Proven Amazon Course Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

Proven Amazon Course Review

Proven Amazon Course review

***PRICE DROP ALERT*** I am not sure how long this offer will last but the Proven Amazon Course is now only $29 per month. You are free to cancel at anytime. PAC was a steal before at a one time only fee of $499. At $29 per month it is a no brainer for anyone looking to start with FBA.

I have read lots of Proven Amazon Course reviews and noticed the same theme over and over. That this Amazon seller course is THE best for beginners.

And I agree. Totally agree.

You know what’s missing from these reviews, though?

Depth, neutrality, and the lack of sugarcoating.

In this Proven Amazon Course review, I want to tread a different route.

I want to focus on three things:

  • How beginners like you can use this Amazon course exactly
  • Why it’s the best Amazon FBA training for beginners (and why not)
  • The truth about being the only Amazon FBA course you will ever need

But before we head over to the nuts and bolts…

Here’s the gist of this Proven Amazon Course review…

Proven Amazon Course Review Summary


Product: Proven Amazon Course
Price: $29 per month
Effectiveness: 5/5
Ease of use: 4/5
Value for money: 5/5
Customer support: 5/5

TL;DR – The Proven Amazon Course is the only Amazon seller course you will ever need to get started with your Amazon FBA business.

What Is It About and Who Is It For?

The Proven Amazon Course is a membership program that helps people to start a viable business through Amazon FBA.

It’s packed with all sorts of training materials to teach both aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs how to get their ecommerce business off the ground.

More specifically, you will learn a range of strategies from this program — including but not limited to dropshipping, outsourcing, flipping, arbitrage, international FBA, and all the “boring” stuff like legalese, taxes, and accounting.

Founded in 2009 by Jim Cockrum, a serial entrepreneur and one of the most successful Amazon sellers, this comprehensive Amazon seller course has already produced thousands of success stories from around the world.

You can read user testimonials here. And here’s what one user thinks of the Proven Amazon Course:

Inside The Proven Amazon Course

As mentioned, the Proven Amazon Course is filled to the rafters with resources that this page won’t probably suffice if we put them all here.

Instead, I’ll show you 17 of the program’s most important mini-courses:

  • Amazon 101 Course
  • Proven Private Label
  • Proven Q4 Plan
  • Proven Performance Inventory
  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing
  • Proven Online Sourcing Strategies
  • Product Sourcing Masterclass
  • Buy Local Sell to the World
  • Promotional Company Sourcing
  • Proven Product Partnering
  • eBay to Amazon Arbitrage
  • Proven Bundling Course
  • Proven Book Sourcing
  • Coffee Masterclass
  • Proven Merch Course
  • Proven Team Building
  • AZ Refund Guide

The most basic lessons are covered in the “Start Here” and “Next Steps” sections. 

If this is the first time dipping your toe in Amazon FBA or you are relatively new to the business, don’t skip those parts.

There you will learn how Fulfillment by Amazon works, different types of Amazon customers, and everything that lays the groundwork for building your Amazon FBA business.

The rest of the courses you can pick up anytime, depending on where you are on your Amazon selling journey.

To reiterate, the mini-courses mentioned below are just a chunk of the entire program. The Proven Amazon Course has a vast library of resources to help you nail every aspect of your Amazon business.

Amazon 101 Course

The Amazon 101 Course lays the groundwork for building your Amazon business. It teaches all the basics on how to earn through Amazon selling — fast and easy.

Proven Private Label

Private label can be a complicated venture, but this course is the exact opposite.

A team of experts will walk you through the step-by-step process of owning private label products and all the nitty-gritty, from development to sourcing to launching.

Proven Private Label is a standalone course valued at $497 right now, but it’s now included in the Proven Amazon Course.

Proven Q4 Plan

The Proven Q4 Plan is a virtual boot camp that happens only in the fourth quarter of the year (the boot camp actually starts by mid-September).

Q4 is a profitable part of the year due to the festivities and holiday season. And so this boot camp aims to teach participants how to take advantage of this and how to prepare for the upcoming year.

With the Proven Amazon Course, you can get access to the older content of the boot camp from the most recent years.

Proven Performance Inventory

Proven Performance Inventory will walk you through the steps in finding high-margin, low competition niches.

Top Amazon seller expert Brett Bartlett calls these products “golden gap,” and he will be teaching you where to find these gaps on Amazon.

Proven Wholesale Sourcing

Four Amazon top expert sellers will share their most coveted secrets on how to find wholesale deals anywhere in the world.

The course also sheds light on why brand owners and wholesalers seek businesses like yours and how to properly approach them.

Videos in this series are all from the past Proven Conference live events.

Live attendees paid up to $1,300 for a seat at the event, plus travel and accommodation expenses, while recorded videos cost $599.

With your Proven Amazon Course purchase, you get access to these videos at no additional cost.

Proven Online Sourcing Strategies

A 7-hour training on the most viable strategies to source profitable products online and sell on Amazon and eBay.

The Proven Online Sourcing Strategies course includes arbitrage, source types, budgeting, and tracking.

Product Sourcing Masterclass

The Product Sourcing Masterclass focuses on finding low-cost items so you can sell them with high profit.

Over 30 product sourcing strategies will be revealed to bring your Amazon or eBay business to the next level.

From antique malls and local auctions to trade shows and deep Googling, Dave Espino and Jim Cockrum himself will teach you their deepest, most profitable product sourcing secrets.

Buy Local Sell to the World

Most Amazon FBA businesses are so used to the idea of outsourcing products from abroad. In this training, it’s quite the opposite.

Buy Local Sell to the World will teach you how to find local products and sell them to a global audience for huge profits.

This business model works pretty straightforward — find local suppliers and sell their products to the world.

Promotional Company Sourcing

In this course, you will learn how to launch a private label product in a few weeks’ time and use promotional companies to create exclusive bundles on Amazon.

Proven Product Partnering

If running a private label, online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, and FBA sound daunting, or you just want new opportunities to expand your Amazon business, you might be interested in product partnering.

Proven Product Partnering will teach you how to find brand owners and hot products that are not yet on Amazon and help them get on board.

No inventory. No capital. No risk. Just help new businesses set up an Amazon account and earn from it.

eBay to Amazon Arbitrage Guide

eBay remains a gold mine of new and undiscovered products.

The eBay to Amazon Arbitrage Guide is the course you need if you want to know how to find and source products at rock-bottom prices, then list them on Amazon as high-margin products.

Proven Bundling Course

Bundling is a smart strategy to boost profits on Amazon, especially on tough competition niches. Tough competition doesn’t have to be a race to the bottom.

The Proven Bundling Course will help you how to make smart, creative bundles that will leave your competitors scrambling.

The goal of the course is to create high-demand, high-profit, and hard to duplicate listings without losing on your capital.

Proven Book Sourcing

Interested in selling printed work on Amazon?

The Proven Book Sourcing course will teach you how to find promising yet underappreciated books or books that have not hit the mainstream shelves and sell them on Amazon.

Coffee Masterclass

Coffee is one of the most popular products to sell online.

Love coffee or tea? The Coffee Masterclass is for you.

The masterclass will help you start and build your coffee brand. But most of the principles discussed here can be used for other products as well.

Proven Merch Course

Custom shirts are quite popular these days, and there’s no sign that this business model will die down soon.

Merch by Amazon is a great opportunity to produce and sell custom shirts on the platform with no upfront costs or minimum print requirements.

The Proven Merch Course will help you go about the ins and outs of selling custom branded shirts.

Proven Team Building

The success of every business often lies in the team.

If you are scaling, you need to focus on the more important aspects of your business. And that often means you have to invest in people.

Proven Team Building is the perfect course to help you build a team you envisioned to bring your ecommerce business forward.

AZ Refund Guide

On Amazon and ecommerce in general, refunds are normal.

The Amazon Refund Guide will show you 10 different methods to get reimbursements from refunds that may have slipped through the cracks.

Proven Amazon Course Price

The Proven Amazon Course costs only $29 per month now PLUS you can now give 6 months free access to someone who needs income from home!

It really is a bargain for what you get.

You can also cancel at anytime.

In case the PAC team adds new courses or updates, you are still eligible for those additions at no additional cost to you.

What about a Proven Amazon Course refund? Is that a thing?

Yes, it is!

If along the way you realize it’s not for you, no worries.

You can get a 100% refund for your purchase within 30 days from your purchase. Just reach out to customer support.

$29 per month for this kind of course really is a steal. You won’t find this kind of value at that price anywhere.

Imagine the value of this course and the business opportunities you will be meeting along the way.

Proven Amazon Course Pros and Cons

So, here’s where I want to break the “bad” news to you. The Proven Amazon Course isn’t perfect; it has its flaws.

And I will give you a rundown of those flaws to strike a good balance in this Proven Amazon Course review.

But before that, let’s start with the pros first.


Packed with Value

If you have looked at other Amazon seller courses on the market, you know that most of these courses cost at least $1,000.

The $29 per month price tag of PAC pales in comparison. But NOT in value!

In fact, you are getting so much more bang for the buck with PAC considering its depth and expertise of your mentors.

Expert Level Teaching

The Proven Amazon Course is created by a team of Amazon experts, plus a panel of Amazon FBA teachers.

And this is what makes it a cut above the rest. As if Jim isn’t enough, PAC is taught by several successful Amazon sellers like Brett Bartlett, Dave Espino, Skip McGrath, Jessica Larrew, and many more.

In case the testimonials and rave reviews aren’t enough for you, trust score non-profit Better Business Bureau gives the Proven Amazon Course a solid A+ rating, a testament to its credibility and effectiveness.

Comprehensive Resources

With the expert-level teaching, you can expect valuable resources from this course no matter what.

There’s a variety of training media available, such as PDF guides, video tutorials, webinars, and podcasts episodes.

The heterogeneity of the materials helps a lot in absorbing the lessons more effectively.

Not to mention the exclusive information you will be getting from the course (like names of legit and trustworthy wholesalers) and business tips in general from successful Amazon sellers.

Even if you break into other ecommerce platforms, a lot of principles taught in PAC apply to others.

Yes, a lot of the basics covered in PAC can be found for free elsewhere.

But the thing is, PAC orchestrates everything in a logical and understandable order to make it easier for you.

Active Support

The Facebook group and MySilentTeam forum have an amazingly active community to help beginners and struggling Amazon sellers alike.

In the Facebook group, the flow of questions just never stops, and so does the answers from the community. That, in itself, is a huge platform to learn from.

Even Jim himself stops by the group and forum once in a while to check up on people.

And if you are lucky enough, you might receive a call from Jim to help you strategize for your Amazon FBA business.

Like any digital company, Amazon implements changes quite often. The online marketplace as a whole never stops evolving.

To keep up with these changes, the course always gets updated in order to be in its perfect, useful form.

Universal Approach

Unlike other Amazon FBA courses, the Proven Amazon Course does not leave out international sellers from the training.

Regardless if you are in Germany or India, the universal approach of PAC makes it more attractive and useful not only to people in other counties but to those who globe-trots as well.



The number of resources available in PAC is crazy too many. And I have to be honest — the Proven Amazon Course does not have the best and most user-friendly interface.

If you have read other Proven Amazon Course reviews and feedbacks from users, then it’s not a secret that the program has an old, definitely-needs-to-updated web layout.

The member’s area will confuse you even more because the order of the courses is not arranged accordingly. Even the MySilentTeam forum has the same confusing interface design.

The easiest way to navigate it is to do it by section. If you are going to navigate the platform at your own pace, I’d say good luck with that.

Some links direct to new tabs while others don’t. Hover your mouse to a section, but you have to scroll to find the link at the bottom. A little inconvenience per se, but not good for user experience.

Low-Quality Videos

The video tutorials are a bit old and badly need updating because right now, they are really low quality and do not render properly, especially the basic tutorials.

Some videos get choppy in every zoom in and out. It might not be a lot, but if you are like some people who get easily troubled by stuff like this, that could throw a spanner in the works.

Steep Learning Curve

While PAC is designed to teach beginners the ropes of Amazon selling or ecommerce in general, it seems like the creators behind it did not put beginners in mind during the development.

For one, the starter course is too complex and overwhelming for a beginner. The lessons are long, while others have no clear signposting.

And due to the number of resources available, the Proven Amazon Course has a bit of a learning curve.

Those who are already in the business of Amazon selling and are looking to sharpen their skills and knowledge will find PAC a true delight.

Proven Amazon Course Review Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Despite its flaws, there’s honestly a lot more to love about the entire program.

You get to listen to experts with battle-tested strategies and a proven track record. These experts will help you be on the right track.

If you are going to look past the user interface, the value it gives is so much more than any other Amazon seller courses out there.

That’s what you are going after, right? Lessons and value for your money, yes?

And the fact that it caters to international sellers is something people outside of the U.S. can appreciate.

Indeed, the Proven Amazon Course is one of the few, if not THE only, courses that cover a range of strategies so deeply and superbly.

Not to mention, the active and helpful community of users is something any novice would love to be a part of. It will definitely give you the clarity you need and the inspiration if you get frustrations along the way.

That’s it for the Proven Amazon Course review. I appreciate you reading this PAC review until here, so I really hope you will find success in your Amazon FBA adventure. There are many Amazon FBA courses out there like Marketplace Superheroes or Amazing Selling Machine, so always do your own research before deciding.

Are you ready to try the Proven Amazon Course?

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