Proofread Anywhere Review: Is It Legit? (2022)


Want to set up a proofreading business? In this Proofread Anywhere review, you will find out whether this course has everything to get you started with your planned business proofing texts.

Is it the best proofreading course? Is Proofread Anywhere even legit?

These are just some questions we get a lot.

And we will address these burning questions later on.

In this Proofread Anywhere review, I will cover:

  • Who should take this course?
  • Is it legitimate?
  • What can you learn from this course?
  • What do students say about the course?
  • Is it worth it?

Ready? Let’s get started!

Proofread Anywhere Summary

Course:Proofread Anywhere
Price:Up to $1,174
Ease of use5/5
Customer support5/5
Overall Performance Funnels Rating4.95/5

TLDR – Proofread Anywhere is so far the most comprehensive proofreading course, helping students not learn the basics of proofreading but also how to set up and grow a proofreading business.

Learn more Proofread Anywhere.

What Is Proofread Anywhere?

Proofread Anywhere is an online proofreading course designed to help people master the art of proofreading.

Apart from the actual proofreading lessons, the course also covers how you can make money through proofreading.

Caitlin Pyle — a freelance proofreader herself — developed the course. She has been helping people with proofreading since 2007.

As time went by, the number of people who turned to her for help grew exponentially.

So she finally decided to put out a comprehensive proofreading ebook in 2014 that she sold on her website.

The book got the attention of more and more people until sales went off the charts, and she got more questions.

It took much of Caitlin’s time.

But instead of making a fuss, Caitlin saw a bigger purpose — a new opportunity to turn the well-received ebook into a complete course.

Then in 2015, the Proofread Anywhere came to life.

As 2015 came to a close, Proofread Anywhere drove over half a million dollars in sales.

In Caitlin’s words, the course changed her life forever.

Ever since, Caitlin and Proofread Anywhere can be seen on top-tier publications, including Forbes and Business Insider.

Who Is It for?

Proofread Anywhere is purposely built to help aspiring and experienced proofreaders, copyeditors, and writers learn the ins and outs of proofreading and polish their skills.

The course is also suitable for people interested to make money off proofreading.

“What if I have no experience in proofreading, copyediting, and writing? Is Proofread Anywhere good for me?”


If you can point out grammatical errors pretty easily…if your attention to detail is on point…if you can want to learn how to proofread, then Proofread Anywhere is a great course to get you started.

Proofread Anywhere Controversy

Despite the success of the course, Proofread Anywhere comes without controversy.

One controversy it is facing is its legitimacy.

“Is Proofread Anywhere a scam?” “Is it a get-rich-quick scheme?”

These are just some questions we have heard here at Performance Funnels.

We get it — there are a lot of companies out there who are promising this and that but deliver nothing.

To be very honest — these questions are fair. But they are just NOT true at all!

Proofread Anywhere is a legitimate online course that genuinely helps people.

It is NOT a cash grab. And it is NOT a scam!

Later I will show you a bunch of reviews and testimonials from REAL people who have tried Proofread Anywhere.

If you want to get a taste of the course before diving into it, be sure to check out Caitlin’s FREE workshop on how to turn your passion for writing and reading into a proofreading business.

Proofread Anywhere Courses

Proofread Anywhere is a comprehensive proofreading course. It comprises two full courses: General Proofreading and Theory and Practice.

Apart from the basic lessons, the course also covers complimentary lessons to help you run a proofreading business.

These include effective workflow, finding clients, and taxation as a freelance proofreader.

More importantly, the course also teaches mindset mastery to really help you thrive as a proofreader.

All in all, the course takes about 2 – 3 months to finish, depending on your pace.

Here’s an overview of the course:

General Proofreading Course

The General Proofreading Course gives you a lowdown on proofreading — including the basics, theories, and practices.

Module 1 – Introduction to General Proofreading

  • Choosing proofreading as a skill
  • Skills necessary as a proofreader
  • Who hires a proofreader’s services
  • A general proofreader’s scope of work
  • Misused terms in proofreading
  • Difference between proofreading and editing

Module 2 – Successful Proofreader Mindset Workshop

  • Industries and niches proofreaders make money off
  • Jargons proofreaders use

Module 3 – Proofreading Basics

  • Types of mistakes
  • Capitalization basics
  • Apostrophe basics
  • Hyphen basics
  • Commas and semicolon basics
  • Quotation mark basics
  • Subject and verb agreement basics
  • Noun and pronoun agreement basics
  • Commonly misused words
  • Spelling variations (American English vs. British English)

Module 4 – Proofreading Methods & Practice

  • Methods used in proofreading
  • Exercises used in proofreading

Module 5 – Turning Proofreading Into A Business

  • Starting a proofreading business website
  • Writing your resume
  • Setting your rates
  • Taxing your proofreading business
  • Incorporating your proofreading business
  • Building a proofreading portfolio

Module 6 – Finding Clients

  • Joining freelance and proofreading groups
  • Social media as a client source
  • Social media best practices
  • Joining online job marketplaces
  • Drafting an effective proposal
  • Blogging for your proofreading business
  • Avoiding scammers
  • How to pitch effectively

Module 7 – Job Workflow

  • Onboarding clients
  • Dealing with client specs
  • Dealing with editors
  • How to bill your clients
  • How to build your reputation
  • Asking for testimonials

Module 8 – Thriving As A Freelancer

  • Preparing your schedule
  • A proofreader’s daily workflow
  • Gaining confidence

Module 9 – Wrap Up Everything You’ve Learned + Exam

This is a hand-graded examination wherein students are evaluated based on aptitude and competence in the practice of general proofreading.

Bonus Lessons

  • Handbook of Commonly Misused Words
  • Freelancer Tax Guide
  • Mindset Mastery Guide
  • Mindset Shifts for Confidence

Super Bonus Lessons

  • Access to the first level of the Transcript Proofreading Course: Theory and Practice
  • Access to the entire Money Mindset Transformation workshop and workbook

Transcript Proofreading Course

Transcript proofreading is a totally different ball game. And so it merits a whole course of its own.

This course is divided into two sections: Theory and Practice.

Section 1 – Theory

In the Theory section, you will learn how to manually check transcripts as well as undergo in-depth training on transcription-specific punctuation rules.

In addition, you will learn the process of transcript production and the complex role of a court reporter.

Module 1 – Introduction to Transcription Proofreading
  • Understanding the roles and functions of scopists, court reporters, and proofreaders
  • Understanding the basics of steno language
  • Necessary skills to become a transcript proofreader
  • Understanding the process to create a transcript and the role an agency may play in the finished product
Module 2 – The Nuts and Bolts of Transcripts
  • Different types of errors in transcripts
  • Understanding the language used in different types of proceedings (including hearings, trials, depositions, EUOs, interpreted proceedings, and testimony)
  • Understanding transcript-specific punctuation rules based on Lillian Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, Margie Wakeman’s Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, and William Sabin’s The Gregg Reference Manual
  • Commonly misspelled and misused words and phrases
  • Understanding general formatting rules, including the use of lines, colloquy, marking exhibits, parentheticals, and question and answers
  • Difference between American English vs. British English in terms of punctuations and spelling

Section 2 – Practice

In this section, you will learn how to mark up transcripts and put that to practice.

Module 3 & 4 – Marking Up Transcripts
  • Learn the four methods of proofreading transcripts
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each method
  • Using an iPad and an annotation app for proofreading
Module 5 – Simulation Transcripts
  • Learn to find proper spelling of people, places, etc. within transcripts
  • Conduct a complete read on each simulation job based on a given proofreading checklist
  • Assess personal progress and areas for improvement
  • Punctuation and short transcript quiz
Module 6 – Corresponding Within the Court Reporting Profession
  • Learn to communicate effectively with court reporters and agencies
  • Learn to meet court reporter’s expectations of proofreaders with excellent customer service
  • Understand the role of custom preference sheet with each reporter
Module 7 – Billing and Accounting Procedures, Final Examinations
  • Set and negotiate rates
  • Bill for completed work
  • Follow up outstanding balances
  • Learn how to handle your business during tax season
Module 8 – Marketing
  • Personalized marketing methods
  • Traditional marketing methods
  • Social media marketing methods
  • Polishing proofreading skills
  • Meeting client expectations
  • Creating a professional resume
  • Professional marketing focused on court reporting
  • 25-question marketing concepts exam
Module 8 – Lesson
  • Understanding how to think like a transcript proofreader
  • Understanding what it takes to have a successful freelance proofreading business

Proofread Anywhere Reviews

There’s no better way to find out how good or bad this course is than to hear what students have to say about it.

Let’s look at both positive and negative reviews of the Proofread Anywhere course.

Positive Reviews

A lot of people have good things to say about Proofread Anywhere.

Generally, they found it helpful and life-changing.

Here are a bunch of people raving about Proofread Anywhere:


Negative Reviews

But of course, Proofread Anywhere also comes with not-so-good reviews, just like any other great courses would.

First of all, it does not offer refunds.

And there’s a reason behind that.

Once someone logs in to the website, they gain access to proprietary information.

Second, some parts of the course have spelling and grammar issues.

As a proofreading course, this might be a bit of an irony.

And third, all the information in the course can be found online.

Although, I believe this is not an absolute disadvantageous remark at all.

Sure, there is available information online.

But with a complete course like Proofread Anywhere, it’s different. You can save yourself from frustrations and help you avoid wasting your time from trial and error.

You get everything you need to know in one place, in a more organized fashion.

Proofread Anywhere Cost

I will be honest — Proofread Anywhere is not cheap.

But, the good thing about it is that you have the option to buy parts of the course.

If you want the entire course and pay in installments, that’s also possible.

Here’s the full Proofread Anywhere pricing:

General Proofreading

  • Ignite – $497
  • Ignite Plus – $597  (includes hand-graded exam, proofreading certification, listing in self-publishing schools, and membership in the Marketing Mastermind Group)

Transcript Proofreading

Transcript Proofreading costs $1,174.

However, you have the option to use Proofread Anywhere’s four-level payment plan.

The idea is you pay as you go.

To maximize this, you really need to consume the course within a given time frame.

Here’s how the payment plan works:

  1. Beginner Basecamp ($77) – access module 1 for 7 days
  2. Jumpstart ($197) – add module 2 for another 30 days
  3. NextSteps ($400) – add modules 3 – 5 for another 60 days
  4. Launch and Earn ($500) – add modules 6 – 9 with lifetime access to the whole course

Not sure about the entire course?

Try Proofread Anywhere’s FREE 7-Day Introductory course!

Is Proofread Anywhere Legit?

Yes! Proofread Anywhere is a legitimate course built by a successful and well-profiled creator.

Why Choose Proofread Anywhere

Here are some of things I liked about the Proofread Anywhere course:

  • The course allows you to take it at your own pace. Although, it’s not applicable if you get the installment plan. When taking online courses, it’s important to have it according to your time and progress.
  • Proofread Anywhere is packed with information that beginners can take delight in. For advanced students, the course is a great way to refresh one’s knowledge bank.
  • The course is prepared in a very organized way. And it’s so easy to find each module whenever you need them. This is very important when it comes to online learning.
  • Proofread Anywhere is not just about proofreading. It also teaches you how to set up and run a proofreading business like a pro. It equips you with all the knowledge you need to make sure you get something out of your investment.
  • The course gives you lifetime access. And you can go back to it anytime you need it.
  • The amount of resources available for students is incredible. You get unlimited access to top-notch programming, ebooks, and reference guides.
  • Proofread Anywhere also has an awesome tight-knit community on Facebook. The members there are very helpful and supportive. Anytime you need an accountability partner or someone to answer your questions, they are there for you.

Why Not Choose Proofread Anywhere

But of course, Proofread Anywhere does not come without hiccups.

  • The course requires you to be on point all the time. Well, this is a proofreading course. Although I hate to say it, you really need to be a perfectionist somehow.
  • The installment plan limits your access to the course. Although it’s a great opportunity to get yourself enrolled, timed access to some modules can be self-limiting to some students who want to learn at their own pace.

Overall, Proofread Anywhere is a great course to get you started.

There’s no doubt about that!


So, should you enrol in the Proofread Anywhere course?


If you want to explore opportunities in proofreading even further, I highly recommend Proofread Anywhere.

Join Proofread Anywhere’s FREE 7-Day Introductory Course here!

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