Of All The Sam Ovens Reviews Online, THIS is The Most In-Depth Look Into His Consulting Accelerator Program… From A Real Consulting.com Student and Updated for 2019

My name is Ryan Turner, and in this post I’m going to show and tell you everything you need to know about Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator program. I’ve been in Sam’s program for a long time, so I can show you behind the scenes and answer most if not all of the questions you have if you’re considering signing up. I’ll do my best to describe who the program is a good fit for, and who it isn’t for.

And if you’re considering the program but don’t know already… it is now possible to get a 7-day free trial of the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator program so you can try it out before deciding to buy or not. I’ll explain this process at the end of this article. I’d definitely recommend reading this page in full first though – it is designed to be the most comprehensive of all the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator reviews out there, and to answer your questions and give you a true behind the scenes view.

This piece took me a couple of weeks to write, I want it to be the most helpful resource out there for people thinking about joining Sam’s program. You’ll be taken through the content week by week so you know exactly what to expect from the course. I’ll also share my personal experience and results from the program.

Firstly though, let’s get a really important question out of the way…

Am I actually a real student who purchased and completed this program, or is this just another watered-down ‘review’ trying to piggyback off people searching for things about Sam Ovens in Google?

Glad you asked!

I’m certainly real, and I’m certainly in the course. Below you’ll see screenshots of my student login area, and also a receipt for the Consulting Accelerator purchase I made on May 10th, 2018. This review has been continuously updated into 2019.

Consulting.com Accelerator Login Area

And here is my invoice payment receipt for the Consulting Accelerator program…

Sam Ovens Consutling.com Receipt

Also, what a lot of people don’t realize is that the current version of Consulting.com and the Consulting Accelerator program Sam Ovens sells on the website is NOT the first consulting program he has sold online…

Way back in 2013 I was actually a student in the first consulting program Sam ever released (see below).

It was drastically different to today’s version in every way, as you can imagine. 5 years is a long time in the online world!

But I’ve been able to see the evolution of what Sam teaches for last 5 years now, having been a student of his for that long.

It has been an interesting journey, to say the least.

The email receipt below is from when I purchased Sam’s first program ‘Cashflow Consulting’ back in 2013…

Sam Ovens Consulting Receipt

That original Cashflow Consulting program is not available any more. But it was the seed for what is the Consulting.com Accelerator program today.

So now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive head first into this Consulting Accelerator review

Why not start with looking at what the program is, and who it is for…

Overview: What Exactly IS The Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Program, And Who Is It For?

If you’re not completely sure, the program is essentially designed to help people build their own profitable consulting business from scratch, and get clients within just a few weeks.

Read on to understand what Sam actually means by the generic term ‘Consulting’

But first, who is this for?

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a total beginner to consulting or even to business in general, or if you have experience and an established consulting business already. Sam Ovens caters to all levels of experience in the program. As it says on Sam’s LinkedIn page he “helps everyday people start wildly successful consulting businesses”.

I myself had some experience, but decided essentially to start from the beginning in a new market offering a new service earlier in 2018 when I joined the program. Based on my interactions in the Sam’s student mastermind Facebook group I’d say that most people who take the course are beginners and new to consulting. They usually have some kind of job, and are going through the program alongside that.

The rest of the students seem to be existing business owners who run agencies, coaching businesses, or do some kind of consulting already.

So, anyone who is interested in running a consulting, coaching, or agency business – or is running one already – is potentially a good fit for the program.

Who is it NOT for?

The program isn’t for anyone looking for shortcuts, or any kind of easy button. There’s work involved… lots of it!

You need to take the program seriously and put in the time and effort. If you’re not willing to do that, this is definitely not going to work for you and you should probably stop reading…

just… about… now.

Still with me? Great!

Sounds like you understand that some time, effort and persistence is required to make this work for you. Just like anything worthwhile in life, right?

Now, I realize I’ve used the word ‘Consulting’ about 25 times already in this post, and at least half of you are thinking “What does that word even mean?!?!?!”


I think consulting is the single most generic, meaningless word in the entire English language. So we’d better take a minute to address that before we really start reviewing a consulting program sold by Consulting.com!

Here goes…

What Actually Is ‘Consulting’ In The Context Of  The Sam Ovens Accelerator Program?

Sam has basically re-defined the term Consulting for the purposes of his program. Any why not? He owns Consulting.com after all, hah.

And thank God he’s re-defined the word by the way, because the image of a consultant I have in my head is NOT exciting. And I certainly don’t want to be one!

Traditionally, the term ‘consultants’ conjures up images of corporate-looking MBA folk in business suits, sitting in meetings, pretending to care about this week’s latest Powerpoint presentation – the real point of which nobody in the room quite understands.

Very corporate. Very boring. Very old-school stuff.

Luckily, Sam’s definition of consulting is much different, and more exciting (it could hardly be less exciting, let’s be real).

Essentially, according to Sam, the new version of a consultant is anyone who can solve a painful problem in basically any market. That solution could be provided as a service, via advice given, via education and courses, etc etc.

So it is a broad definition. And when I say a consultant can work in any market, I really do mean ANY market.

Here are some of the markets, problems and solutions students are basing their businesses on inside the Consulting Accelerator Facebook group for students:

  • Improving gut health
  • Dealing with the mental strain of divorce
  • Dealing with daily anxiety
  • Weight loss for vegans
  • Helping businesses improve their website conversion rates
  • Helping churches grow
  • Helping Amazon sellers get their products on the first page of Amazon.com searches
  • Generating sales for exotic wellness retreats
  • Coaching for high performance salespeople
  • Helping companies save money on credit card/payment processing
  • Overcoming emotional trauma
  • Overcoming workplace discrimination
  • Alcohol recovery without rehab
  • Client generation for physical therapists
  • Dealing with porn addition
  • Dealing with video game addition
  • Lead generation for home improvement companies
  • Helping swimming pool builders
  • Helping people launch and sell books
  • Email marketing strategy for Ecommerce websites (this is actually my niche)

Those are some of the more specific examples I’ve seen people have success with in the student group.

Then of course there are the more common markets and services, which you see people doing all the time…

  • Facebook advertising
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Reputation management
  • Life coaching
  • Weight loss coaching
  • Etc etc

The real point of me providing all those examples was to make sure you understand that the traditional version of ‘consulting’ – the corporate boring stuff – is not what Sam is teaching.

The program is about consulting people in any market on how to solve a painful problem, and then getting paid well for the value you provide to that market. Either by solving their problem for them, or advising and coaching them on how to solve it for themselves. As long as you get them the result, that’s what matters. And that’s why people are willing to pay you.

So a consultant is someone who finds a problem and simply provides a solution to it. Simple.

What To Expect: What Do You Actually Get With Sam’s Consulting Accelerator Program?

This is important to cover before we dive deep into the full Sam Ovens review.

Buying online courses and programs can sometimes be confusing, I know.

I’ve bought my fair share, and you don’t always know exactly what to expect. Especially if you’ve haven’t purchased an online training before.

Here’s what you get with the program:

  • 7 week training program
  • Boxset with workbooks
  • Community + Q&A calls
  • Lifetime access
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • Bonus templates and marketing funnels are available for some customers – see end of article for info on this

Let’s break down each of those points.

7 Week Training Program

This is the core of the training where you’ll be spending a lot of time going through Sam’s process, finding your market, developing your offer, and putting in place strategies to get clients. The training is inside an online membership, and you do get accompanying physical items delivered in the mail too (see below).

The format is easy to follow. Each of the seven weeks is made up of several modules, each of which contain several training videos. There is a LOT of content in the modules – some of the videos are up to two hours long, while others are shorter around 30 minutes. Each module has worksheets, checklists and assignments which will ensure you’re applying what you learn rather than just watching and listening. It is important to do all of these exercises, as in later weeks you’ll be referring back to your work and using it to progress through later stages of the course.

Later in this review of the Sam Ovens program we’re going to look at each week individually – week by week, so you know what’s going to be covered and what to expect. So I’m not going to go into those details right here.

Boxset with workbooks

Consutling.com BoxsetIf you prefer to write things down with good old pen and paper the boxset will be a useful addition for you. My personal favorite part of the boxset material is the Week 2 (Mindset) stuff, I spent a lot of time sitting, relaxing and thinking about my goals and business with the worksheets and journals.

A lot of people in the student group seem to like the hard copy materials you get with the program. I think they’re a great addition. So yes, you’ll get a big package in the mail as well as the online access.

Community + Q&A Calls

This is so important to student success inside the program. Unlike other programs where the accompanying Facebook group is somewhat of an afterthought – and often completely dead – The student community Facebook group for Consulting Accelerator program is thriving. With over 11,000 paying customers inside the group, the support and inspiration that comes from the community is a huge help.

The group is great for feeling like you’re not alone on the entrepreneurial journey, which can be lonely. Students are always collaborating, partnering up for accountability, and generally sharing what’s working for them with the program. Literally every day there are people posting about new deals they’ve closed, new clients enrolled, and all kinds of other breakthroughs.

I feel that without the the Facebook group, the success rate of the Sam Ovens consulting program wouldn’t be anywhere near as high as it is.

In terms of support, most questions are answered very quickly either by other students, by Sam himself, or by Sam’s support team who are all very knowledgeable.

In addition to the Facebook community there are live Q&A calls for students scheduled every week. At least 2, sometimes 3.

Sam does a call personally once per week – setting aside two hours to answer any and all questions from students on a Facebook live stream. This is a nice touch, as having direct access to the program creator adds a lot of value in my opinion. The other support calls are run by Sam’s staff, Nick and Jesse.

With the Facebook group and the live Q&A calls, there is never really a situation where you can’t get the answer you need to a question, or the resolution to a problem you’re facing.

Lifetime Access

Self explanatory, but your purchase comes with lifetime access to all content and the support group. One thing to note is that the content is regularly updated and added to to. I definitely expect the program to still be relevant and at the forefront of this industry 5 years from now.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Sam Ovens does offer this if you feel the program just isn’t right for you.

After the first two weeks you should be making good progress working through the material if you’re dedicating time every day. Also you’ll have hopefully been interacting in the student group, and been on one or two Q&A calls. So within the two week refund period you’ll definitely have a good idea about whether the program is a good fit for you or not.

It is never a good idea to invest in a program with the mindset of “I can always refund this if needed” but it is a nice-to-have safety net and a way to remove any risk from the purchase, which is a big factor for many people buying online programs.


Although there aren’t any bonus offered by Sam Ovens or Consulting.com themselves when signing up for Accelerator, there are ways to get some extras if you do decide to purchase. I’m talking about things like marketing funnel templates for consultants, which can be useful but are also included in the program. Plug and play funnels for ClickFunnels, etc.

I won’t go into detail on the bonus situation right here, I’ll save that for the very end of this article when you’ll have a better idea if you’re going to purchase or not.

The Sam Ovens Consulting.com Accelerator Program Week By Week… An Insider’s Look

A great way to know whether Sam’s program is a good fit for you is to take an inside look at what is actually inside each of the seven weeks, what you’ll learn, and what the goals of each week are. This should give you a great idea about whether the program is going to take you in the direction you want to go in business.

So let’s get to it!

Consulting Accelerator Week #1: Fundamentals & Foundations

The title or theme of week 1 is ‘Fundamentals & Foundations’.

I know… it is easy to think this is going to be a watered down, business 101 module that doesn’t really give you anything actionable. Luckily that isn’t the case here.

I wasn’t sure what to expect jumping in to the latest Sam Ovens program for the first time, but it really gets straight to the good stuff. This is important as week 1 has you feeling like you’re making immediate progress towards building the foundation of your consulting business.

These are the video modules in week 1:

Consulting Accelerator Week 1

Those video titles should give you a good idea about what to expect during the first week. Once some basic principles about business, consulting, and Sam’s model have been explained, the rest of the content focuses on taking the first steps to getting results. That means picking and/or validating your niche or market, crafting an attractive offer that solves a real market problem, getting the message right. Then testing everything out in the live market to see what the results are. And then of course iterating and improving until you meet Sam’s criteria of having a market, offer and message that will work at scale. And also a combination that’s profitable of course!

I really liked the Sam Ovens outlook on consulting niches and his process for picking yours in week 1.

With the way he presents his model of consulting, almost any niche or market is viable, as long as you can identify a real problem and provide a solution. You’ll remember earlier on in this article some of the ‘out there’ and unusual markets people are having success with in Sam’s student group – everything from marketing for plumbers, to video game addiction recovery, and everything in-between.

In terms of finding out what’s working and knowing if you have a winning niche and offer to pursue, you’ll be glad to hear you aren’t just left to your own devices in terms of picking your niche. The Accelerator program during week 1 includes a step by step methodology for quantifying if your niche and offer is actually viable, profitable, and something you can build a business on.

If you follow this process you do get a lot of clarity and it is easy to identify when you’ve hit on something worth building your business around. Just be prepared – because it might not be the first thing you try.

Wondering about my personal niche and offer?

I actually changed niches after a short time. My initial market was running Facebook advertising for fitness businesses. That worked well, but it wasn’t right for me. I switched to work in the Ecommerce niche and now provide email marketing consulting and strategy for Shopify retailers. My particular offer was crafted and tested using the Sam Ovens process, and it is working great.

After going through week 1 and completing all of the videos, worksheets (there are a few) and exercises, you’ll have a winning market and offer once you’ve tested it until meeting Sam’s criteria for success. You’ll then be ready to move on to week 2 in the knowledge your first niche and offer idea is solid.

It is not uncommon for students to make sales during the niche and offer testing phase of week 1. If you hit on something good early on, you can absolutely be picking up clients within the first 7 days. I didn’t myself, but plenty of students in the Facebook group managed to do so. Don’t get discouraged thought if you don’t see immediate sales, people who do are more like the exception and not necessarily the rule.

Also, you may not get the niche or offer right the first time! It is actually likely you won’t. You’ll probably have to go through two or more versions until you find something the market really resonates with, and that you want to pursue. Don’t take shortcuts here though. At this stage you’re building the foundation your entire consulting business will be built on, so make sure you build it on top of rock solid concrete, and not on sand.

Picking the wrong niche or offer and going too far with it will cause you problems later in the program. If it takes more than a week to find the right fit for you, then so be it.

Consulting Accelerator Week #2: New Paradigm & World View

This week might come as unexpected to some people. But in my opinion it is one of the most valuable (if not THE most valuable) week in this entire program. None of the other Sam Ovens reviews online really say much about this week, so I’m going to explain it in detail.

Here are the modules contained in week 2:

Consulting Accelerator Week 2

Interesting video titles, right?

But what do they even mean?

This week is about a hugely important topic, but one that’s all too often glossed over and ignored but the online entrepreneur and coaching world. That is your mindset and self-image.

Note: If you’re about to skip to the next section because you “don’t need this mindset crap”, do yourself a favor and don’t. You likely need it more than anyone else if you think that way.

Sam makes his philosophy on mindset very clear, both inside and outside of the course. He says that if you want to achieve your goals, and you haven’t been seeing the success you want so far, you literally need to become a different person if you want to really make things happen in business.

Module two of this Consulting.com program is where Sam Ovens attempts to show you how to do that, via 7 detailed videos and some homework.

This is hard, deep, personal work that will require you to challenge everything about who you currently *think* you are. And also about what is or isn’t possible for you in this world.

The main theme of week two (this is a long week) is that the current reality you live in is just an illusion which you’ve created inside your own mind. None if it is actually real. None of the limits you think you have are real, and none of the reasons why you can’t do what you want to do are real either.

Sam also hammers home the point that the current situation you find yourself in – both in life and in business – is ALL because of you. There is no outside force to blame that’s holding you back. You need to take absolute responsibility for where you are right now. Until you do that, progress is impossible.

So how do you become a new person – someone who is capable of achieving the business goals you’ve set, and building a new reality for yourself?

After setting the scene and going through some in-depth trainings about how your mind and your own personal reality works, Sam lays out a framework for creating what he calls a new “character”. This character is a new, improved version of yourself which you essentially design from scratch, remind yourself of every day, and then take conscious action to grow into.

The process actually starts by taking a long, hard look at yourself and shining a light into some dark areas inside of you – areas you’ve probably overlooked all of your life. The videos titled The Dark Force Holding Your Heels and also Facing Off With The Devil are as serious as they sound. They’ll force you to look at parts of yourself you’ve been ignoring for years. Uncovering some uncomfortable truths, but truths that absolutely need to be faced head on if you want to make any real progress.

The goal of week 2 is that over time, you learn to shed your old skin and gradually evolve into a new person. The type of person who achieves what you want to achieve.

The culmination of everything you learn and the work you do in this week – and there there is real work to do – is the finished character or version of yourself you’ve designed from scratch. Your character is actually written down and described in great detail, enough to inspire strong feelings when you read it. And you will read it every day… there is even a folder especially designed to house this new character in your boxset that arrives in the mail.

Each morning and each night, Sam lays out a process to follow that will continually imprint this new character into your mind. This process is designed to help you drop bad habits, form new and better ones, and slowly evolve into essentially a new person who has all the tools needed to hit every goal you set for yourself.

If you actually go through this process, you’ll absolutely be looking at the world, yourself, and what is possible in a new way when you’re finished.

So what was my personal experience with week 2?

Week two was my personal favorite. At times it was uncomfortable, for the reasons mentioned above about looking at dark parts of your personality. Going through these lessons and exercises meant I needed to confront some things that had been holding me back, and keeping me in a cycle of highs and lows, with little actual progress over time.

These included:

  • Drinking
  • Poor discipline in my daily routine
  • Procrastination and overwhelm
  • Lack of focus

But after going through week two, designing my new character, creating clear goals and practicing the morning routine, my mindset changed drastically for the better. I now actually believe that what I want to achieve is possible, if not inevitable. Once you do the work in this section of the course, and keep it up, you’ll notice huge changes inside 30 days. I can say that with conviction.

Consulting Accelerator Week #3: Alchemy of Client Conversion

Week three is all about sales.

Sam Ovens takes a deep dive into his process for taking a stranger, and converting them into a paying customer inside one phone call. You’re also introduced to the infamous Sam Ovens sales script in this week – taking time to customize it for your market and offer.

Videos inside this week:

accelerator program week 3

Sam starts off by setting the scene, and putting to bed some common myths around sales. This is necessary, because sales has become a dirty word, and many people are convinced that they just do not have it inside of them to be good at sales. Either that, or they’re just plain scared of the idea of selling.

Coming into week three I had some experience with sales, but was by no means a salesman. I thought it was a bit more of an art, rather than a science, so was especially interested when Sam suggested he was going to break down sales scientifically into something that basically anyone could succeed at with the right process.

And yes, that is the approach Sam actually takes to sales. A Scientific one that relies on a process, rather than the individual’s personality or ‘charisma’.

In video two of this week Sam Ovens goes through his entire sales process from start to finish – a real beast of a video. This sets up the rest of the module nicely, as you know how and why his process works, before being let loose on the sales script. The breakdown of his sales process really is impressive – it is a big confidence booster as it instills real belief in the idea that it could be used effectively by anyone. Because you’re shown exactly how and why it works.

Video three is where you start to actually customize the Sam Ovens sales script, after going through it in the previous video. Don’t be tempted to just skip to video three just because you “know sales already”. The preceding videos are highly important, and will teach even the most experienced salesman something new.

The script itself takes you through every step of a sales call. From before the call even starts, through framing the conversation, allowing the prospect to understand the value of their problem and solution you provide, a smooth close and eventually handling objections.

The process for adapting your script, testing it, recording feedback and iterating it to make intelligent changes is easy to follow, but of course time consuming. However, as with everything else in the course up to this point, if you just DO the work you will get the result. The result in this case being an absolutely killer sales script tuned for your industry and target market.

The final two videos in the sales module deal with two important topics.

Firstly in video four, Sam explains how to deal with and overcome doubt and performance slumps as a salesman. This is something I experienced a lot in a previous life before entering the course, and Sam does a good job of setting your mind straight and making sure you keep an objective view on how things are going – even the best salesman experience doubt and sales slumps.

Video five is all about putting the theory and preparation on ice, then putting your script to the ultimate test in the real market. You’ll learn how to track your results, decide when changes are needed, and how to keep refining your sales message until it performs at the level Sam recommends your strive for in the program. Sam does encourage students to conduct practice sales calls with each other as well – this collaboration is arranged via the student Facebook group.

What was my experience with week 3 and the Consulting Accelerator sales script?

I have to admit, initially I did not follow the Sam Ovens sales process in this section very closely. I went through the sales script, but used it only on and off in my sales calls, often going back to the more ‘freestyle’ method I’d been using previously on calls with some success. It does make a big difference though when you start sticking with something, and really work on polishing the process you use to take someone from not knowing who you are, to enrolling as a client.

Initially using the script can feel clunky and unnatural – even after you’ve customized it heavily for your offer. That’s the issue I had and why I didn’t use it properly to begin with. But as with anything it becomes more natural and over time you really get a feel for how to adapt the script for each call, while still following Sam’s overarching process for client conversions.

I do use the script most of the time now, at least as a starting point on each call. Though I’d have to admit I need to be stricter on that with myself. However I’m happy with the clients I bring on from sales calls currently and my conversion rate is around 1 in 5 or 6. You can probably tell I’m not the best at tracking my sales results – and that’s true – it is still an area I’m working on.

As a final note on the sales section, students seem to be having great success with it in the Facebook group. It is one of the most often praised parts of the course. Just one more reminder I need to start taking implementation of Sam’s script in my own business that little more seriously. Hah!

Consulting Accelerator Week #4: Alchemy of Client Attraction

Client attraction actually comes after client conversion in the Sam Ovens coaching process. That may seem the wrong way round, and I initially thought about listing this as a negative point in this review of Consulting Accelerator. But after thinking about it, putting the conversion (sales) training before the attraction (lead generation) training is sensible because it gives you the confidence that once you actually start to get leads you’ll know what to do and have a good process in place for converting them.

Here are the week 4 client attraction videos:

consulting accelerator week 4

As you can see by those video titles, week four teaches various lead generation methods for a consulting business, along with how to combine them into a system that you’ll actually implement and stick with.

Sam’s recommendation is to begin with organic (meaning not paid advertising) lead generation strategies. Once you’d made some sales using organic methods, then invest this money into paid advertising – primarily Facebook ads.

This module starts off by re-focusing you on something that’s vitally important to succeeding with this program: validating our proof of concept before continuing forward. That means testing your message and offer LIVE in the real world, taking sales calls, and actually selling the thing you’re trying to sell – to real people.

This is what the early stages of lead generation are all about, making sure your proof of concept is rock solid and something than be scaled. It should also be something you actually want to sell!

Next Sam walks you through a process he calls The Alchemy of Client Attraction. This is the science of lead and client generation for a consulting business, or any business for that matter. You’ll learn exactly why and how to use a funnel to filter down only the best and most qualified leads for your business, so you can spend time speaking with those – not just offering a sales or strategy call to everyone who enters your funnel.

Sam also goes over how organic and paid strategies help each other immensely, and eventually why a solid consulting business will leverage both. Start with organic, refine your funnel, offer and message, then add in paid to the mix when you have something that works.

You’ll learn the numbers and math behind lead generation, so you’re able to break down exactly how many people you need to attract to your funnel, how many need to go through each stage, and how to reverse engineer the number of clients you want to sign up. This is a detailed process, but one that works if you implement it.

Unlike the sales training in the previous week, I followed the client attraction training in week four very closely. As a result, I know that I need approximately 35 leads going into my funnel to generate one ideal client for my business. 35 email optins to my funnel will give me a about 6 client applications of varying quality. And I’ll expect roughly 1 of those to convert into a paying client. My funnel and filtering criteria are pretty strict, because I like to work with a very specific type of person, but those numbers are still very favorable for me.

If want to see the funnel I use and get a copy of it for yourself there is some info on how to do that later in this post.

A Review Of The Sam Ovens Client Attraction Strategies for Consultants

Once you’ve been through the foundations in this week about how and why these client attraction strategies are effective, Sam dives deep into the specifics of how to consistently generate leads for your consulting business. As mentioned, both free and paid methods are included – and ideally you’ll want to get to a stage where you’re using a mix of both.

The organic (free) strategies…

Sam has a handful of methods for driving leads that do not require advertising money to make them work. These are strategies he uses in his own business – you’ll see a breakdown of how – along with some that successful students are using. To summarize the free methods, you’ll be focusing on using Facebook and LinkedIn posts, referral relationships, and targeted outreach messages to your ideal prospects. Those are the big three.

There are some other more advanced free methods too which are more market specific, but those three above are really where most of the sales are made inside the student group in terms of organic strategies. Especially for beginners. Some people are doing multiple 5 figures per month just using one or two of those free organic methods.

Most people can get off to an excellent start just using the Facebook posting strategies. If you want to know the quickest way to get some traction, using FB with a little outreach mixed in is going to be a great combination for the majority of consultants.

The paid strategies…

As you’ll certainly know, Sam Ovens is a big advocate of using Facebook ads and a funnel to send leads through. This is how he was able to scale his business to such dizzying heights, and how his most successful students are doing the same.

In week four of Consulting Accelerator you’ll see in detail the exact process that makes this kind of paid advertising work at scale, in a way that will bring in leads very profitably. You’ll be setting up your own funnel, fine tuning it for your market, and getting it ready for some traffic. The good thing about Sam’s funnel is that it can be used with organic free traffic just as effectively as with paid traffic. So you can try it out, get it converting, and make sure it is something your market responds to before spending money on ads.

Getting started with lead generation…

After week 4 you’ll have your fully working funnel ready to go, your organic strategies mapped out, and be about ready to start prospecting seriously to get your first leads using Sam’s funnel. Now it is time for the 30 Day Attack.

This is where the rubber meats the road. We’re talking a fully planned out 30 day period where you’re doing targeted activities every day with a goal of generating leads. If you follow this and have tested your offer properly, you cannot help but attract high quality leads. Luckily for us Sam has really turned lead-gen into a process. The only question is whether you’re going to follow it or not.

One thing that could stop you at this critical point is fear, overwhelm or paralysis. There is a nicely timed video at the end of week 4 – just as you’re about to put a big effort into lead generation, to help you get past these stumbling blocks.

My personal experience with client attraction and the week 4 strategies…

So how was week 4 for me?

As mentioned above I did a good job of following this week closely. I used mostly Facebook and LinkedIn posting to get my initial clients, which gave me the proof of concept I needed and allowed me to test out my funnel. I still use organic client attraction to this day, although now I mainly focus on LinkedIn as opposed to Facebook. That’s what worked best in my specific market (Ecommerce) but others reading this review may find more success with FB.

And Facebook ads? I used those as well, but I’ll save my experience with that for the week 5 section below, as week 5 is focused 100% on paid Facebook strategies.

Consulting Accelerator Week #5: Fractal Facebook Evolution

Week 5, in my opinion, could be sold as a whole course on its own and probably deserves it’s very own detailed review article. As someone who has purchased various Facebook advertising training programs over the years (and worked for a Facebook ads agency), Sam’s Facebook training stands head and shoulders over anything else I’ve seen.

Here’s what you’ll be learning in week 5:

consulting accelerator week 5

It is hard to know where to start when reviewing the content in week 5.

There is SO much.

The good thing though is that all of this content is centered around one focal strategy used by Sam and his best students. So it is not as though there are lots of different things to implement in this week, but that Sam goes through his process in such great detail, that the module turned into longest one in the entire Consulting Accelerator program.

As with everything, Sam’s Facebook ads strategy is based on science, numbers, and what actually works in the real world. A lot of common advice you hear about how to run Facebook ads is de-bunked in this program, and he gives reason why his ad strategies are vastly different from what everyone else is teaching.

And it is hard to argue with someone spending over $1,000,000 per month on Facebook profitably… especially when you get see a review of the ad accounts he’s using, live inside the training.

In the first few videos of this module, Sam Ovens covers in great detail how the Facebook algorithm works, and most importantly how to use this knowledge to your advantage. Facebook has certain biases in terms of what it wants to see from advertisers, and it is highly important to understand what these are, and then structure your advertising campaigns in a way that works WITH Facebook, not against Facebook. And definitely don’t try to fool Facebook, like many people do.

Is the Facebook ads process and the way Sam recommends you do it complex? Yes, it absolutely is. And it is time consuming to set up.

Even though I have previous Facebook ads experience myself, I’ve seen plenty of people with little to no experience in the student group implement what Sam teaches with stellar results. The key is to not let yourself get overwhelmed during this section – especially if you are a beginner with Facebook ads.

And if you do start to feel overwhelm implementing Sam’s system and understanding how it all fits together, take a step back and just go through the process step by step. It is a lot of effort, but Sam has built this training for Facebook ads this way for a reason – because it undoubtedly works in almost any market. Stay the course and reap the rewards.

A Review of How The Sam Ovens Facebook Ads Strategy Works

Rather than diving straight into the technical aspects of targeting, ad objectives, and the nuts and bolts of setting up campaigns, Sam starts you off in his process by focusing on what is arguably the most important part of any Facebook campaign: Your actual ad copy, message and offer.

Too often I’ve seen other instructors teach people to just write ads to get the click to a landing page, without focusing much on the substance of the ad.

Sam’s process however focuses on getting the right clicks from the right people – your ideal prospects.

There is a big emphasis put on crafting ads that your target market will respond to. Ads that call out their pain points and allude to a solution you can provide. The raw materials you use to create your ads are all taken from the work you’ve done in previous weeks while you were testing and honing your marketing message and offer with live prospects out in the real world. And building your ad campaigns on top of ideas, offers and advertising angles that have NOT been battle tested in the market is highly unlikely to get you the results you want – even with Sam’s proven process for running ad campaigns.

So if you skipped the earlier foundational trainings, you’re going to be at a loss when it comes to week 5 and creating your ads!

As I’ve said a few times already in this review of Sam’s Consulting Accelerator program, do the work in the early weeks! Taking shortcuts is not going to do you any favors in this program, and as you progress through you’ll regret skipping earlier sections… especially in week 5.

I did to a degree, and had to go back.

Moving on…

After going through the week 5 training on direct response copywriting and ad creation, you should be in a position where you have several ad hypothesis to test out. These hypothesis are different ‘angles’ you are going to use in your advertising that you think will attract the attention of your ideal prospects and encourage them take action, and turn into a lead for your business.

Again, these ad angles are created from the work you’ve done earlier in the program while validating your offer and message.

Writing and Launching Facebook Ads

Sam shares a follow along framework for writing ads, along with walking you through his 5 most successful ads ever.

Using this process you’ll take your different ad angles, and turn them into direct response ads ready to run on Facebook. You’ll choose images to go with them, then start to do your research on who you should be targeting in your ads for the best results. This is your Facebook ads audience research.

The ads you write are likely the most important part of a successful Facebook campaign, but the audience targeting is the next most important piece.

You’ve probably guessed by now, but Sam has a framework for figuring your ads targeting and then set it up. It works well if you follow it.

By combining the various ads you wrote with the targeting groups you choose for your campaign, you’ll use the Facebook ads tool to generate hundreds of ad + targeting combinations. This is key, and Sam stresses the value of having Facebook to work all of these combinations for you to find the ones that are profitable.

When you’re done, it is time to launch your ads!

Analyzing, Reviewing, Optimizing & Scaling Your Facebook Ads

The Sam Ovens methodology for analyzing your Facebook ad and funnel performance, and making decisions about what you should do next to test and scale is an interesting one. Using a Blue Swan and Red Swan theory – determine healthy vs. unhealthy ads – Sam gives you clear criteria around what makes a winning ad and audience combination, and what should be cut or ‘culled’ from your strategy.

Following the process you’ll be able to scale your winning ads and audiences fairly systematically by looking at what is working for you, then focusing more of your budget on different variations of those ads. When scaling, Sam uses the idea of natural selection in nature to take strong elements or ‘DNA’ as he calls it, from winners, and use those pieces to build even stronger new adsets for scaling up.

The approach is systematic and leverages the way Facebook’s algorithm works so that it is responsible for doing most of the heavy lifting for you.

Obviously there is a lot more to the strategy than I can give away here in this review post, but it that should hopefully give you an idea of what to expect.

My personal experience in week five and with Facebook ads…

Although I did well with the organic lead generation strategies from the program, I definitely wanted to add Facebook ads into the mix for more leads, and make at least part of my client attraction totally hands-off.

Luckily for me, the consulting packages and done-for-you services I sell are relatively expensive so I do not need a lot of lead flow. But it still makes sense to use Facebook ads for me… more leads means more ability to pick and choose who I want to work with. As long as the leads come in at a good price, that’s worth it for my business.

I was already using the Sam Ovens consulting funnel (or fragmentation funnel) for my organic lead-gen, so it was just a case of plugging that into Facebook ads. I’m using low budgets on my ads currently, spending between $500 – $1000 per month only. However that gives me a few leads into the top of my funnel each day, which along with the leads I get from organic, is about all my business needs at the time of writing this review. We work with a low number of high value clients, rather than a large number of lower value clients.

Having said that, I do plan to scale up the business. To do that I’ll need to productize my service offering into something that scales and requires less time investment per client. When I’m at that point, Facebook ads to the version of the Sam Ovens consulting funnel I’m using will be my go-to source for more leads. It looks as though it’ll scale up effectively, and judging by the results in the student Facebook group, others are able to drive good leads at volume using Sam’s ad strategy. I’m looking forward to doing that!

Consulting Accelerator Week #6: Minimum Viable Service Delivery

In week 6, Sam details how to efficiently deliver services for clients. The focus is on finding a sweet spot where you’re delivering something that gets excellent results for clients, but in a way that doesn’t cost you too much. And also in a way that is scalable. This about getting to the core of what matters in terms of client results, and stripping out everything else. By focusing your packages/products/services just on what is necessary, and using high quality contractors to perform the actual work, you’ll build the foundation of a lean consulting, coaching or services business.

Here are the week 6 video titles:

week 6 consulting accelerator

The video titles are fairly self explanatory. You’ll learn everything from making sure clients know what to expect, managing the service delivery, and working with contractors who are experts in their field, and available at a reasonable price.

One of my favorite videos during this week was video 5 – Finance & cashflow mastery. This is something that Sam didn’t really need to include in the course, but as is so often the case, he’s put it in because this is a subject area where people often trip and up cause all kinds of problems for themselves. If you’ve ever struggled with cashflow, expenses, forecasting, and knowing your actual profits, this video is going to be a massive help. It really was for me!

After going through week 6 you should feel very comfortable in your ability to deliver great services to clients profitably, and manage the delivery of whatever you’ve promised them using quality contractors (if you’re not doing the work yourself that is). You’ll also have a great understanding of the numbers in your business and how much you’re ACTUALLY making, which is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Consulting Accelerator Week #7: The Next Level

Week 7 looks at how to scale your consulting business quicker and more efficiently than most done-for-you consultants, agencies and services providers are able to.

How? By offering leveraged services. This means group programs, online courses, and other models where you’re not limited to one-on-one interactions. Many of Sam’s most successful students eventually evolve into selling online programs and trainin packages, rather than solely offering hands off done-for-you services. These products are just so much easier to profitably scale up that done-for-you services.

The week 7 content is for business well into the 6 figures annually, and sometimes 7 figures. It is not something to think about if you’re just getting started, or if you’re in the low 5 figures per month range. The content is there to let you know what is possible, how your business can evolve, and so anyone who is ready to take the next step has clear instruction on how to do that with Sam.

Consulting Accelerator Bonus Week: Selling & Delivering Digital Marketing Services

There is an unannounced bonus week which you do not actually realize until you’ve paid and got your access to the course.

This week talks specifically about offering digital marketing services, and some specific things relevant to anyone selling them. Think Facebook Ads, SEO, Google Ads, lead generation etc etc. Lots of Sam’s students offer these kinds of services to business owners, so this extra training is definitely a nice touch. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the actual content of this week as it is supposed to be a bonus you don’t know is coming.

So I’ll just show you the video titles. Hopefully Sam won’t mind!

consulting accelerator bonus week

So that’s what you can expect in the bonus week.

Basically, Sam explains how and why he got his start in the consulting world offering digital marketing services, and some specifics on delivering these services effectively to clients with contractors.

Review Conclusion: What I Do and Do Not Like About The Sam Ovens Consulting Course

I’ll start off with the positives…

I’ve bought a lot of courses over the years, but I have to say this one is hands down the best I’ve purchased. Sam really does go above and beyond, giving everything you need and more. He also covers areas most people do not even think to take seriously – areas outside the tactical stuff related to getting clients and selling. For anyone who is really serious about making their coaching, consulting or agency business work. I can honestly say that I do not think there is a better program out there than Sam’s. The value for money is crazy.

I’ve personally made my money back many times over – as I’m writing this review I’d estimate about 18-20x what I paid for the course, seriously. And there are many students in the program doing FAR better than me. If you are willing to put in the work (and it is real work) then there is no reason you cannot see massive success.

The private customer support community (Facebook group) is also of huge value. There are over 11,000 paying customers in there, and unlike most Facebook groups, the daily discussions are frequent and high quality. Every question gets answered, either by other successful students or by the Consulting.com staff and Sam himself.

Then you have the 2x weekly Q&A calls. These are one to two ours long, and designed to help you resolve any questions or issues you’re having applying the program teachings. It is great to have this direct line to Sam, and the ability to personally ask him questions and get an immediate answer. These happen every week.

Lastly, the number of success stories! With thousands of video testimonials on the website from successful students – in almost every niche and market imaginable – it is difficult to justify how this could possible NOT work for you if you actually put in the effort… when so many others have succeeded.

And if you’re still unsure, there is even the option to take a 7-day free trial before deciding to buy or not. Keep reading to learn how to get access to that.

And now for the negatives…

This might sound like a little bit of a cliche, but the only real downside I see is that there is SO much content that some people could get overwhelmed. If you don’t follow the process and try to jump around between different sections based on what you ‘think’ you need, I can see that happening. If you’re going to take this course seriously, just follow it as closely as you can.

Be humble, and accept that Sam Ovens is far smarter than you… at least when it comes to this stuff. That might sound harsh, but there’s a reason he’s doing over $20,000,000 in sales yearly selling this thing. Because his process just damn works. I tried to skip certain parts thinking I already knew the content, but each time had to go back.

Going into this you must absolutely know that this takes real work too.

There are zero shortcuts. Sam removes a lot of trial and error, helps you avoid countless mistakes and pitfalls, and the student support community on Facebook does more of the same. But at the end of the day, you cannot dodge the fact that building a sustainable online business takes work. Even Sam Ovens has not figured out how to remove that aspect!

If you’re truly ready to commit and do what it takes to make this happen and get life changing results for yourself then I recommend the program without any reservation. There is no better option I know of.

But if you’re not ready to do the work and actually earn the right to live life on your own terms, and have complete financial freedom, then like everything else out there online… this will not work for you. YOU have to make it work for yourself.

On that note, if you’re serious I’m now going to show you how to very easily get the 7-day free trial of Sam’s course, and also $500 off the regular purchase price if you decide to buy.

Note: Make sure you follow the simple instructions exactly to get the $500 savings.

Here are the discount instructions…

The Consulting Accelerator $500 Discount & Free Trial

You may of heard by now from one source or another than Sam Ovens started offering Consulting Accelerator free trials and pricing discounts – giving you a full week of unrestricted access to the program, the private Facebook community, and the Q&A calls, before making the decision about whether to invest in the training or not. And $500 off if you do purchase. I was honestly surprised when he announced that he was going to do that. It is great news for anyone who is on the fence though.

So yes the free trials do exist and so does the $500 discount offer. And if you’re reading this section right now it means this offer is still up and running today. Just make sure you follow these instructions exactly.

The steps below will tell you exactly how to get the free trial. Also, if you decide to buy the course through the process below, you’ll be given $500 off the regular public price… that is also $500 less than the price Sam advertises on the webinar. How much is Consulting Accelerator usually? The public price is $1997.

Read on to see how and why I’m able to give you access to this offer even though Sam doesn’t advertise it himself…

How to Get A Consulting.com Free Trial Account & a $500 Discount on the Program Price

Note: There is also a video version of these instructions a little further down the page if you’d rather watch instead of reading.

In order to qualify for the trial and be eligible for a discount if you purchase, you need to be invited into the program by a current or previous student who paid for the course.

Students are able to ‘refer a friend’ into the program, and the friend (you in this case) is entitled to try the program free for a week. Then if you purchase after being invited, you get a $500 discount too.

…but the trial and discount are only available if you’re invited in by a current student.

Luckily, as you know from this review, I am a current student.

So I’m able to refer you into the Sam Ovens consulting program and offer you the free trial option, plus a $500 discount on the course price if you want to buy it. The $500 discount is valid if you want buy immediately, or at any point during the 7 day trial.

Just go to https://www.samovens.co/special-offer and follow the instructions to request a trial invitation and a discounted pricing link from me.

There are two steps to that process the are very simple, but they MUST be followed if you want to get a trial. If you don’t follow the steps, I cannot give you the trial or the discounted pricing.

Here are the steps to follow…

Consulting Accelerator Free Trial Account Creation – Step 1:

Go to https://www.samovens.co/special-offer then click the green button and enter your name and email address.

That will notify me you’ve requested a trial. You’ll receive an automated email from me immediately confirming your request has been received. The sender name is Ryan Turner – A Sam Ovens Student and the subject line is Re: Your Invite to Sam Ovens’ Program

It will look like this if you use Gmail – and remember to check your inbox and your promotions tab…

welcome email from ryan

However, this first email you get is NOT the actual invitation email. It is simply a confirmation from me that I have your info. Open it and read the instructions 🙂

I will invite you from inside Sam’s program, sending you a unique free trial link to create the free account at Consulting.com – this will arrive shortly after in a second email.

Once I’ve created your invitation, you’ll get a second email with the link to create your account. It will be sent from the address [email protected] and show my name – Ryan Turner – as the sender. This is the email with your trial link inside it.

The actual Consulting Accelerator invitation email from me looks like this in your inbox…

gmail invitation for consulting.com trial

Consulting.com Free Trial Account Creation – Step 2: 

To activate your trial account, simply wait for the invitation email shown above. Remember, that second email you’re looking for may not arrive immediately. But you WILL get it.

The subject line of the email that actually contains the invite is Ryan turner invited you to join Consulting Accelerator.

This is what the email says, and how you find the link…

consulting accelerator free trial email invite

Click the blue ACCEPT INVITATION button in towards the bottom of email, then you’ll be taken to a page where you can instantly start your free 7 day trial, or buy immediately at the discounted price with $500 off.

Here is the page you’re taken to after clicking the Accept Invitation button in the email…

consulting.com special invitation page

Use the green button if you want to buy immediately with the $500 discount.

Use the blue button if you want to take the 7 day trial.

And yes, if you choose the free trial, you’ll still be eligible to get the $500 when you purchase, as long as you buy before the 7 day trial expires. It is fine to wait until the last day of your trial, you still get the discount!

If you do choose the trial you have 7 days to check out the course, the student group on Facebook, and even jump on some of the Q&A calls if you want to (recommended!)

So that is how you get your free trial, or your program access at the discounted price.

Very Important: Make sure you follow the above steps exactly! Otherwise you will not qualify for the trial.

And remember, the actual trial account link is in the second email you receive – which may not arrive immediately – because I need to personally invite you from inside the program. That is a manual process, not automated.

Click here to go to the page where you can request the free trial and discount link.

Want These Instructions In Step By Step Video Form?

Here you go…

Sam Ovens Bonuses for The Consulting Accelerator Program

Lastly… are there any Consulting Accelerator bonuses available? Yes. And this review of Sam’s program will tell you what you can get and how to get them.

The important thing to note about Consulting Accelerator bonuses is that they are not offered by Sam or Consulting.com themselves. After achieving massive brand awareness, social proof, and huge PR such as Sam Ovens being featured on Forbes, they have determined that offering bonuses is not necessary to get people to sign up. And they are correct.

However, if you follow the process detailed above – entering Sam’s program by invitation from me – not only will you get the 7-day free trial and $500 off, but I’ll also send you ALL of my ClickFunnels funnel templates for free. You’ll get the funnels I use for lead generation for my own consulting and agency business, but also funnels I’ve built for clients in other markets over the last few years. These include funnels in Ecommerce, fitness, webinars, health, coaching, local business, and more.

There are around a dozen in total, and you can have them all. Just reply to my email after you’ve gone through the process above and requested your invite into Sam’s program. And I’ll send you my funnels.

So that’s it! be sure to click here to claim your 7-day trial and $500 discount invitation.

I’ll look forward to seeing you inside Sam’s private student group on Facebook.

Have questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll answer as best as I can.


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