How To Generate Personal Training Leads With Facebook Ads: Our Two Best Strategies

Below, in the video, is the exact strategy we use and recommend for Personal Trainers who want to get new client leads using Facebook ads.

We have two different approaches, both explained in the video below. The first is based on promoting a free offer to get new leads into your marketing funnel, who can then be sold on recurring services. The second is a ‘premium positioning’ strategy which is great for selling higher ticket training and programs.

Both strategies involve using Facebook ads, and will deliver low cost leads if you implement what we teach in the video. To get good results and see a positive return on your advertising spend you must use a proven-to-convert lead capture system. We recommend ClickFunnels and have developed marketing funnel templates for PTs using this platform. They are tested for high conversions, you can access them for free here by copying them into your own ClickFunnels account, or creating a free trial account with our templates already inside them and ready for you to customize for your business…

Free offer funnel >

Higher end funnel >

These templates are VITAL if you want to run Facebook ads for your fitness business profitably and get the most leads for the best possible price.

Watch the video for a walkthrough of how we set everything up, and the ClickFunnels template we use to effectively capture leads better than any PT website will…

You can get our Personal Trainer ClickFunnels templates here…

Free offer funnel >

Higher end funnel >

Here is another post talking through the PT free offer marketing funnel in more depth. You might find this ClickFunnels gym & CrossFit tutorial useful too. Finally, we have this video on Facebook ads for gyms and CrossFit businesses – check it out.

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