***[Epic Post]… 4 Ways E-Commerce Businesses Can PROFITABLY Drive New Customer Acquisition With Facebook Advertising

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Strategy #1…

Harness the TRUE Power of Facebook’s New Pixel to Show People the Most Relevant, Personalized Ads They’ve Ever Seen…(Over 95% of Online Sellers are NOT Doing This)

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Strategy #2…

Use a Direct Response Style Sales Funnel Designed SPECIFICALLY for New Customer Acquisition on Facebook

One major and very common challenge faced by e-commerce businesses is the difficulty in converting completely cold traffic into new customers via ads – while still profiting on the initial sale. Or at least without losing a large amount of money on the front end purchases.

Due to the way MOST e-commerce businesses advertise on Facebook, profitable new customer acquisition can be a very difficult thing to do consistently when running ads to people who don’t know your brand.

It is of course a perfectly legitimate strategy to acquire new customers at an initial loss from paid advertising. To do this successfully though you’ll need deep enough pockets, good customer retention with high lifetime values, a solid email marketing game and a real ‘long-term investment mindset’ towards your advertising spend.


It is certainly possible to run new customer acquisition ad campaigns on Facebook and make a healthy profit, or at an absolute MINIMUM break-even, on the initial sale after all of your advertising and fulfillment costs.

This is every e-comm marketers dream – acquiring new customers at a PROFIT, or for free. Facebook is actually the best platform to get this strategy working on in my opinion. Because once you do there are so many opportunities to scale up quickly.

Let’s have a look at how it is done…

New Customer Acquisition Funnels + Facebook Ads

Just now I said that profitably acquiring new customers from 100% cold Facebook traffic was a huge task for most e-comm businesses because of how they run their ads. Their usual setup involves advertising a single product, or multiple products in an ad, then directing anyone who clicks to a relevant product page/category page – or the homepage.

This can work for re-targeting, but for converting people who don’t know your brand the odds are against you.

Unless you have a very desirable product with wide appeal and high margins this strategy will usually lose money on the front-end. Even if your product fits those criteria, you’ll still need a KILLER ad and very well dialled-in targeting to make the economics work. Obviously the site will need to convert too!

This strategy can and does work, but is difficult for a lot of brands to pull off profitably (unless they’re OK with losing money on the initial customer acquisition cost).

But there’s a better way…

Enter the E-comm Sales Funnel

When trying to convert cold traffic into new customers with Facebook ads we actually recommend using a specific type of sales funnel – rather than sending people to your regular website product pages or category pages.

Sales funnels are designed to do NOTHING other than convert visitors into first time buyers. Everything about them is conversion focused. The only real options for a user are:

  1. Convert and purchase the product that grabbed your attention in the Facebook newsfeed ad
  2. Leave and go back to Facebook

Now… you might be thinking that your current e-comm website converts well – and maybe it does.

However I can promise you that a well built sales funnel will not only convert more cold traffic to buyers than your regular website, but also get those same customers to BUY MORE STUFF and spend more money. That means higher conversions and larger AOVs.

This is true in >95% of cases.

So what exactly IS an e-comm sales funnel and what does it look like?

The term sales funnel (or marketing funnel) is used in a lot of different ways.

Here though, we’re referring to a sequence of web-pages that present product offers sequentially – one after the other – to prospects and customers. Often the offers and sequence depend completely on what the customer did in the previous step.

Below is a map of how it looks. There are some screenshots of sales funnel steps further on down this page as well.

The e-comm sales funnel screenshot below is part of a larger mindmap of a system we created for clients called the Facebook Customer Acquisition Machine for Online Retailers

The e-comm sales funnel is the first part in the system that deals specifically with converting cold prospects into new buyers. The diagram is read left to right…

Ecommerce Sales Funnel for Facebook Ads


Here’s a basic description of how a prospect goes through this process and what each step involves.

Step 1: Identify your targets on Facebook

This will be done through interest or demographic targeting, or using Facebook Lookalike audiences built from your existing customer or subscriber list.

Step 2: Create your Irresistible Offer ad

Remember here that you’re trying to convert COLD prospects who don’t know you. To give yourself the best chance of success it is recommended you put together a strong offer with wide appeal that will encourage customers to come into your business.

Step 3: Prospect sees and clicks on your ad

A great offer with good images and copy should be getting 3-5% (or higher) clickthrough rates in the Facebook newsfeeds. This means a lot of people landing in your sales funnel at a very reasonable cost-per-click… well under $1.

Step 4: Prospect lands on the first page of your funnel

This essentially sells the offer and highlights the value/benefits. If they want to access the offer they’ll need to opt-in and give you their email address. Forcing this optin is optional, but highly recommended.

Step 5: Customer opts in and sees an order form

If a prospect opts in to access the offer they’re taken to the order form and given the option to buy multiple quantities of the product for even better pricing. If the offer is good then most people will NOT just be buying one, if you present it right at least.

Step 6: Customer hits the button to charge their card and is taken to next step

The next step is actually a one-time-offer (OTO). This is for either a related product or the SAME product they just bought (yes this really works). They can add this to their order with one click.

Step 7: Customer either buys the OTO or doesn’t then goes to next step

This next step is another OTO. This time it will be a related complimentary product – usually a more expensive higher margin product to improve that AOV.

Step 8: Customer either buys the OTO or doesn’t. This part of the funnel ends

Here you can actually link to other related products they may want to check out – or two other funnels you’re running.

Strategy #3…

Use Quizzes or Giveaway Funnels to Build a HUGE List of Engaged Subscribers at a Low Cost… then Convert These People to Customers With a Great Offer