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What Is ClickFunnels? What Does It Do & What Are The Benefits?

Wondering what a Click Funnel actually is? If you business needs one and how they’re different from normal websites?

Well you’re not alone. Lots of business owners, marketers and consultants come to us asking about the ClickFunnels platform and whether it would be a good for them to help with lead generation, sales and more general business growth. Big industry gurus like the consultant coach Sam Ovens and others are constantly pushing business owners to use ‘funnels’, but why?

We made the video below specifically to answer the question: What is ClickFunnels? Hopefully you’ll find the answers you need in the video, and come away with a little more clarity about this extremely popular tool, why so many businesses are starting to use it, and if signing up would be a good idea for your particular business.

For other resources related to ClickFunnels which you might find helpful, we’ve also written this in-depth review and also made available some of the funnel templates we use in our business to help clients grow. Check out these other posts and videos, as we publish lots of great information about the ClickFunnels tool. Our entire business and client lead generation strategy relies on it!

And head over to our ClickFunnels YouTube channel for lots of tutorials.

Just want a free trial to see if you like the platform for yourself? You can get a 14 day trial here.

Enjoy! and leave any questions you have on YouTube. We reply to all of them.

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