten, or the feelings they get in your studio and interrupting with other members make the best, most convincing testimonials.

Thirdly, page one in this marketing funnel gives people a simple way to instantly claim the offer you’re promoting. This process needs to be quick and painless, regardless of whether someone is using a laptop, cell phone or tablet. Luckily, our yoga share funnel for ClickFunnels is 100% responsive and looks fantastic on all devices.

By clicking the green button, people are presented with a simple pop-up box they can use to claim the offer. By entering their name, email address and phone number they can register their interest and move on to step two.

Funnel Step #2 – Confirmation Page + Next Steps

This is where people land after filling out their contact information in the previous step. They are now a lead for your business, and should receive a confirmation email saying they’ve successfully claimed the offer.The confirmation page should also reinforce that same message. You should also let them know you’ll be in touch to get their trial started, so people expect a phone call. Following up with your leads is crucial if you want to get the best performance from your marketing funnels.

There are a couple of other strategies you can use on the confirmation page to increase the level of engagement people have with your business…

#1 Encourage them to call you by using a bonus offer

Any time you can get people to call YOU, rather than waiting for you to contact them is a win. Using some kind of ‘fast action bonus’ is a great way to do this. Sometime like a free t-shirt, or some other widget, is a great incentive to get someone to call you immediately after going through your funnel. The confirmation page (step 2 in the funnel) is the perfect place to use this messaging.

#1 Brand indoctrination – use a welcome video

You could also use the confirmation page as an opportunity to let people get to know you more. Record a quick iPhone video thanking people for claiming your offer and welcoming them into your business. Tell them a little about what to expect, how to get started with their trial period with your studio, and say you can’t wait to meet them. This makes everything that little bit more ‘real’ for people and will increase the percentage of people that actually end up making it in to your studio.

And that’s it! This two-step setup is literally all you need to start generating a consistent flow of new member leads for your yoga studio using ClickFunnels. The video below gives a more detailed funnel walkthrough, so watch it before trying to customize everything for your studio.

Get the Yoga Share Funnel

Video Overview/Walkthrough…

Watch the video in full, you’ll learn a lot 🙂

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ClickFunnels Gym & CrossFit Funnel Templates – Free & High Converting!

If you’re thinking about using the ClickFunnels software platform to build marketing funnels for your gym, CrossFit box or any other kind of studio or fitness based business… you’re in the right place!

On this page we’ll be giving you free access to two of our highest converting funnel templates which we use to drive qualified leads for our fitness clients. Multiple gyms and CrossFit boxes are using these funnels RIGHT NOW to generate hundreds of new leads per month, and to sign up multiple new members every week. Whether you want new monthly recurring membership sales, or if you’re looking to sell higher end fitness programs of $500, $1000 or more, the two fitness marketing funnel templates on this page can do it.

By the way, if you want to learn more about Facebook Ads & Funnel Strategy on generating leads for Gyms, CrossFit and other fitness businesses check out this video.

These two funnels have generated tens of thousands in fitness program and membership sales for our clients.

These are the actual ‘share funnels’ we start out working from when building a new fitness marketing campaign, usually in conjunction with Facebook and Instagram ads which are our core offering for gyms and CrossFit clients.

And you can have these funnel templates absolutely free.

NOTE: Want free funnel templates for other industries? See our ClickFunnels template collection here.

All you’ll need to do is customize them to your own brand and switch out your images, copy and testimonials. Then you’ll have a marketing funnel for your gym or box which you KNOW is based on something that converts in the real world. These gym funnels are proven and tested not only with ‘warm’ referral traffic, but also with completely cold Facebook ads traffic, which is our specialty. They’re designed to convert interested prospects into hot new fitness leads.

The videos below will give you an overview of how to customize these funnel templates in ClickFunnels – it is really easy – so you should have a new marketing funnel built and ready to use within just a few short hours.

Firstly though, here are the main things you need to know about these funnels…

ClickFunnels Gym Funnel Template #1 – Traditional New Member Lead Generation

This gym marketing funnel has one simple goal. Collect the name, email address and phone number of people interested in trying out your gym, CrossFit Box or fitness studio. In return you’re going to offer people something which allows them a low or zero risk way to see if they’d like to become a paid member of your gym.

Popular offer examples include:

  • Free 5-Day/10-Day Pass
  • Discounted Introductory Offer… for example: 60% off unlimited classes/workouts for 30 days
  • Free First Group Workout + Fitness Consultation

We’re sure your familiar with many other variations of those types of offers.

How The Gym Lead Generation Funnel Works…

People click your ad on Facebook, in an email or wherever you’re advertising. They’re taken to the first page of the funnel. This is where they give you their details in return for the free trial, or whatever you choose to offer people as a way of getting them in the door.

The first page in this funnel – the landing page – does a couple of important things in addition to collecting leads for your business. Firstly, it re-states the offer and messaging in your ad. This reinforces the idea in people’s minds that they’re in the right place, and are about to get access to the specific offer they’d just shown an interest in when clicking on your ad.

Secondly, we use the concept of social proof on the landing page to make sure our response rate is as high as possible. This means getting the maximum number of visitors to turn into leads your business can contact.

What is social proof?

In this case it is simple the use of member/client testimonials and reviews to showcase how much people like doing business with you, the results they’re getting and why they choose your gym or CrossFit box over the many options they surely have access to in their local area.

We also like to use a video on the landing page as another form of social proof. A video tour of your facility, of actual workouts, or just of members talking about your business all work great and will definitely help legitimize your marketing efforts and therefore get you more leads. An introductory video from the business owner or a manager/head trainer can also work very well. Anything that humanizes your marketing, making it seem personalized and ‘real’ is ALWAYS going to improve your results and overall return on investment in and paid advertising.

Converting Visitors to New Gym Or CrossFit Member Leads

The elements we’ve just discussed – the attractive offer and the social proof elements – are designed to persuade people to register their interest in your business and convert into leads you can contact.

The big green button on the landing page is how we make this happen. People simply click it, enter their contact info a simple responsive form and that’s it. You now have the ability follow up with them, get them into your gym or box and convert sales.

After people submit the contact information they’re taken immediately to the ‘thankyou’ page in ClickFunnels.

Here you can do two things:

  1. Incentivize them to call you with an additional ‘fast action’ offer
  2. Tell them you’ll be in touch ASAP and to expect your call to get their free trial activate/booked in

That’s it! Super simple, but super effective if you have a good offer.

NOTE: It will be necessary to follow up with leads using this funnel. Just because people submitted their info and expressed interest, it doesn’t mean they’re going to magically show up at your gym or box. Make sure your sales team are ready and prepared to follow up on the phone, get people booked in for a visit and then close the sale in person.

This works like a charm.

Video Overview/Funnel Walkthrough…

ClickFunnels CrossFit Box Funnel Template #2 – Application-Style Funnel For Higher End Programs

CrossFit Share Funnel Link > https://app.clickfunnels.com/funnels/3860283/share/adxneand0dbvq62e

This funnel is great for CrossFit boxes or gyms who want to sell people on specific programs, bootcamps, transformations, challenges, introduction to CrossFit packages and things of that nature. Basically, anything that isn’t your regular free trial or discounted introductory first month promotion. It works perfectly well for regular gyms and bootcamps as well when trying to sell higher end packages or something other than trials that turn into monthly memberships.

The funnel is powerful because people have to apply for your program. The funnel qualifies them to see if they’re a good fit for what you’re selling. They have to sell themselves to you if they want to become a client or member! This strategy generates some of the highest quality fitness leads you’ll ever get.

We’ve worked with businesses using this EXACT CrossFit marketing funnel and helped them implement it to sell programs which cost anywhere from $400 – $1,000. 6-8 week packages for some kind of challenge or bootcamp are the most common thing being sold in those price ranges with this ClickFunnels campaign.

How The CrossFit High End Program Funnel Works…

Someone clicks on your ad either on Facebook, in an email or wherever else you choose to advertise. We get the best results for our CrossFit clients using Facebook and Instagram ads by the way.

The ad would be promoting your program, challenge, or bootcamp with a simple hook about why people would want to consider signing up and some details about the actual results members are getting after the 6 or 8 weeks are up.

From there, after the clicking the ad your prospect hits the landing page – the first page in the funnel.

The ideal landing page has the following structure. See our example share funnel template below and copy it into your ClickFunnels account so you’re able to easily edit and customize it for your gym or CrossFit Box.

Landing page structure…


Give people a major benefit they’re going to get from applying to your program


An introduction to – or quick explanation of – the program people are applying for in your marketing funnel. Try and keep your video short and to the point. 60 to 90 seconds is ideal.

Qualifying Bullet Points

In this section you actively want to qualify your ideal prospect. Try to push people away who are not a good fit, too. Call out the exact person you want applying for the program. Saying things like “this program is HARD” or “there are no shortcuts” and “not for people who are going to drop out” is an effective way of making sure every lead is as high quality as possible.

Testimonials, Before & After Photos, Real Results

Wherever possible you want REAL member feedback and reviews on your landing page at the bottom. Let people see that other members have actually gone through your program or bootcamp etc and give their raw unedited feedback right there on the landing page.

Call To Action Buttons

Have a couple of these in different locations on the page. We always use ‘APPLY NOW’ as the button messaging. We want people to know this is an application and that not everyone will be accepted or eligible for the program.

When clicking the big green APPLY NOW buttons people are taken to the next step, which is the application itself.

Application page structure…

Now we’re at the stage where the funnel really qualifies people using a series of questions about their goals, fitness levels, eating habits and financial situation.


Re-state the benefit focused headline from the landing page


A short paragraph of text, just a few lines, telling people to take action now and complete the application form if they think they have what it takes. Let them know they’ll be contacted by you shortly after applying to arrange an in-person consultation and see if they’re a good fit.

Application Form

This is where the magic happens. Where you get some of the highest quality fitness leads possible using cold traffic such as Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Choose 10-15 questions that give you relevant, useful information that will help you decide who is and isn’t a good fit for your program. It really is that simple. We make sure the following areas are covered when running Facebook Ads for our CrossFit, gym and bootcamp clients…

  • Fitness goals
  • How would completing this program and achieving the target result improve your life?
  • Summary of current fitness level
  • Summary of current eating habits
  • Why haven’t you achieved your fitness goals up to this point?
  • Financial situation, can you afford it?
  • Any other concerns or things you feel may hold you back – injuries, schedule etc.

On the application page we also include the program price. We want to attract people who know the cost already.

That’s it for the application form page. That’s how we generate super-qualified high end fitness leads for CrossFit boxes and gyms. The cost to do this with highly targeted Facebook ads is usually between $5-$20 per lead, depending on the program type and cost, your location and how good your testimonials and social proof elements are.

Follow Up, Sales & Converting Leads Into Fitness Program Sales

As with the first funnel we walked through on this page, you’ll need to make sure your team follows up with these leads. You need to call them, schedule a consultation and sell your programs in person to those leads who you determine are a good fit. Don’t worry though, these people are EXPECTING to be contacted. They’re just filled out a 15 question fitness survey and applied for your program. So call them and get them in to your gym or box ASAP.

Application-Style Funnel Share Links & Video Walkthrough

Gym Share Funnel Linkhttps://app.clickfunnels.com/funnels/3860283/share/adxneand0dbvq62e

Video Overview/Funnel Walkthrough…

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Our Highest Converting Funnel Template For Both Full-Priced Ecommerce & Free Plus Shipping ClickFunnels Campaigns

ClickFunnels.com Logo

Looking to build a high-converting Ecommerce sales funnel using ClickFunnels? The template on this page has been used to ship tens of thousands of physical products across several different markets. It works well for any kind of e-commerce offer – so it doesn’t matter if you’re selling at full retail price, promoting bundles/discount deals or running a free plus shipping campaign. This share funnel template has been used successfully in all of those situations.

See a demo of the funnel template here, and if you like copy it for free into your ClickFunnels account:

Get the Ecommerce Share Funnel

We’ll leave the video walkthrough below to explain the details of how the funnel works and what’s included, but the basic structure looks like this…

Step 1 – Email Optin

The landing page collects a users email address so they can proceed to the next page, which is the cart. You can easily disable the email optin and allow people to just click through to the cart, but we recommend keeping it in place. Having this step allows you to build a huge list regardless of whether people buy or not.

Step 2 – Cart

On this page people select how many products they want to purchase. We ALWAYS encourage offering multiple quantities, with discounted pricing if people buy more. This greatly increases the average order value of any e-commerce funnel… allowing you to spend more per customer on ads and scale your campaigns aggressively. This shopping cart page has been heavily tested. We see it convert even up to 40% in some markets. The way we set things up in the demo also means that most people will actually buy more than one item.

Step 3 – First Up-Sell

Here you can sell people more of what they just bought on the cart page (this works great!) or offer a complimentary product. One click purchasing means the conversion rates on this up-step can be fantastic if the product is appealing.

Step 4 – Second Up-Sell

By this point people are in the buying mood, so why not offer them more stuff? Keep the product offered here relevant to what’s been purchased already and you’ll see good success.

Step 5 – Third Up-Sell

One last opportunity to get the maximum review from every customer and really inflate those average order values*

*Note: Up-sell steps can be added or removed as you please. You can choose to have either more or less up-sell steps than we include in this funnel.

Step 6 – Order Confirmation Page

A nice summary of what the customer has purchased throughout all the funnel stages. Also use this page to set expectations around delivery times and customer service contact points.

You can copy this exact Ecommerce funnel into your ClickFunnels account or see a live demo using this link:

Get the Ecommerce Share Funnel

If you don’t already have a CF account then the link will let you create a free 14 day trial so you’re able to play around with the funnel, customize it and start making sales with it straight away.

Watch the video walkthrough below to see the funnel in action with some dummy products, and see just how easy it is to customize for your brand.

Now for the funnel video…

Get the funnel for free here:

Get the Ecommerce Share Funnel

We’ve also made funnel templates for other industries based on what’s working right now for our clients. Check out our ClickFunnels share funnel collection at this link. We hope you enjoy.

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