Yoga Marketing Funnel Template For ClickFunnels – Perfect Share Funnel For Yoga Studios & Teachers

using ClickFunnels for Yoga studio marketing

This share-funnel template is designed specifically to help yoga businesses get new leads and members consistently using the ClickFunnels digital marketing software. The funnel is proven and tested in the real world, with real yoga studios. It is perfect for all kinds of yoga businesses and can be used by 1-on-1 teachers, group classes or retreats regardless of whether you’re trying to sell monthly memberships, blocks of classes or higher-end programs and certifications.

Get the Yoga Share Funnel

A video walkthrough of this funnel and how to use it can be seen at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: If you’re looking for high converting share funnels for other industries check out our free ClickFunnels template library here.

The template, of course, is 100% customizable for your business. We have made it available for free to any anyone who wants to copy it into their own ClickFunnels account. You can see how to do that in the walkthrough video below.

This is the exact starting funnel template we use for our private yoga studio Facebook ads clients. We brand the funnel to a specific studio, add in their offer and testimonials, then run highly targeted Facebook ads to the funnel. This is a very powerful marketing technique to consistently attract new members to your studio. Don’t underestimate how effective this can be for growing your yoga business when implemented correctly. This template can also be turned into funnels for gyms and fitness studios.

There are a few different versions of this funnel we use for clients, depending on their needs. The version shared in the links on this page is the simplest version – a two step setup that does a great job of acquiring new leads and members. This is the starting point we’d recommend for all yoga businesses getting started with ClickFunnels and using marketing funnels in general. You can always upgrade to something more complex when you have your first funnel working.

We’ll take a look through the funnel step-by-step in just a moment, but first let’s take a look at how yoga studios are typically promoting this funnel to generate new leads and members. Have a high-converting funnel is great, but if you don’t have a reliable way to drive traffic to and and put your marketing message in front of qualified prospects who are interested in yoga then your funnel is worthless!

3 Ways Businesses Are Using This ClickFunnels Yoga Studio Funnel To Get New Members

Here are some reliable methods you can use to promote your new funnel…

#1 – Facebook & Instagram Ads

This is our recommended strategy and the one which should prove to be the most effective in quickly getting you new leads and members every week, and a fantastic return on investment. Our core business is based on growing sales for companies using targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising, so this entire yoga marketing ClickFunnels template was created with Facebook ads is mind.

We’re putting together a full article which will act as a complete guide to Facebook and Instagram advertising for yoga studios, so be on the look out for that shortly.

#2 – Email Marketing Campaigns

You’re probably aware that you should be using email marketing in some capacity to grow sales for your yoga business. This ClickFunnels strategy goes hand in hand with your email marketing campaigns because it will serve as a fantastic call-to-action in any emails you send to your subscribers who are not yet members.

The funnel serves as a great way to get people interested in trying your studio out, with the expectation that a good percentage will convert into longer term members. In fact, it is designed to do precisely that!

#3 – Organic Social Media Marketing

As well as using paid social advertising on Facebook and Instagram to promote your funnel you can also make great use of the following you’ve already built up for your business on various social media sites. Your fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are great people to share your funnel and marketing promotions with. Be sure to encourage tagging and sharing with friends to create a mini viral effect in your local area. If the offer in your yoga marketing funnel is strong, then this strategy can work very well.

A Walkthrough Of Our High Converting Yoga ClickFunnels Template

Here’s an explanation of the funnel steps along with some pointers relating to how you should think about customizing them for your business. The video below explains this in more detail, so definitely check that out.

Funnel Step #1 – Your Offer + Social Proof

The first page in this yoga marketing funnel is designed to do just three things.

Firstly, you want to make an offer to people who are interested in doing business with you. For yoga studios, there are two types of offers which typically perform well time and time again…

  • Free Trial – Giving away a 5, 7 or 10 day pass completely free
  • Irresistible Offer – Examples include 30 days of yoga for $30 or two weeks unlimited for $19, etc.

Whether you choose the free trial route or the paid offer route, both of these styles of promotion are designed to get someone into your studio at low risk to them. The reason you see these offers over and over, being promoted by studios all over the country is because they just plain work! If your studio delivers a good experience to members and your retention rate is strong then letting people try you out for free, or at a highly discounted rate for the initial trial period, is a real no-brainer.

Secondly, this first step in the funnel showcases your social proof. That means testimonials, reviews and general positive feedback from current members – ideally from Facebook, Yelp or some other place people are familiar with online. People want to see you’re a real, thriving business where others are happy to spend their money.

Try to pick testimonials and reviews where your members actually explain WHY they choose you as their yoga studio. Any mentions of specific things they love, results they’ve gotten, or the feelings they get in your studio and interrupting with other members make the best, most convincing testimonials.

Thirdly, page one in this marketing funnel gives people a simple way to instantly claim the offer you’re promoting. This process needs to be quick and painless, regardless of whether someone is using a laptop, cell phone or tablet. Luckily, our yoga share funnel for ClickFunnels is 100% responsive and looks fantastic on all devices.

By clicking the green button, people are presented with a simple pop-up box they can use to claim the offer. By entering their name, email address and phone number they can register their interest and move on to step two.

Funnel Step #2 – Confirmation Page + Next Steps

This is where people land after filling out their contact information in the previous step. They are now a lead for your business, and should receive a confirmation email saying they’ve successfully claimed the offer.The confirmation page should also reinforce that same message. You should also let them know you’ll be in touch to get their trial started, so people expect a phone call. Following up with your leads is crucial if you want to get the best performance from your marketing funnels.

There are a couple of other strategies you can use on the confirmation page to increase the level of engagement people have with your business…

#1 Encourage them to call you by using a bonus offer

Any time you can get people to call YOU, rather than waiting for you to contact them is a win. Using some kind of ‘fast action bonus’ is a great way to do this. Sometime like a free t-shirt, or some other widget, is a great incentive to get someone to call you immediately after going through your funnel. The confirmation page (step 2 in the funnel) is the perfect place to use this messaging.

#1 Brand indoctrination – use a welcome video

You could also use the confirmation page as an opportunity to let people get to know you more. Record a quick iPhone video thanking people for claiming your offer and welcoming them into your business. Tell them a little about what to expect, how to get started with their trial period with your studio, and say you can’t wait to meet them. This makes everything that little bit more ‘real’ for people and will increase the percentage of people that actually end up making it in to your studio.

And that’s it! This two-step setup is literally all you need to start generating a consistent flow of new member leads for your yoga studio using ClickFunnels. The video below gives a more detailed funnel walkthrough, so watch it before trying to customize everything for your studio.

Get the Yoga Share Funnel

Video Overview/Walkthrough…

Watch the video in full, you’ll learn a lot 🙂

4 thoughts on “Yoga Marketing Funnel Template For ClickFunnels – Perfect Share Funnel For Yoga Studios & Teachers”

  1. I must be missing something. It’s a good concept, but it is just a link from FB to a Clickfunnels page telling the potential client to call or be called. That can just as easily be a link to a page on my website, so why am I paying CF or Performance to do it? I’m sure the answer is “There is much more that can be done”. My response is, so show me what else can be done, because this is not enough to justify a few hundred $$$ per month.

    1. Hi Jeff. Fair question. I would say this – try the approach you mentioned of doing things yourself and linking to your own site. See if it works. If it does, that is awesome. If it does not, then feel free to reach out and explore our strategies. We know our approach actually does work, and does get results for business owners. THAT is what you’re paying for. Nothing else. We don’t really sell our services on the basis of a list of features or technical specifications of ClickFunnels vs regular websites or vs anything else. We sell based on the results we deliver, which is all that really matters.

      Best of luck and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.


  2. Hello. Thank you for this post. I just spent a few weeks doing my website and it was very hard for me as I just had a baby and I have no tech skills at all. I have a space where I want to do classes, workshops , retreats and one-on-one consulting . If I use CF, do I have to purchase anything else ? I already paid for my yearly squarespace website and I feel kind of stuck . Aside from paying for ads , do we just sit back and watch the magic happen after we create our funnels ? I’ve been watching webinar after webinar and I feel like I’m getting more confused …

    Any help would be greatly appreciated !

  3. I already have a Clickfunnels account. How can I take a look at your funnel? Happy to pay for access to it, but do not want to pay for two clickfunnel accounts.

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