Step By Step Instructions To Get A $500 Discount On The Consulting Accelerator Program From Sam Ovens… And a 7 Day Free Trial Option

In this post I’m going to explain exactly how to get the Consulting Accelerator program from for the lowest possible price.

Currently, at the time of writing, this Sam Ovens discount gives you $500 off the price advertised on Sam’s webinar. By following this process you’ll not only save $500, you’ll also be able to try out the course for 7 days completely free, to see if you like it before deciding whether to purchase or not.

The process for securing your $500 Consulting Accelerator discount and also the 7 free trial are exactly the same. You’ll be able to get both by following the steps outlined on this page.

This process works 100% of the time, as long as you’re invited into the Accelerator program by a previous paying customer. We have purchased and completed the course, and so can offer you discount and free trial option by referring you into the program.

How To Get Your Free Trial & $500 Sam Ovens Discount Invitation for The Accelerator Course

We’re going to give you two different options to see how this process works.

You can either watch a video which we recorded taking you through the process step by step, or you can read our written instructions giving the exact same information but for people who prefer to read instead of watching a video.

Video Instructions:

Written Instructions:

You can read our detailed written explanation of how to access the Sam Ovens discount and free trial here in our full Sam Ovens Review

That is an extremely in-depth review of the Consulting Accelerator program. At the bottom of the article you can read exactly how to get the discount and trial. We made sure these instructions are the most clear and concise anywhere online. Just follow them and you’ll be able to get your invitation into Sam’s program with the best possible pricing in just a few minutes.

Don’t want to watch a video or read written instructions?

OK! Just go directly to and enter your name and email address. That is essentially what our video and written guide tell you to do, but just in a lot more detail by walking you through each step of the process after you enter your information.

The process is straightforward and self-explanatory though. So get started now and you’ll have access to the discounted pricing and free trial option for Consulting Accelerator today!

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